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Ch 12- War of 1812 and Era of Good Feelings- Federalist Party dies, only 1 political party Objectives 1.Identify the causes of the 2 nd war against England.

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1 Ch 12- War of 1812 and Era of Good Feelings- Federalist Party dies, only 1 political party Objectives 1.Identify the causes of the 2 nd war against England (War of 1812) 2.Analyze why Americans had different reactions towards going to war against England. 3.Identify 4 examples of the Federal Government becoming more powerful or active in it’s role as leader of the nation and … 3a. Explain the reason/motivation the government is seeking to expand it’s power or responsibility

2 War of 1812- second war with England – Impressments- England capturing and forcing US sailors into Br. Navy (to fight against Napoleon/France) – England never really accepted American Independence (no respect!) – Embargo Act- Jefferson refuses to sell US goods to England and Fr. Result- US exports fall from $120 mil. to $19 mil. – *Biggest failure of Jefferson’s Presidency Players – President Madison- weak President Leadership switched to Congress – Federalists (New England)- against war w. Eng ?Why would the Feds. be against a war with England? – War Hawks- politicians from Ky and Tn (nationalistic) that want war with England – ?Should the US go to war against England again?

3 ID-The Fall of Washington (236) Summary 1- What city is on fire and who set the fire? Washington DC, British forces OI-Washington Burned and New Orleans Defended 1) What two key government buildings were burned? White House, Capital 2) How was the battle in Baltimore different? Or Why was the battle at Baltimore significant? US won (Star Spangled Banner was written about the Battle at Ft. McHenry) 3) How many British and Americans suffered casualties in the Battle of New Orleans? 2,000 British, 70 American 4) Who was the hero of New Orleans? Gen. Andrew Jackson (became most popular American)

4 ID- Mass, CT, and RI Contemplate Abandoning the Union (238) Summary 2- What is England offering the Federalists if they pledge allegiance to England? Bribes (food, titles, smuggled goods-alcohol) OI- Federalist Grievances and the Hartford Convention 5) What region of the country was most supportive of the Federalists? New England 6) Identify 2 demands in the Hartford Convention. -$ from Washington for lost trade due to the Embargo with England -2/3’s majority to declare war, admit new states, declare an embargo Federalists threatened to have New England secede from the Union if the Us lost the War of 1812 7) What was the significance/impact of the Hartford Convention on the Federalists? Caused the death of the Federalist Party (Feds. were against the War of 1812, War of 1812 a success for US, Feds. backed a loser)

5 ID- Henry Clay (241) Summary 3- What is Henry Clay’s American System? Using the Federal Government to help the economy and country to grow (into a manufacturing and trading nation) OI-“The American System” 8) Think -Define Nationalism Love for your country 9) Think- define Tariff Tax on imported goods 10) What were the three parts of the American System a. Banking system- provide credit and money to start business b. Protective Tariff- tax imported goods to encourage Americans to buy American c. Transportation- Gov. builds roads and canals to move goods around country 11) Think- How does the American System change the role of government at that time? Gov. is now actively involved in the economy and helping business/people make money (Gov.’s purpose is not simply to protect your Natural Rights)

6 Supreme Court- 3 rd branch of government, make sure laws are fair (at first weakest branch) John Marshall- 1 st S.C. Chief Justice, Federalist – His decisions help create a strong Federal Gov. and the S.C. equal in power Marbury v. Madison – “Judicial Review”- states that the S.C. has final say on laws ? Republicans believed that who should have final say on laws? – Dem/Rep. believed states had final say – What has Marbury vs. Madison set up a showdown between » Federal vs. State Government

7 ID- The Missouri Compromise and Slavery (247) Summary 4-What two states entered the Union in 1820/1821 and ID if they were slave or free Maine (free), Missouri (slave) OI- The Uneasy Missouri Compromise 12) What was the provision/law attached to 36 30’ No slavery north of S. border of Mo. in La. Territory 13) Why were northern states supportive of the Compromise? They gained land/free states (political power) that would not be open to slavery/slave power

8 14) Why did Southern states give up so much land to slavery? Slavery would not work in the area it was banned by Mo. Compromise Is there anywhere else the South could make up the land lost to the N. in the Mo. Compromise? S. felt US would invade Mex. And turn those areas into slave states

9 ID- The West and Northwest (254) Summary 5- What new country appears on this map? Mexico Why should Mexico be afraid? (of Europe) ID- Monroe and His Doctrine 15) What was Britain’s fear of America? Afraid US would attack Spanish colonies (Cuba) and control Caribbean Sea 16) What was J.Q. Adams fear that the European countries might do in Americas? Invade newly freed countries (Mexico) that were too weak to defend themselves from European powers Monroe Doctrine- establishes US as the policeman in the Americas

10 17) What was the Monroe Doctrine? (or Define 1) Non- colonization and 2) Nonintervention in your own words) Monroe Doctrine- No new European colonization in Latin America Non-Colonization- free countries, no colonies Non-Intervention- (Europe) stay out of Latin America Could the US enforce the Monroe Doctrine?\ Only with England’s help (navy) (but America is making a claim to become the most powerful country and top cop in the Western Hemisphere)

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