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1980 MOSCOW OLYMPICS: A WORLD DIVIDED By: Elise Stevens Wilson.

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1 1980 MOSCOW OLYMPICS: A WORLD DIVIDED By: Elise Stevens Wilson

2 Background to the Games  The Cold War  The United States and the Soviet Union had been antagonistic since 1948.  The USSR was communist country while the US was a democracy with a capitalist economy.  The two countries were sworn enemies who constantly threatened each other, yet no bombs were dropped or armies confronted on a battlefield. That’s why it’s called a cold war.

3 Both sides constructed many weapons, but didn’t use them – the Arms Race

4 The Cold War affected all aspects of people’s lives.

5 The Invasion of Afghanistan  In 1979 the USSR invaded Afghanistan to support a Marxist (communist) government, not the US-backed government.

6 The U.S. responds  The US condemned the Soviet Union for invading Afghanistan.  President Carter established an embargo and threatened to boycott the upcoming 1980 Olympics that were being held in Moscow.

7 Moscow Olympics  The 1980 Summer Games were the first Olympics held by a communist country.  Many western countries like the US and Great Britain believed that the USSR violated people rights and therefore should not be granted the privilege of hosting the Olympics.

8 Sporting events as a battleground Sporting events, and the Olympics in particular, became a fierce competition between the USSR and the United States over who could win more medals, and therefore, could garner more glory as a nation.

9 Politics in Previous Olympics The Moscow Olympics were not the first to be politicized. (Left: 1936, Right: 1968)

10 Sources  Dr. Strangelove Poster MoviePoster.jpg MoviePoster.jpg  Red Square  Cuban Missile Crisis  Cold War map  Fallout Shelter  Afghanistan map  Carter image  Moscow Olympics poster  1936 Olympics poster  Mexico Olympic medal stand city-olympics-1968.jpg city-olympics-1968.jpg  Olympic medal 1980  1980 Olympic medal ceremony Lake Placid flagsH2O.JPG flagsH2O.JPG

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