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After the Constitution 8-3.4. #1 Who was elected the first president of the United States?

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1 After the Constitution 8-3.4

2 #1 Who was elected the first president of the United States?

3 #2 What did Hamilton want to do as Secretary of the Treasury?

4 I. Hamilton A.Alexander Hamilton was selected by Washington to be Secretary of the Treasury. 1.He wanted an economic policy that would strengthen the US gov’t.

5 #3 According to Hamilton’s three part plan, what did he think the government should do?

6 I. Hamilton B.He had a three part plan. The federal gov’t should: its debt from the Amer. Rev. the states debt’s from the Amer. Rev. 3.start a national bank to issue money and collect taxes. C.He also wanted a protective tariff to encourage Americans to make things at home.

7 #4 What did the Federalists believe?

8 II. Political Parties A.Federalists believed in strong central gov’t that would promote trade and industry 1.They were led by Hamilton. 2.Followed most of Hamilton’s policies. 3.Most lived in New England.

9 #5 Who were the leaders of the Democratic-Republicans?

10 II. Political Parties B.Democratic-Republicans were led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. 1.Most were against the gov’t assuming the debts. 2.Many agreed only b/c the capital was being moved to the South. C.In SC, Federalists tended to live in Lowcountry and Dem-Reps tended to live in the Upcountry.

11 #6 How did the Democratic- Republicans feel about creating a National Bank and why? #7 How did the Federalist feel about creating a National Bank and why?

12 III. National Bank A.Dem-Reps said the Constitution should be interpreted strictly. 1.It didn’t say Congress could start a bank, so they couldn’t. B.Federalists said the “necessary and proper” clause said Congress could do what it needed to do its job. 1.They needed the bank to tax and regulate commerce. The Congress shall have Power - To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

13 III. National Bank C.Washington agreed with the Federalists and signed the bill creating the First National Bank. D.This upset the Dem-Reps, who favored small farmers. 1.The voted against the tariff bill and it did not pass.

14 #8 What was the purpose of the Proclamation of Neutrality?

15 IV. The X, Y, Z Affair A.The Dem-Reps were pleased with the French Revolution. B.The Federalists sided with England when France declared war on England. C.Washington issued the Proclamation of Neutrality 1.Tried to keep the US out of the fighting with Napoleon.

16 #9 Explain the X,Y,Z Affair.

17 IV. The X, Y, Z Affair D.When John Adams became president, he sent Charles Cotesworth Pinckney to negotiate peace with France. E.He met with 3 French representatives. 1.X, Y, and Z asked for a bribe and Pinckney said no. 2.This is known as the X, Y, Z Affair.

18 #10 What was the purpose of the Alien and Sedition Acts? #11 What did the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions say?

19 IV. The X, Y, Z Affair F.Federalists prepared for war & the Dem-Reps slandered Adams in the papers. G.Federalists passed the Alien and Sedition Acts. 1.These were to silence newspapers and limit the Dem-Reps. H.Jefferson and Madison said that states could nullify laws if they were unconstitutional.

20 #12 Why was the Embargo Act passed?

21 V. War of 1812 A.Jefferson was elected in 1800. B.The US traded with France and England during the Napoleonic Wars. 1.England began to impress American sailors C.Congress passed the Embargo Act to stop trading. 1.It devastated shipping.

22 #13 What made John C. Calhoun a “Warhawk?”

23 V. War of 1812 D.Dem-Reps in the West said the British were telling Indians to attack. E.John C Calhoun was elected to Congress and wanted to declare war on England. 1.This made him a War Hawk. F.In 1812 the US declared war and invaded Canada. 1.We lost.

24 #14 What did the War of 1812 bring?

25 V. War of 1812 G.A British army attacked DC and burned the president’s house. H.The treaty ended the war but changed no land. 1.A new surge of nationalism went through the nation. I.The Federalist Party died out and the Dem-Reps began to support old Federalist ideas.

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