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Unit 7: World War II AMERICAN HISTORY REVIEW. 442 nd Regimental Combat Team, most decorated military unit in U.S. History was made up of Children of Issei.

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2 442 nd Regimental Combat Team, most decorated military unit in U.S. History was made up of Children of Issei Nisei

3 6,000 Americans killed & 20,000 injured in taking Japanese island of _______ _______ led to decision to use _____________ Iwo Jima Atomic Bomb

4 made the decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan FDR’s V-P Truman

5 After World War II Japan had a new _________________ and enacted _______________reforms We the people Constitution democratic

6 After WWII ended, German military and political leaders were tried for war crimes at Nazi Rally City Nuremberg

7 Allied forces were knew German and Japanese war plans because of Decoding Machine Enigma

8 Although Americans wanted isolationism, FDR tried to help Great Britain with _____________ - and - ___________ program Money move Cash-and-Carry

9 As a result of the Battle of _______________ Japan never again dominated the Pacific Halfway between Hawaii & Japan Midway

10 As American forces approached Japan, the Japanese forces fought almost to last soldier, preferring ____________ themselves to ________________. Harikiri killing surrender

11 Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Treblinka were Nazi extermination camps for Holocaust Jews

12 Compared with ___ before 1939, working ___ of World War II were more likely to be engaged in heavy industrial work (one answer both blanks) Rosie women

13 During World War II, American families at home faced _________________ of food and fuel. coupons rationing

14 During World War II, many African Americans found work with national ________________ employers. Made weapons defense

15 During World War II, the United States developed its first intelligence service known as ______________ before CIA OSS

16 During WWII, labor shortages resulted in jobs for ________________, _____________________, and ___________________ discriminated Women African Americans Mexican Americans

17 ______________________ & __________________ emerged as the strongest nations following World War II Cold War Enemies USA Soviet Union

18 FDR and knew that __________ with Japan was imminent but not that attack would be on ______________ ______________ or on _______________________ (date) Event, place, date war Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941

19 Following World War II, many African Americans were determined to _______________ for their own __________________. Civil Rights Fight Freedom

20 Germany’s last offensive against the allies took place during Christmas of 1944 at the Battle of ______________________ Fat gut Bulge

21 How many American lives did Truman’s advisors predict would be lost in an invasion of Japan? 7 digits 1,000,000

22 In ______________________ v. U.S., the Supreme Court ruled internment of Japanese Americans was constitutional Matsukore Korematsu

23 In __________________ instructions given to ____________________ Americans, they were only allowed to take with them what they could carry. Moving Asian evacuation Japanese

24 In February of 1945, Roosevelt, ______________ and Stalin met at ______________ to coordinate strategy to end WWII. Brit PM Not Malta Churchill Yalta

25 Lend-Lease Act approved by Congress in March 1941 was primarily aimed at keeping what _______________ from caving in to the Nazi military machine European Island England

26 Main reason Truman approved of Atom Bomb against Japan was to _______________ loss of ______________ ___________ Make small National Not deaths Minimize American Lives

27 Manzanar was _______________________ camp for ________________________________ Not concentration Asian-Americans Internment Japanese- Americans

28 Reasons for Japanese aggression in 1941: After Japan occupied French-Indochina U.S. placed an ___________ and __________ _____________ embargo on Japan in an attempt to force their withdrawal. Gasoline junk old ships oil Scrap iron

29 The _______________________ Laws denied German citizenship and other rights to Jews Nazi Rally City Nuremberg

30 The Allies started winning the war in Europe after the ________________ invasion Not H-Hour D-Day

31 Throughout 1930s, the United States was unwilling to commit itself to working with other countries to restore stability to the world. This attitude was reflected in its foreign policy of Leave me alone Isolationism

32 Tuskegee Airmen were sponsored by TR’s Niece Eleanor Roosevelt

33 Wartime migration led to violence between Mexican American youths and off-duty sailors in ___________________, California Zoot Suit Riots Los Angeles

34 With bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japan also invaded the Philippines. This resulted in _____________ ___________ March Not life Bataan Death

35 You will also be tested on your understanding passages from primary source documents, political cartoons, photographs, song lyrics, charts and graphs, such as… Have you heard that Minnie's In The Money? Take my word that Minnie's In The Money She hasn't got a guy who's got a diamond mine But she's a welder on the old assembly line So bless her, yes sir, for Minnie's In The Money Minnie's In The Money, that's fine She's helping Uncle Sam to keep these people free She's okay, hooray! Minnies in the dough-ray-me.

36 Long Essay Question: (1-2 pages) Your choice between the following:  Compare and contrast the Holocaust with the Internment of Japanese Americans. Be sure to discuss the causes and effects.  Compare and contrast the experience of American soldiers fighting in World War II with that of the civilian population at home. Be sure to include a comparison of the roles of women or a minority group.

37 Short Answer Essays: There will be some (you choose 2 of 4 choices) short answer essays (1-2 paragraphs) such as  Analyze the photograph to the right by describing what you see and explaining the historical significance of the photo.


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