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Open Access Open Access Team, Library

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1 Open Access Open Access Team, Library

2 Research Excellence Framework

3 What is Open Access? Unrestricted access to (and re-use of) research outputs, in particular journal articles and conference papers arising from publicly funded research. Gold (paid for) Open access journal or open access option in a subscription journal - article is immediately freely available. Payment of an ‘Article Processing Charge’ (APC) Green (free) Publish then self-archive (usually accepted final version) in online repository if the publisher permits. Possibly an embargo period. University direction - go Green (free) wherever possible

4 Research Excellence Framework (REF) Articles and conference proceedings* accepted from 1 st April 2016 will need to be open access in order to be eligible No need to pay – exceptions available Accept embargo of 12 months for science, technology and medicine and 24 months for humanities subjects Credit in ‘environmental component’ for making other outputs open access *International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) only not International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

5 REF Eligibility – Start Now “author’s final peer-reviewed manuscripts must have been deposited in an institutional or subject repository on acceptance for publication” Firmly accepted version - within 3 months of date of final acceptance We MUST evidence it is in our repository – It MAY be closed deposit

6 Why? - Research Councils UK (RCUK) from 1 st April 2013 Journal articles and conference proceedings acknowledging past or current grants or studentships must be open access Block grant managed by library Page, colour and supplemental charge can be paid Accept free route ‘green’ embargo 6 months for science, technology and medicine,12 months for humanities Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence* required if we use block grant - share and remix works, including for commercial purposes, as long as attribution is given * But not CC-BY-NC or other extensions

7 Wellcome Trust, Arthritis Research UK, Breast Cancer Campaign, the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Mandated - Journal articles, and non-commissioned reviews Optional - funds can be used for Open Access to trial protocols Page, colour, supplemental charges, and conference proceedings cannot be paid from block grant Maximum embargo accepted is 6 months Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence* required if we use block grant Deposit papers associated with grants* into Europe Pubmed Central (within 6 months) publishers may or may not deposit in Europe Pubmed Central on authors behalf Sanctions for non-compliance *Includes awards that pay part salary of any author Charity Open Access Fund (COAF)

8 Wellcome Trust monographs and book chapters Chief Scientist’s Office Scotland and some others do provide some funds - but many do not. European FP7 Pilot announcement March 2015 No general University funds Other Funds for Open Access

9 All papers must include acknowledgement of the funding that supported the research. Recommended format ‘This work was supported by the XX Research Council [grant number xxx]’ Funder Acknowledgement

10 Enlighten Record Paid – else 2 year embargo from November 2014

11 What are authors required to do? Email details of every publication accepted for publication to: AS SOON AS YOU ARE NOTIFIED OF ACCEPTANCE

12 Check funder requirements Check what publisher allows Advise author on open access options Pay the bill if from RCUK or COAF pot Library Service


14 Open Access Research Data Management Papers should also include a statement on how the underlying research materials - such as data, samples or models – can be accessed. It is not necessary that the data itself be openly accessible if there are compelling reasons against this RCUK mandate You don’t know where the data is now?

15 Research Data Management Support Data registry Provide data storage for those who need it Provide more advice and support (e.g. Data Management Plans, integrating data management into workflows) Links to publications and on web profile – all your outputs together Case by case clarification EPSRC deadline May 2015 ESRC policy announced March 2015

16 Enquiries Website Publisher copyright policies Creative Commons Licences / Charities Open Access Fund us/Policy/Spotlight-issues/Open-access/Charity- open-access-fund/ RCUK Open Access Policy REF ws86805.html REF OA FAQ oa/faq / Useful Links

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