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Thomson Gale Update Robert Iannello Territory Manager – Central & Eastern Europe Bratislava October 2004.

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1 Thomson Gale Update Robert Iannello Territory Manager – Central & Eastern Europe Bratislava October 2004

2 Agenda Brief Introduction to Thomson Gale Business and Company Resource Center RDS Business Suite and Investext Plus InfoTrac Custom Journals Gale Virtual Reference Library (Business eBooks)

3 Thomson Financial Thomson Learning Thomson Scientific and Healthcare Thomson Legal & Regulatory ISI Gale Dialog Thomson Corporation K.G. Saur Verlag Micromedex Westlaw Datastream The Thomson Family

4 More than just a journal aggregator A world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses Proprietary information on a wealth of subjects Efficient, fast and up-to-date electronic reference Easy-to-use interface for both experienced librarians and inexperienced library users More than 1500 Gigabyte live data –Historical documents –Articles from reference sources –Archived journal articles (9,666 journal titles in total) –Archived newspaper articles –Third party databases (MLA with linking to full text) –eBooks


6 BCRC - Content Review Over 7,000 Company Histories--proprietary data Over 150,000 Investment Reports Periodicals as of Oct 04 - 4066 (2972 in full text) 76 EIU Country Reports Company Rankings 19 reference titles from Thomson Gale digitized and made available online (eg. Encyclopedia of Global Industries, World Market Share Reporter) 365,000 products and brands for 80K+ companies. 20 minute delayed stock quotes Over 8,000 business organizations from Encyclopedia of Associations

7 Applications for BCRC Business School case study assignments –Creating competitive business plans, need to know the industry, players and products. –Need to know growth rates and industry trends –Can’t manage on management concepts alone! Entrepreneurs –How did CEO’s get where they are? –How do I network in my industry? –What is the growth potential for my niche market? Casual investors –How is my stock doing? –Who is the new competitor in the market? –What is the impact of a specific acquisition to my investment?

8 RDS Business Suite and Investext Plus

9 What is the Business Reference Suite? Business & Industry (B & I) Business and Management Practices (BaMP) TableBase (TBL) Periodical databases designed to answer questions in the areas of: BusinessIndustry CompaniesMarket Share ProductsManagement Practices

10 Business Suite: Features and Benefits...

11 B & I: Features and Benefits...

12 BaMP: Features and Benefits...

13 TableBase: Features and Benefits...

14 Investext Plus Unmatched source of downloadable business reports over the Web, featuring: –full access to The Investext Group’s collection of investment research. –delivers instant, full-text reports in their original published formats. –uses the same research and analysis used at top investment banks, consulting firms and law firms to: Monitor industry trends Track company financials Research merger and acquisition opportunities

15 Investext Plus Over 650,000 Reports available back to 1996 with over 5,000 Reports added each week. Reports are from three collections  Investment Research  Trade Association Research  Moody’s (also known as FIS/Mergent) Within these three collections there are  Company Reports  Industry Reports  Geographic Reports. Reports are added daily. Average embargo is 4-6 weeks after publication date.

16 Investext Company Coverage... Over 75,000 companies Typically publicly traded The largest corporations to smaller, high-growth firms. Intelligence on private companies, within discussions of a public firm's competitors and/or from company-specific sections of industry reports. Why is coverage initiated on a particular company? –A company newly brought to market (IPO) –New focus on a specific marketplace –Relevancy of a specific competitor in an industry

17 Investext Plus The documents in Investext Plus are are created by nearly 700 of the world’s top investment banks, brokerage firms and trade associations, including: –13 of the top 15 U.S. firms and 11 of the top 15 European –firms as ranked by Institutional Investor –More than 500 brokers in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East – 18 of the top 20 Wall Street Journal 1998 All-Stars

18 Investment Report details... Investment reports contain annual reports, business and trade press and government and industry sources and proprietary market studies. They are used to: –evaluate a company and analyze its businesses –determine trends within an industry, –identify major players in an industry or market –obtain market share forecasts –Examine historical performance of a company, industry, or geographical region, etc.

