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Roadmap to ProQuest III KONFERENCJA BIBLIOTEKI POLITECHNIKI ŁÓDZKIEJ 25 th June 2008 Stephen Hawthorne.

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1 Roadmap to ProQuest III KONFERENCJA BIBLIOTEKI POLITECHNIKI ŁÓDZKIEJ 25 th June 2008 Stephen Hawthorne

2 ProQuest: our brands 125+ billion pages of scholarly information

3 Customers 1.Universities & Colleges 2.Research Institutions 3.Public Libraries 4.National & Royal Libraries 5.Government Institutions 6.Hospitals 7.Corporates 8.Museums

4 Problem: unable to find scientific information in a timely and reliable manner Solution: provide a reliable navigation service Example: Sociological Abstracts, ASFA, METADEX, Engineering Research, Design and Applied Arts Index

5 Information Discovery All information available Scientific Information Relevant Subject Information assists discovery teaches essential research skills reduces search time through more precise & accurate results

6 Example: Sociological Abstracts (SocAbs) Scope: Tracks international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. Sources: Journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers. Coverage: 1952 - current Update: monthly, with approximately 30,000 records added per year Size: over 836,445 records as of May 2008 Special: Cited Reference Linking, Controlled Vocabulary

7 Other Illumina Products

8 We probably don’t want to search this Abstract and title – the basic indexing We don’t want to search this This can be very difficult to search… We cannot search this

9 First major development in abstracting & indexing since citation searching (1970’s) Figures and tables represent the distilled essence of research – the closest thing to raw datasets – but invisible Identification of tables and figures (images, charts, maps, etc.) found within a scholarly article Extraction and indexing of data surrounding the table or figure to provide indexing for each image 2 million records from 1,881 scholarly journals 3.5 million records by the end of the year

10 Clear sharp images + mouseover information = quick overview

11 Object Thumbnails Article Descriptors Object Descriptors Links to Full-Text

12 Problem: a large number of scientific information is not accessible in full text affordably and effectively Solution: database that aggregates a critical amount of the information Examples: ProQuest Central, ABI/Inform, ProQuest Dissertations

13 15000 other sources

14 ProQuest Content  9,000 publishers  11,000+ journal titles (8,000+ in full text)  4,000 international titles  1,250+ newspapers  1,000,000+ full text dissertations  44,000+ Company Records (Hoover’s)  3,000+ Industry Reports (Snapshots)  160+ disciplines

15 ProQuest Central Content Business and Finance Social Science and General Reference Newspapers Health and Medical Technology ProductTitle count ProQuest Newsstand™620 Canadian Newsstand Complete200 ABI/INFORM ® Global3000 Canadian Business & Current Affairs (CBCA) Multidisciplinary, global content 1125 ProQuest Asian Business and Reference ™ 165 ProQuest Banking Information Source ™ 420 ProQuest Computing ™ 370 ProQuest Accounting & Tax Database™470 ABI/INFORM ® Complete 3930 Hoover’s Company Profiles (40,000+ companies / 600 industries)1 OxResearch (30,000+ articles from over 180 countries) 12 Snapshots (9,000 reports across 43 industries, in 40 countries) 1 Pharmaceutical News Index ® 21 ProQuest Health and Medical Complete1360 ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source (journal content only)770 ProQuest Science Journals 630 ProQuest Telecommunications ™ 125 Academic Research Library ™ 3800 ProQuest Education Journals ™ 750 ProQuest Career & Technical Education™ 520 ProQuest Religion ™ 140 Criminal Justice Periodicals Index180 ProQuest Military510 ProQuest Psychology Journals630

16 SubjectProQuest CentralSubjectProQuest Central Agriculture58History/Humanities111 Advertising & Public Relations25Housing & Urban Planning23 Anthropology16Interior Design24 Art & Architecture32Language & Literature193 Astronomy, Aeronautics & Space Flight48Law/Unions/Insurance189 Biology111Library & Information Science53 Botany12Math & Computer Science & Stats318 Building & Construction68Military & Naval Science30 Business & Economics1058Music/Theatre83 Chemistry65Philosophy & Religion101 Children & Youth48Physics11 Communications68Political Science123 Education254Psychology110 Engineering118Publishing/News/Journalism210 Food Science23Real Estate24 Environmental/Water Resources/Energy47Recreation/Sport48 Ethnic Interests70Sociology237 General Science26Technology/Textiles215 General Works/Current Events131Transportation68 Geography15Travel/Tourism24 Geology//Earth Sciences18Unassigned63 Health Sciences/Public Health/Phys Fitness859Womens Interest51 Zoology9 ProQuest Central Subjects

17 ProQuest Central vs. competition Full-Text Content ProQuest Central Closest Competitor Academic Periodical Content 53404877 Newspaper Content 7105 Books, Monographs, Dissertations 30,000922 Company Profiles 44,3665,266 Country Economic Reports 177,5001,447 Industry Reports 9,00017,559 Total Full-Text Content 266,916 30,076

18 The Latest in Full-Text Content? 45% of active, full-text content is NOT the latest issue Current Full Text (55%) Less Than One Year Embargo (5%) More than One Year Embargo (40%) Breakdown of our closest competitor’s content

19 More Current Full Text with ProQuest 76% of ProQuest’s active, full-text content IS in the latest issue Current Full Text (76%) Less Than One Year Embargo (5%) More than One Year Embargo (19%) ProQuest Central: Full-Text Content

20 Problem: Important social science, arts and humanities information is not available in digital format Solution: digitisation + database creation Examples: Literature Online, Periodicals Archive Online, Early English Books Online

21 HCCP, PAO, British Periodicals, EEBO Literature Collections, LION Film, Music & Performing Arts PLD, Acta, Luther

22 ProQuest Historical Newspapers New York Times (1851-2004) Wall Street Journal (1889-1990) Washington Post (1877-1991) Christian Science Monitor (1908- 1994) Los Angeles Times (1881-1986) Chicago Tribune (1849-1986) Atlanta Constitution (1868-1939) Boston Globe (1872- 1924) Chicago Defender (1909-1975) Hartford Courant (1764-1984) The New York Tribune (1900- 1910) The Guardian (1821-2003) The Observer (1791-2003)

23 History of The Observer (1791- 2003) The oldest Sunday newspaper in the world –Covered Mozart’s and Marie Antoinette’s death –In 1800s came to stand for freedom of the press and serious coverage of politics and literature –Took principled stand against the British invasion of the Suez in 1956 "The Observer is Britain's oldest Sunday newspaper and it has been making mischief, poking its nose where it shouldn't and reporting the best in arts, culture, politics, sport, business and skulduggery for over 200 years”. Roger Alton, former Editor of The Observer from 1998-2007

24 History of the Guardian (1821-2003) First edition published 5 May 1821 in Manchester (includes short notice of Napoleon’s death) Became daily in 1855 with abolition of Stamp Duty on newspapers 2001 praised at British Press Awards for coverage of 11 th September: “bold, simple and courageous. “Comment is free, but facts are sacred… The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard”. CP Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian for 57 years.

25 Questions or Suggestions? Contact Details: Stephen Hawthorne Phone: +44 7788 753399

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