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Chapter 10 Notes An Expanding Nation Essential Question How did economic factors, foreign policy, and nationalism lead to the War of 1812?

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2 Chapter 10 Notes An Expanding Nation

3 Essential Question How did economic factors, foreign policy, and nationalism lead to the War of 1812?

4 ANSWER Economic Factors – U.S. supply France with weapons - search and seizure of U.S. ships - Impressment - Embargo - Embargo Act - Hurt U.S. economics in the North - Non-Intercourse Act

5 ANSWER CONTINUED Nationalism – War hawks - Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun are war hawk leaders

6 ANSWER CONTINUED Foreign Policy - Neutral until Embargo - British arming Indians - Tecumseh - Leads to the Battle of Tippecanoe - James Madison

7 Thomas Jefferson __________’s election represented the first time that one political party replaced another in power in the U.S., and was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington D.C.

8 Thomas Jefferson

9 William Marbury …demanded that the Supreme Court force the executive branch to hand over his commission.

10 John Marshall …was the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and was a Federalist appointed by John Adams.

11 Marbury v. Madison In fact, in the court case __________, the Supreme Court indeed decided that Marbury had a right to the judgeship, but couldn’t force Jefferson to give Marbury the job.

12 Judicial Review As a result, this ruling established __________, meaning that the Supreme Court has the right to declare an act of Congress to be unconstitutional.

13 Mini Question What issues did Thomas Jefferson discuss in his inaugural address? He supported the will of the majority, but the rights of the minority must be protected.

14 Mini Question What changes did Jefferson make to the Federalist system of government, and which Federalist policies did he keep? He cut back on military spending and repealed some taxes. He did not interfere with the Bank of the U.S.

15 Mini Question Why was Marbury v. Madison an important court case? This ruling established judicial review.

16 Napoleon Bonaparte The ruler of France, __________, hoped to rebuild France’s empire in America.

17 Toussaint L’Ouverture …led a rebellion in the French colony of saint Domingue, while his troops successfully fought off French forces.

18 Louisiana Purchase The U.S. Senate approved the treaty to buy the entire territory for $15 million, and the sale became known at the __________.

19 Meriwether Lewis __________ was chosen by President Jefferson to lead the expedition.

20 William Clark __________ was chosen by Lewis to be the co-leader of the expedition to explore the Missouri River.

21 Lewis and Clark Expedition Lewis and Clark traveled from St. Louis across the great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains, and to the Pacific Ocean in a journey that became known as the __________.

22 Sacagawea …was the wife of a fur-trader that served as a guide and interpreter across the Great Plains.

23 Sacagawea

24 Zebulon Pike The government sent another explorer, __________, to find the source of the Red River.

25 Zebulon Pike

26 New Orleans … is a port city in southeastern Louisiana between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans

27 Mississippi River …is a river that flows from Minnesota down to the Gulf of Mexico.

28 Mississippi River

29 Missouri River … is a river that flows from southern Montana to join the Mississippi River north of St. Louis Missouri.

30 Rocky Mountains …is a mountain range in western North America that extends from Alaska to New Mexico.

31 Columbia River …is a river that flows from southeastern British Columbia, Canada, through Washington and Oregon, where it empties into the Pacific Ocean.

32 Columbia River You can fish for salmon in the Columbia River.

33 Pikes Peak …is a mountain in east-central Colorado that was part of an important mining region in the mid to late 1800s.

34 Pikes Peak

35 Race to the Clouds on Pikes Peak (Oldest Car Race in America after Indianapolis 500)

36 Red River …is a river that flows from eastern New Mexico through Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, where it empties into the Mississippi River.

37 Rio Grande …means “Great River” that forms the border between Texas and Mexico.

38 Mini Question Why was Napoleon unable to re-establish France’s North American empire? Enslaved Africans in a French Caribbean colony staged a successful revolution.

39 Mini Question Why did President Jefferson want to control the city of New Orleans? Many U.S. trade goods passed through New Orleans.

40 Mini Question What was the purpose of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and what conditions did the explorers face on the journey? They had to deal with sickness, conflicts with Indians, steep mountains, and storms. They established contact with Indian tribes and collected scientific information on plants and animals.

41 Impressment …was forcing suspected deserters to serve on British warships.

42 Embargo …is the banning of trade. (Mad Cow Scare in Europe)

43 Oil Embargo from OPEC on U.S. in the late 1970s

44 Embargo Act …prohibited trade with all foreign nations in order to punish Britain and France.

45 Non-Intercourse Act …banned trade only with Britain and France until they stopped violating U.S. neutrality.

46 Tecumseh …was a Shawnee chief who wanted to unite Native Americans to oppose the American settlers.

47 William Henry Harrison …was the governor of the Indiana Territory who won the Battles of Tippecanoe and the Thames.

48 Battle of Tippecanoe …began when Indians attack Harrison’s camp and ended with the destruction of Tecumseh’s village.

49 War Hawks …were members of Congress who believed the only answer to Britain’s insults was to declare war.

50 James Madison …faced the difficulties of the trade war and the War Hawks as president in 1812.

51 Mini Question How did the war between France and Britain affect U.S. ships? The British captured hundreds of U.S. ships and impressed thousands of American citizens.

52 Mini Question What did Tecumseh want to accomplish, and how successful was he? He hoped to unit the tribes to oppose U.S. settlers. In the Battle of Tippecanoe, U.S. forces won and he lost the support he needed.

53 Mini Question Why did the United States declare war on Britain in 1812? The British were encouraging American Indians to fight.

54 Oliver Hazard Perry …oversaw the construction of a small fleet to take back Lake Erie.

55 Battle of Lake Erie …was won by Oliver Hazard Perry and lasted for more than three hours with heavy casualties until the British surrendered.

56 Battle of the Thames …was when Harrison ordered a cavalry charge directly into the British defenses and broke them.

57 The Battle Plan

58 Red Eagle …was the leader of the Creek forces that destroyed Fort Mims in present-day Alabama.

59 Battle of Horseshoe Bend …was an overwhelming victory for Jackson and his troops against the Creek. To learn more, go to: me/parkhistory.htm

60 Andrew Jackson …was a general in the Tennessee militia who attacked the Creek’s main base and defended New Orleans.

61 Francis Scott Key …wrote the Star- Spangled Banner. To learn more, go to: wner/anthem.html

62 Battle of New Orleans …began when the British marched on the Fort under fog, but were caught on an open field and suffered 2,000 casualties.

63 Battle of New Orleans


65 Hartford Convention …demanded that New England withdraw from the U.S.

66 Treaty of Ghent …stated that all conquered territory was restored after the War of 1812.

67 Fort Detroit …was the political and trading center of the Great Lakes region located along the Detroit River.

68 Fort Mims …was the Alabama site of a massacre of settlers by Creek Indians in 1813.

69 Washington, D.C. …is the capital of the U.S., located on the Potomac River between Virginia and Maryland.

70 Baltimore …is a Maryland city northeast of Washington, D.C. on the Chesapeake Bay.

71 Mini Question How did the war progress at sea and in the Great Lakes? Some U.S. ships proved stronger than Britain’s. The U.S. used privateers.

72 Mini Question How did American Indians aid the British during the war? The British joined with American Indians. Creek forces destroyed Fort Mims.

73 Mini Question What strategy did the British pursue during the war, and how did the war come to an end? The British joined with American Indians. They attacked Washington, D.C. They signed the Treaty of Ghent.

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