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Is open access publishing for you? Open Medicine The Story So Far Anita Palepu MSFHR Senior Scholar, Scientist, CHEOS; Associate Professor of Medicine,

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1 Is open access publishing for you? Open Medicine The Story So Far Anita Palepu MSFHR Senior Scholar, Scientist, CHEOS; Associate Professor of Medicine, UBC; Co-editor, Open Medicine Simon Fraser LibraryMay 16, 2008

2 Open Medicine How we got here and who we are How we do it Canadian support for OA- update –CIHR Worldwide support for OA- update –European Research Council –National Institutes of Health –Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences Roadmap

3 Conflict between publisher and editor is a recurring theme Recurring Theme

4 2006

5 Canadian Pharmacists Association complained to CMA about a news article on Plan B Publisher instructed editors to withhold article on grounds that investigative reporting isn’t scientific research Clear interference with editorial autonomy Prioritized relationship with a collegial professional body over best interests of patients Plan B

6 Effective governance depends on the integrity of both parties (publisher/editor) An editor who doesn't share the values of the association/publisher is vulnerable to loss of autonomy A truly independent journal may not be able to exist within traditional publisher- editor relationship Editorial Independence

7 Our first responsibility is to do no harm Irresponsible not to build a medical publishing model that will serve Canadians with greater integrity A Healthier Publishing Model

8 “How are we to ensure the university’s contribution to a fairer world if access to the research it produces about the world is itself a source of inequality?” Public Knowledge Project

9 Research and open source software development –Open Journal System is a journal management and publishing system developed by PKP Addressing the urgent need to realize internet’s potential contribution to public sphere of knowledge Expanding the realm of public education Public Knowledge Project

10 Peer-reviewed, independent, open-access general medical journal Examines issues relevant to health and clinical medicine both in Canada and internationally What is Open Medicine?

11 Anita PalepuTarek Loubani Stephen ChoiJames Brophy Claire KendallDean Giustini Sally MurrayDavid Moher Anne Marie TodkillWilliam Ghali John HoeyPeter Faris James MaskalykLindsay Borthwick Alison SinclairJohn Willinsky Who we are

12 1.Open access 2.Author retains copyright 3.Publishing excellence 4.Editorial autonomy 5.Financial independence 6.Political independence 7.Local community and international engagement 8.Technological innovation Our Values at Open Medicine

13 1.Creative Commons license 2.Experienced, committed editorial team 3.Governance with Board of Directors 4.Advertising policy 5.New economic models 6.No embargo policy 7. Open source software How we do it?

14 Open source software –Development of ideas and code –Drupal to manage to OM Blog –Lemon8-XML conversion to allow indexing –Publicly available resource –Improves the global circulation of knowledge How we do it?

15 Collaboration other journals especially PLoS passionate volunteers Blood, sweat, mutual support Belief that we are making a difference to the way we share scientific knowledge How we do it?

16 Simon Fraser University Library –Serves to host the OM website –THANK YOU University of Victoria Library University of Toronto Library Queens University Library University of Ottawa Library University of Guelph Library Current Library Partners

17 Insist on policies that promote and support self-archiving Encourage faculty to retain copyright of their work Recommend that funding agencies and institutions sponsor publication charges At your institution

18 Hiring, promotion, and tenure –Value all peer-reviewed publications –Recognize that those committed enough to the advancement of research in their field to make their work open access should be rewarded, not penalized At your institution

19 "The aim is to establish a policy that will both help researchers gain access to the products of research and support CIHR's efforts in facilitating the translation and use of knowledge, while taking into account ethical and legal considerations. Furthermore, as a recipient of public funds there is an obligation to Canadians to ensure that the results and products of research supported by CIHR are disseminated as widely as possible so that all parties benefit from these research outcomes.” CIHR

20 Submit manuscript to a journal that offers immediate open access or offers open access to the manuscript on its website within six months Submit manuscript to a journal that does not offer open access, but will permit you to archive the peer-reviewed manuscript in a central or institutional repository within 6 months of publication This policy also applies to the availability of datasets CIHR

21 All peer-reviewed publications from ERC- funded research projects be deposited on publication into an appropriate research repository where available, such as PubMed Central, ArXiv or an institutional repository, and subsequently made Open Access within 6 months of publication Essential that primary data are deposited to the relevant databases as soon as possible, preferably immediately after publication and in any case not later than 6 months after the date of publication European Research Council

22 New legislation All NIH-funded research published in peer- reviewed journals Must send a copy of the final manuscript upon acceptance to PubMed Central and allows for up to 12 months of embargo Authors retain the right to comply with NIH policy, even if they transfer other rights to publisher Only requires NIH grantee compliance NIH

23 Harvard FAS first US university-level OA mandate Policy focused on permissions rather than deposits –Faculty provide Harvard non-exclusive permission to “exercise any and all rights under copyright” over their scholarly articles, which includes permission to disseminate OA copies through institutional repositories –Faculty send digital copies of their articles to the Provost’s Office 12 other institutional mandates and 3 departmental mandates in nine countries: Australia, Belgium, France, India, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK Harvard FAS OA Mandate

24 Submit Read and disseminate our content and our OM blog Register at Peer review Bring our content to life- add comments Ask library associates to list OM and to be a Library Partner What you can do


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