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Periodical Solutions Academic OneFile. 2 Why Use InfoTrac? Why InfoTrac makes a difference in the Library InfoTrac’s superior indexing process makes articles.

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1 Periodical Solutions Academic OneFile

2 2 Why Use InfoTrac? Why InfoTrac makes a difference in the Library InfoTrac’s superior indexing process makes articles easy to find. InfoTrac provides unique content that can not be found elsewhere. InfoTrac will not frustrate students or patrons as we provide more full text with the lowest embargo rate than any other aggregated database. InfoTrac includes articles, audio content, and video content in one easy to use resource. Cross Searchable with Gale Virtual Reference Library, the Gale eBook platform with 70+ publisher partners.

3 3 Content Overview 14,411 Titles (As 01 April 2011) 9,299 Peer Reviewed 6,741 Full Text 4.120 Active, Full-text with No Embargo 423 Active, Full-text with Embargo Largest collection of peer-reviewed journals Largest collection of active full-text peer-reviewed journals with no embargo. Only 364 titles have an embargo Largest collection of journals with Impact Factors

4 4 The Premier Academic Database Seamlessly integrated with Thomson ISI’s Web of Science and Journal Citation Reports Direct links to  Indent  JSTOR  ProjectMuse  Blackwell Synergy  Science Direct and Scopus Digital Object Identifier (DOI) links embedded in articles Full OpenURL compliance

5 5 Avoid EMBARGOES at All Costs!

6 6 Not just journals Full-text of the New York Times from 1985 to present day. Times of London from 1985. Financial Times from 1996. Full audio collection of National Public Radio programs from 1990 to present, with searchable transcripts. Audio versions of major medical journals. Full BioMed Collection, with no embargoes.

7 7 Full collection of Elsevier abstracts for 2,200 journals back to 1996. Key, peer-reviewed journals published in Spanish, French and other European languages. All articles can also be translated into 8 different languages. Major reference sets such as the Gale Encyclopedia of Science, Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, and the Encyclopedia of World Biography. Near-complete Economist Intelligence Unit series in full-text with no embargo. Not Your Typical Periodical Database

8 8 45 peer reviewed journals in Biotechnology and other areas from Mary Ann Liebert Inc. all in full text. Founded in 1980, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is universally acknowledged for publishing authoritative peer-reviewed journals, books, and trade magazines in the most promising areas of biotechnology, biomedical research/life sciences, clinical medicine and surgery, and law. Key Titles AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science Biotechnology Law Report Cloning and Stem Cells Election Law Journal Human Gene Therapy Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research Journal of Neurotrauma Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology Obesity Management Stem Cells and Development

9 9 Live surgeries from OR LIVE Rhinoplasty, Knee Replacement, Heart Transplant, Robotic-Assisted Prostatectomy, Craniotomy Treatment for Meningioma Tumors, Anterior Spinal Fusion, Kyphoplasty for Vertebral Compression Fractures (This content is freely available on the Internet, but having them on AONE makes them searchable together with other content, and thus much more discoverable.)

10 10 Exclusive content from Nature Magazine National Educational Technology Standards for Stud, Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine, Nature Clinical Practice Endocrinology & Metabolism, Nature Clinical Practice Gastroenterology and Hepa, Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology, Nature Clinical Practice Neurology, Nature Clinical Practice Oncology, Nature Clinical Practice Rheumatology, Nature Genetics, Nature Methods, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Protocols, Nature Reviews Cancer, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Reviews Immunology, Nature Reviews Microbiology, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

11 11 More than 50 titles in Full Text from the American Bar Association. Titles include both Newsletters and Journals Key Titles Business Law today Criminal Justice Labor and Employment Law ABA Journal Fidelity and Surety Digest State and Local Law News

12 12 These refereed scientific research journals have established a unique medium for the publication of new developments and advances in humanities and social sciences; science, engineering, technology, interdisciplinary research, development and education. Key Titles International Journal of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering International Journal of Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences International Journal of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering

