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Italian, German, & Japanese Drives for Aggresion Mr. Tran.

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1 Italian, German, & Japanese Drives for Aggresion Mr. Tran

2 WARM UP  What do you think will cause World War II to occur? List some reasons

3 WARM UP  Do you believe Hitler and Stalin will be on the same side during the Second World War? Why or why not?

4 WARM UP  Do you believe the United States will get involved in the Second World War? Why or why not?

5 CA Standard 10.8.1  Compare the German, Italian, and Japanese drives for empire in the 1930s, including the 1937 Rape of Nanking, other atrocities in China, and the Stalin-Hitler Pact of 1939.

6 Objective  Students will be able to understand the Italian drive for empire through the construction of a Foldable

7 Student Engagement  Create a brochure foldable using construction paper.  Label the top of each page Japanese, German, & Italian (as the aggressor nations).

8 Increasing Power  After World War I, Italy, Japan, and Germany all sought to increase their might.  Italy and Germany still suffered the effects of the war, and Japan wanted to further the power it had gained during wartime.  By the 1930s, all three were led by military dictatorships in which the state held tremendous power and sought to expand that power by invading neighbor nations.

9 Italy  Leader: Benito Mussolini  Drive: Mussolini wanted to expand his empire and create a “New Roman Empire” of colonial land. Italy also needed natural resources.  Conquests: Ethiopia in 1935; Albania in 1939

10 Italy  Actions of Mussolini  October 3, 1935: Italy invaded Ethiopia without declaring war and claims it as a colony by occupation  Italy failed to claim Ethiopia as a colony before and wanted to redeem it's former glory (and reputation). [revenge]

11 Italy  Ethiopia’s spears and swords were no match for Italian tanks, planes and poison gas.  Ethiopia’s Emperor pleaded for the British to stop Italian ships using the Suez Canal for purposes of attacking his country.  The League of Nations ignored his request…

12 Germany  Leader: Adolf Hitler (Chancellor)  Drive: Hitler wanted to gain back former land lost in WWI.  Germany also needed natural resources and had extreme hatred fueled by Hitler and the Nazi Party.  Hitler wanted to bring Germany back to being an empire after being punished by World War I

13 Adolf Hitler  Actions  March 1936: Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland and conquers it  March 1938: Hitler annexes Austria  September 1939: Germany acquires the territory of Czechoslovakia through the Munich Agreement (with Britain & France)  Hitler pledges to respect Czechoslovakia’s new borders-six months later he conquers the entire country

14 Germany  To the west, France and Britain, desiring peace at any cost, did not at first try to stop German aggression.  To the east, Russia posed no threat after the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939, in which Germany and Russia agreed never to attack one another.

15 Stalin-Hitler Pact of 1939  August 23, 1939  The Soviet Union and Germany sign a non- aggression pact  Both sides agree not to fight or go to war with each other  Several territories were divided among the two countries.

16 Hitler  Hitler demands the former German Port of Danzig from Poland-Poland refuses  Hitler invades Poland-September 1, 1939 (TRIGGERING WORLD WAR II)

17 On Facebook

18 Germany’s early expansion before 1939

19 In One Year’s Time

20 Japan  Leader: Emperor Hirohito & Various military leaders  Drive: Japan needed natural resources and more land because of their growing population (and new markets for their goods).

21 Japan  Actions  September 19, 1931: Japanese troops invaded Manchuria and continued a full scale invasion of China in 1937.  From December 1937 to March 1938, Japanese troops massacred an estimated 350,000 Chinese civilians in what became known as the Rape of Nanking.  During the Japanese occupation, millions of Chinese were killed and tens of millions became homeless.

22 Japanese Expansion  The Military blamed the Japanese government for the 1929 economic depression.  Extreme Nationalists, who reported only to the emperor, the Military planned a Pacific Empire to solve their economic problems.  In 1931, Japan invades mineral rich Manchuria and sets up a puppet government.  Mainland China was invaded in 1937 and easily defeated Jiang Jieshi’s million man army.

23 Japan 1939

24 Japan vs. the United States  Japan’s main weakness was it’s lack of minerals and raw materials.  Prime Minister Tojo wanted Japan to be self sufficient in raw materials.  FDR would lift the United States’ embargo of scrap metal and oil if Japan left China.  Admiral Yamamota begin’s secret plans to attack American navy base (Pearl Harbor).

25 Rape of Nanking  From December 1937 to March 1938, Japanese troops massacred an estimated 300,000 Chinese civilians Japan invades China

26 The Rape of Nanking 1937-1938  Genocidal War  Atrocities include:  Rape  Looting  Arson  Execution of POW and civilians

27 Nanking Massacre  Rape  80,000 women, including infants, children, the elderly and the pregnant  Killed brutally  Murder  1,000’s of presumed soldiers and civilians are taken  Machine gun fire, landmines, fire, beheading, drowning, disemboweled  Mass execution “Ten-Thousand Corpse Ditch”  Sport  Arson  Death toll  300,000 – 800,000  Unclear because of the secrecy of the event

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