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Hale, Shyann Edwards, Brianna Levi, Manuia Douglas, Ejeanee.

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2 Hale, Shyann Edwards, Brianna Levi, Manuia Douglas, Ejeanee

3 The election of 1800 was named the Revolution of 1800 because it signified the restoration of America’s Revolutionary vision; both politics and foreign policies were dramatically revolutionized by this one choice.

4 Thomas Jefferson brought about the nations first international involvement. Before the Jefferson was elected Washington and Adam; which were the previous presidents worked to keep the nation’s neutrality. In there presidency the bases the proclamation of neutrality and the xyz affair to retain neutrality. But the election changed all that. Jefferson made it his mission to being internationally involved. He passed the embargo act and also the Barbary war were some of the ways foreign policy was changed. That is one of the reasons it is known as the revolution of 1800.

5 Jefferson was a demo-republic so he was for the common people. He brought but the shopkeepers, workers, and farmers who before his presidency were other wise alienated and suppressed. Being that Washington and Adams were Federalist they apposed the poor common groups. Also Jefferson had both a demo-republic view and a federalist view. So those opposed of demo-republics liked Jefferson because he kept some Federalist ideas intact. Because of this election federalist lost all power and were ultimately crushed.

6 Showed a flaw in the nation's systems For a tie be fell the electoral college Leaving Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr to play the victims The House of Representatives held the most knowledge Though it took them 36 times Thomas Jefferson won the prize He revolutionized the nation as he climbs The foreign and political hurdles restoring intentional ties Ended the state of neutrality that Washington and Adam held Groups like farmers and shopkeepers were noticed No longer alienated these people no longer rebelled Jefferson revolutionized the nation and It caused us to be focused The nation changed due to this election That is why it is know as a revolution

7 “To achieve this bold objective would require foreign allies, not to mention compromises mad to secure them. To create an ‘empire of liberty’ and spread American institutions beyond the Mississippi Jefferson was willing to prevaricate, deceive, and deal.” This shows how foreign policy drastically changed after the election. How Thomas Jefferson revolutionized the nation’s foreign ties. Thomas Jefferson had big plans to build up the nation and to achieve his plans he had to get out of that state off neutrality that Washington was so adamant to keep. He brought up international involvement to further the nation’s standing. “The difficulties of selecting the president in 1800 resulted in passage of the Twelfth Amendment in 1804, which provides for separate balloting for the vice president and president.” This amendment provides the members of the electoral college to vote for one person as president and one for vice. The amendment resulted from the election of 1800 fixing the flaw of the constitution in turn revolutionizing the way presidents were put into office. The flaw that arose was a tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. Causing the vote to be thrust upon the House of Representatives.

8 “We are all republicans-We are all Federalist” -Thomas Jefferson This quote relates to the prompt because it shows how Thomas Jefferson wanted to minimize the political and ideological differences between the Democratic- Republicans and the Federalists in order to calm the controversy and the hard feelings that the election arose. He assured Federalists that his policies would not be that much different then federalist parties. “The electoral crisis marked a triumph of level heads in both parties, Who put the orderly succession and continuity of government first. This Revolution of 1800, as Jefferson called it, was a bloodless one, but its impact was real. The federalist party was all but guillotined, it lost both the presidency and congress.” This quote relates to the prompt because it shows how much political parties changed after the election. The federalist were no longer viewed as a party. They lost all power over the nation. The election revolutionized political parties drastically.

9 “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature would "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.” Thomas Jefferson’s witty response to Danburry’s letter represented not only him, but also America. His choice of words directed towards Danbury was expressed with recognition, and of high respect. This relates to the “the Revolution of 1800” through his exact words, “wall of separation between Church and State.” Statements, and final conclusions such as, Jefferson’s, contributed greatly by shaping our views and beliefs.In addition, the clash of Church and State would result in severe conflicts emerging.

10 The Louisiana purchase was made in the early eighteenth century, This land may have seemed as the cheapest, yet luckiest bargain in the whole entire history. However this significant event affected American culture drastically, extremely benefiting America. With more land, brought much more opportunities for the expansion of this land we love. The Revolution of 1800 would have not been a successful Revolution or even a revolution at that, if we did not have land to accomplish the change that we sought for as one.

11 This pictures shows how Jefferson through out the contusion to do what he thought was right he revolutionized what people thought of the constitution and how to interpret it. And I think it also shows how he ended federalism.

12 On December 22, 1807 President Thomas Jefferson Signed the Embargo Act, prohibiting ships that were destined for foreign ports from leaving the U.S. This relates to the prompt because it is one of the many things that changed after the Revolution of 1800. This is an example of the revolution that foreign policy took after the election.

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