13 13 InfoTrac Features that sell the product Did You Mean? Search alerts in PowerSearch, with RSS export capability User interface, with easier access to limiters Document display, with easier access to InfoMarks (bookmarks) and document tools Enhanced Subject Guide with topic groupings, as well as “limit by subject” and “limit by document type” Search within Results ReadSpeaker Customizable: Cross Searchable with GVRL Can be used to launch PowerSeach PLUS, PS+ 8-Language Online Translator Citation tools Customizable User Interface Many more…

14 14 InfoTrac’s superior indexing process Subject terms shown in the sidebar Articles received from publisher Run through indexing process Did article meet requirement? MANUAL indexing review Flow into product Yes No

15 基本检索、主题浏览、出版物浏览和高级检索 主题 | 关键词 | 全文 全文内容 同行评审 图像文档

16 基本检索

17 检索结果 二次检索 学术期刊 | 杂志 | 参考工具书 | 新闻 | 多媒体资源

18 检索结果 - 工具应用

19 检索结果 - 打印

20 检索结果 - 下载

21 检索结果 - 永久链接地址

22 检索结果 - 语音朗读并下载 MP3

23 检索结果 -Email

24 检索结果 - 引用信息

25 检索结果 -Web2.0 分享发布

26 检索结果 - 词典

27 检索结果 - 翻译成 11 种(包括中文)语言

28 检索结果 - 中文翻译

29 主题浏览

30 主题浏览检索


32 主题浏览检索 - 分析化学

33 出版物浏览

34 出版物 - Pure and Applied Chemistry 《理论化学与应用化学》

35 出版物 - Pure and Applied Chemistry


37 检索结果 - 批量处理


39 高级检索 全文内容 同行评审 图像文档

40 高级检索

41 美国科学基金会为了提高美国学生的阅读能力而研究出一种衡量学生阅读水 平和标识文章难易程度的 标准 ---LEXILE 提供一种衡量阅读能力 (Reader Ability) 与文章难易度 (Text Readability) 的科 学方法:提供文章的分级, 允许老师测试学生目前阅读水平, 以便因材施教 将文章 ( 来自期刊 / 杂志 / 书 ) 切 割为每 125 个字成一区块, 在 6 亿个词汇量内, 计算文字出现频 率 (word frequency) 及句子长 短 (sentence length) 等因素后, 得出该文章的蓝思等级 高级检索 -Lexile

42 Presentation title (Edit in View > Header and Footer)42 Academic OneFile 高级检索

43 Presentation title (Edit in View > Header and Footer)43 Academic OneFile 高级检索

44 Presentation title (Edit in View > Header and Footer)44 Academic OneFile 高级检索

45 45 PowerSearch: why search Journals and Ebooks together? Reference = Basic facts, systematic & organized, but retrospective in nature Journals = Highly specialized and up-to-date, but not systematic and transient in nature Balanced Academic Knowledge

46 46 New Homepage Named User Support, allowing users to create profiles and save content. Featured content, including what’s new, most emailed and most searched. Featured publications, including recently added and titles chosen by librarians. Better, more visible navigation links. More visually appealing home page, giving users more of a “web-like” experience.

47 47 Enhanced Search Results Search within results; limit results by subject, publication, document type; date. Easy navigation using sliders. Context-sensitive multimedia, including images, video and podcasts. Web 2.0 sharing functionality, including RSS.

48 48 More Advanced Searching More limiting capabilities, including a controlled- vocabulary browse that allows users to refine their searches with multiple subject terms. Limit by publication, publication subject category, language, reading level and many more options.

49 49 Enhanced Publication Search Browse through Gale’s more than 20,000 publications, refining by subject and type. New hover technology allows user to see more details without clicking through. Name any search, so that you can receive search alerts and save them in your custom profile.

50 50 Publication Details Enhanced publication pages, with cover images, more details and easier browsing navigation.

51 Questions?

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