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1 Open Access

2 "There are many degrees and kinds of wider and easier access to this [peer reviewed journal] literature. By 'open access' to this literature, we mean its free availability on the public internet, permitting any users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles...“ Budapest Open Access Initiative, 2002 So OA involves: Peer reviewed journal literature Free online/internet access by anyone, anywhere Supplementing, not replacing, journals Big drive for free public access to publicly funded research Open access: what exactly is it?

3 Brief chronology June 2012: Finch Group reports July 2012: RCUK announces new OA Policy September 2012: Willetts BIS OA pump-priming funding announced November 2012: RCUK announces block grant funding for universities March 2013: RCUK announces revised OA Policy and Guidelines Summer 2013: HEFCE consult on REF open access mandate; policy is finalised and announced March 2014

4 Open Access Do we have to do this? Scottish Declaration on Open Access (2005). The institutional Strategic Plan 2011-15: Strategic Objective 2, for example, the plan states: ‘Wherever possible, we embrace the principles of open access publishing and the rights of staff and students to publish without hindrance’ [p11].

5 Open access – what’s in it for me? Increased: Visibility Usage Impact

6 Open Access – what’s in it for me? Public access to research outputs increases citations: For example: Harnad and Brody, D-Lib, 2004 This has been confirmed by more recent studies – for examples: 2592 articles (Astrophysical Journal 2003) 70,732 citations27 per article 1943 open access (through arXiv) 62,586 citations32 per article 649 closed8,146 citations13 per article

7 Open Access Mandates Some funders – RCUK (all councils), Wellcome, CRUK, CSO, EU funding RCUK and Wellcome (along with CRUK) provide block grants to institutions to enable open access Other funders may allow open access costs to be included in grant applications

8 Open Access – Monitoring Compliance RCUK, CRUK and Wellcome monitor compliance through

9 How to enable open access Depends on the permissions of the publishing journal Some journals allow self archiving (institutional repository), sometimes with an embargo (green route) Some journals allow immediate open access through the publisher’s website after payment of an article processing charge (gold route) Some journals do not allow open access at all Some journals are open access journals (e.g. PlosOne)

10 University of Aberdeen Open Access Policy Green route where possible – deposit to AURA via Pure or deposit in open access subject repository (e.g. arXiv) Where green is not possible, and publication is funded by RCUK or Wellcome – apply to library ( to have APC Where green is not possible, APC will have to come from grant funding or school budgets

11 Open Access and REF For all journal articles and conference proceedings with an ISSN number accepted for publication after 1 April 2016, the final peer reviewed manuscript or accepted author manuscript must be deposited in an institutional or subject repository (e.g. arXiv) on acceptance for publication The output must be deposited as the final manuscript within three months of acceptance, and may be replaced or augmented with an updated manuscript or the final published version at a later date.

12 Open Access and REF The policy does not apply to: conference proceedings published with an ISBN number or as part of a book series with an ISSN number; monographs, book chapters, other long-form publications, creative or practice-based research outputs, data or working papers. output types that are delivered confidentially for security or commercial reasons.

13 Open Access and REF Publications deposited in repositories with embargo periods are acceptable, provided the metadata is discoverable by the public Outputs must be accessible within one month of deposit without embargo periods, and within 12 months of first publication date (including on-line publication) for Panels A and B (STEM) and 24 months for Panels C and D (HASS). Outputs still under embargo will be admissible to the next REF (if date of first publication is within the REF publication period)

14 REF Open Access – what do I do? Three steps to REF open access compliance

15 REF OPEN ACCESS – Step 1 Before submission Check open access permissions of journal ( ) If it allows the placement of the post print (final accepted manuscript) in an institutional repository And has no embargo period or an embargo of no more than 12 months for STEM or 24 months for HASS subjects Then it is REF compliant If it is not, you need to discuss with your College Director of Research

16 REF OPEN ACCESS – Step 2 On acceptance Forward your acceptance e-mail and the final accepted manuscript to Colleagues in the library will upload in the information into Pure, check the access permissions of the journal and set embargo dates if required and make the output accessible through AURA You will need to do this as soon as possible and within 6 weeks of acceptance to make sure that the library can process your output – if that is not possible (e.g. you’re a co-author and did not know in time) discuss with your College Director of Research or let know as soon as you can

17 REF OPEN ACCESS – Step 3 On publication Tell that your paper has been published, so the status of the output can be changed to published and embargoes Done!

18 REF OPEN ACCESS Exceptions to the REF mandate: HEFCE/SFC expect high compliance rates – exceptions expected to be rare Analysis of our REF2014 submission shows that around 80% of journals we published in are currently REF compliant through the green route 2% are not compliant 18% unknown More details about exceptions: publishing-1802.php

19 REF Open Access PLEASE NOTE REF open access cannot be enabled retrospectively Outputs must appear on the institutional repository – publication on personal websites is not acceptable for REF purposes REF compliance does not necessarily mean RCUK/Wellcome compliance and vice versa – even if you plan to pay the APC on publication from the RCUK/Wellcome block grant, you will have to provide your final accepted manuscript on acceptance

20 REF OPEN ACCESS Any further questions? Contact: or Web pages: support/open-access-publishing/ support/open-access-publishing/ Thank you

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