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Occupational Medicine Team

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1 Occupational Medicine Team
Dr.Fiona Donnelly,MFOM,MRCGP. Ms.Elaine Dunne,CNM2 Ms.Mgt Kelleher,CNM2 Ms.Ann Wall, Rgn Ms.Emma Scannell,Grade 3 clerical.

2 Analysis of Data: what was of use in Connolly Hospital?

3 Investigation of Safer Needle systems for Connolly Hospital.
Occupational Health Dept Connolly Hospital. Staff Population covered :6,300. Throughout HSE north of Liffey excluding Mater Misericordiae, Beaumont Hospital. All public Healthcare facilities: Dental, Care of Elderly, Psychiatry Hospital and Community residential facilities.

4 Population breakdown Staff employed:Tot.Headcount 6,335.
Connolly Hospital : ,300 St.Ita’ acute Psychiatry and Intellectual Disability: 1,026 St.Brendan’s: Community Welfare: Drug Addiction services: Care of Elderly: St. Mary’s Hosp.: Community Care 6,7, and 8 : ,544 (Includes Residential Childcare Units) Dental: 5, WTE

5 Rate of Needlestick/Blood and Body Fluid exposure incidents in NAHB
2001: 2002: 2003: 2004: 69 cases reported. 2005: 60 101

6 Foundation of IHOPS group
Represents all Occupational Medicine Specialists covering HCW in Ireland. Population covered approx 10,000. Need for register of NSI’s /Body fluid exposures for Ireland Why? To identify frequency of occurrences Estimate outcomes: How many 3° Referrals ? Propose improved preventative measures including saferneedle systems.

7 USA In President Bill Clinton introduced into Federal law the requirement for all healthcare facilities to ADOPT saferneedle systems in the workplace( Why has it taken Ireland and UK so long to address this risk? Case law in UNISON V Scotland Executive, March 2003 European Law (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) won compensation for 2 HCW’s exposed to risk of infection on grounds of breach of care by employer. Health Procurement Agency( Central Purchasing NHS ) Lancets off listings.

8 IHOPS approached HSE-HPSC
Project proposal was constructed Aims and objectives : evidence base nationally of injury frequency and engineering controls on a basis of medical education 2 pilot sites chosen Prospective descriptive analysis over 3 month of all NSI’s/Body Fluid exposures in hospital site reported. SVUH, Dr. Paul Gueret , Occupational Medicine Specialist and Occupational Nurse Advisors. Connolly Hospital, Dr. Fiona Donnelly & Occupational Nursing. team Period October.2004-December 2004.

9 EPINet MS Access database
Paper and database forms to record details of: - Blood and body fluid exposure incidents - Needlestick and sharp object incidents - Post-exposure follow up form (test results and treatment) Standardised method for recording and tracking percutaneous injuries and blood and body fluid contacts Can compare data to other health facilities who are using this programme - Over 1,500 hospitals in the US - Hospitals in Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan and the UK Available free of charge with free technical support from the University of Virginia

10 User-friendly Paper form completed by exposed worker with the help of occupational health department Data entered into similar database form Once follow-up is complete, a post exposure follow-up form is completed Standard graphs, summary reports and single incident reports available from drop-down menus Can create your own reports Can add your own questions and drop-down menu options Password security provided Anonymised or full data can be exported to Excel and Access using drop-down menus

11 Entering data Initial form Follow-up form

12 Reporting Reports Graphs


14 True cost of injuries to Dept. of Health Ireland.

15 Cost to roll out reporting to HPSC
Salary of 0.5 Disease Surveillance Scientist 0.5 Surveillance Scientist Assistant Funding by private companies, existing DOH Staff recruitment embargo precludes direct funding at present. Many thanks for your kind attention.

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