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Technical and Automated Services Who We Are What We Do.

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1 Technical and Automated Services Who We Are What We Do

2 Organizational Structure Web Presence Networking, server and storage LMS Security and Identity Mgt Acquisitions Cataloging Repository Metadata Electronic Resource Management Article Linking Weeding and Binding Digital Collection Building TAS Budget and Facilities TAS Grant Management Research Data collection metadata RUCore architecture R&D RUcore collections management ETDs Faculty deposits NJDH/NJEDL General collections Promote Universal Access to the World’s Knowledge (direct, instant, convenient, easy and ubiquitous Support Learning and Research through responsive services that are innovative and increase the university’s impact. Support and Enhance the State and its Residents, as part of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

3 Technical Infrastructure RUcore Fedora- Based Repository SIRSI/Dynix LMS Library Online Presence Robust, sophisticated infrastructure. 47 TB digital storage, virtualized servers, PDF, image and streaming services NetID based identity management for “one stop shop” and integration with other Rutgers services (LMS, MyRutgers, etc.) SOLR/Lucene Federated Search Engine KUALI-OLE LMS to integrate catalog and repository and services in design/development, such as ontology service to replace authority control

4 20,000+ resources Smallest collection, with <200 deposits. Currently working on adding Optimality Archive in Linguistics (12,000+ deposits) and preparing for Open Access Policy. Download ratio of 54:1 Most popular collection. 2600+ documents. Mandatory for all Graduate Schools. Download ratio of 80:1 Classic texts, Almost 700 maps, Digital Exhibits NJDH – Statewide cultural heritage portal with almost 12,000 resources and 28 public libraries, historical societies, museums and state agencies. 6:1 Download ratio

5 2007 20082009 20102011 5 5

6 NJEDL – New Jersey Environmental Digital Library

7 RUresearch RUresearch is the research data component of RUcore, the RutgersRUcore University Community Repository. RUresearch provides: – Consulting on Data Management Plans and data best practices – Permanently archiving data in the RUresearch data portal – Work on larger and more complex data needs in grant-funded projects The RUresearch Data TeamRUresearch Data Team Cross-departmental team of programmers and developers, metadata experts, and librarians with disciplinary expertise Write and manage grants and serve as peer reviewers and consultants for granting agencies, including the National Science Foundation Collaborate with faculty to make data available and increase faculty research impact

8 RUresearch benefits Permanent preservation using industry best practices. Flexible metadata that can adapt to disciplinary standards and special project needs, ensuring maximum discoverability of relevant research. A permanent URL that can be used to cite data, indexing in Google and Google Scholar, and links to publications based on the data, all of which can increase visibility and citation of Rutgers research. Policies can include embargo and restriction of files that contain sensitive data. Architecture that preserves and relates all components of the research project throughout the data life cycle, from grant proposals and descriptions of the data collection process (e.g. lab notes, survey instruments), to software code and related publications and presentations.

9 RUresearch: Grant Support The Libraries can also partner with faculty on grant-funded projects to: Create custom portals to data for a project Create custom descriptive metadata schemes to provide access to the unique aspects of a project's data Create tools for interactive data analysis and collaboration The Libraries partnered with the Graduate School of Education to produce the Video Mosaic Collaborative. Video Mosaic Collaborative Contact us at or visit to initiate a data consultation.

10 GSE Collaboration : Video Mosaic Collaborative

11 RU Analytic

12 Public Interfaces OPAC Mobile

13 Staff Interfaces Workflows Director’s Station


15 Joining the Team Configure policy tables to add RWJ Load RWJ bib records exported from UMDNJ Voyager Migrate user records, circulation transactions, and other data as needed

16 Where we’re headed GEACSirsiDynix KUALI-OLE Rutgers Libraries ILS migration path is KUALI-OLE

17 Benefits of KUALI-OLE Improve services and expand access to resources for our user community Provide opportunity to break down silos of information and integrate our ILS and local repository into one catalog Better ability to customize the software to meet our needs Realize economies of scale by providing the opportunity to shift the considerable expense of maintaining individual ILSs to one statewide system Integrate with the state academic libraries through VALID

18 VALID Current Status Install and test potential open-source discovery interfaces for VALE community review and selection Review cataloging, borrowing, and collection maintenance policies to enable seamless, transparent lending and ensure we have a robust physical collection Prepare our individual ILS databases for implementation of a discovery interface and migration to KUALI-OLE

19 Online Presence: Rejuvenate, Integrate, Mobilize Continuous dialog with patrons Ethnographic study, focus and test groups Simple yet elegant design Disintermediation (direct management of content by Librarians) JiT help with catalogs, databases, and services Integrated access to all digital content

20 New Website This School Year 20 Biggest challenge: Search RUL collaborating on a new Kuali OLE LMS design & development Manage without a discovery layer Yet provide the most concentrated and focused search interface we can Usability study underway

21 " Baby Steps in a Mobile World… 21 or…

22 On the Bus to the Library… 22

23 A Lot More to Get “Mobilized”… Library catalog services – Renew, hold, ILL, … complete service, eventually Mobile-optimized databases Use content on tablets Locate stacks Check and reserve public PCs Alert messages Participate in common Rutgers mobile apps 23

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