19 Features... The power of InfoTrac, with the content of Thomson Financial! Multiple search methods Search limiters give users accurate results

20 Investext Plus Features & Benefits

21 InfoTrac Custom Journals

22 A unique service from Thomson Gale! Build your own online journals database from a master list of over 7,500 titles You select the size of the collection that you want: 100 journals 250 journals 500 journals 1000 journals You chose the journals you want to reflect your library’s information needs You can change your journal selection on a daily basis Search interface is the same as InfoTrac OneFile InfoTrac Custom Journals

23 7521 journal titles in total 4,901 titles in full text 89 subject areas are covered including (full text): –Arts: 89 titles –Banking, finance & accounting: 236 titles –Business & Economics: 572 titles –Computers: 154 titles –History: 65 titles –Law: 146 titles –Literature: 153 titles –Philosphy & Religion: 63 titles –Sociology: 42 titles Content of InfoTrac Custom Journals

24 Comparing InfoTrac Custom Journals InfoTrac Custom JournalsAcademic Source Premier 7521 titles 4901 in full text 4705 unique titles 7721 titles 3993 full text 5339 unique titles Minimal journal overlap between two services Use InfoTrac Custom Journals to fill your ‘subject gaps’

25 Gale Virtual Reference Library Gale delivers reference content in a database format. It’s an interface and delivery system different from any other eBook platform you’ve ever used… Take eBooks to the next level of usability

26 GVRL - Take the best of the eBook models… No special readers or hardware required Purchase one eBook at a time - not a predetermined collection –Develop your collection at your own pace Remote access Navigation from the TOC to the entry Link from the index to a page Browse a list of illustrations Access from OPAC via MARC records

27 GVRL - Add an interface that’s like a database! Searching across and within eBooks Results are delivered at the entry/article level Print or email an entire article, not just a page No ‘checkout’ – GVRL is always accessible Puts your reference content into circulation Mark lists List of sources Search history InfoMarks Usage statistics

28 Content + 200 encyclopedias, almanacs releasing in 2004 Continuous simultaneous publication of new content in print / eBook formats beginning 2004 Content from our various imprints will be included: –St. James Press, Macmillan, Scribner, UXL, Schirmer, Lucent Content from third party publishers –Sage Publications: Encyclopedia of Terrorism –Wiley: Encyclopedia of Telecommunications; Encyclopedia of Aquaculture; Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change; Encyclopedia of Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues in Biotechnology

29 Technical Features Usage Statistics InfoMarks

30 Usage Statistics

31 InfoMarks – Unique to Gale What is InfoMarking? Bookmark or copy & paste links to search results. Embed eBook entries into your own web applications VLEs, Word documents and Emails. “A technology that enhances your research” Links to previously saved searches

32 How do InfoMarks Work? Simple, you can bookmark or link to any results page that contains this icon: Highlight the URL at the top of the page when you see the icon, and copy/paste into another application

33 Link to… Article/Entry: Link to a single entry Marked Lists: Save selected articles/entries Searches: Executed afresh each time Displays ALL results Expand or narrow search About this eBook Link to eBook information

34 Subject Collections Combination of subject specific eBooks and journals created from our Custom Journals products Custom Journals allows you to build your own online journals database from over 7,500 titles You can subcribe to 100, 250, 500 or 1,000 journals. You choose the journals and you can change your selection on a daily basis Giving you access to the best eBook reference and journal content from Thomson Gale Powersearch (launched at the end of the year): will enable you to search eBooks and journals simultaneously

35 GVRL Subject Collections Business Collection –European Business ASAP –Encyclopedia of Business & Finance; 1st Ed; 2V –Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce; 1st Ed; 2V –Gale E-Commerce Sourcebook; 1st Ed; 2V –Encyclopedia of Small Business; 2nd Ed; 2V Religion & Philosophy Collection –InfoTrac Religion and Philosophy (3 users) –Encyclopedia of Buddhism, 1st Ed, 2V –Encyclopedia of Religion, 2nd Ed, 15V –Encyclopedia of Science & Religion, 1st Ed, 2V –Islam & the Muslim World, 1st Ed, 2V –New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd Ed, 15V –Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices, 1st Ed, 3V

36 Thomson Gale Update Thank you! Questions?

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