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The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon Unit 5 Lesson.

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1 The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon Unit 5 Lesson

2 Big Idea Nixon worked to lead the country in a new, more conservative, direction; however any accomplishment is negated by the Watergate Scandal.

3 Warm Up: What was Nixon’s campaign promise? Peace w/honor abroad Law & order at home

4 1968 Election (D) Humphrey (R) Nixon (I) Wallace Intense political process Nixon wins close vote Law & Order @ home Peace w/honor abroad

5 The Nixon Administration “Imperial presidency” “President’s Men” HR Haldeman- Chief of Staff John Erlichman- Domestic Advisor John Mitchell- Attorney General John Dean- Presidential Counsel Henry Kissinger- Secretary of State

6 Domestic Agenda – New Conservatism Economic Problems Inflation and unemployment on rise Dependence on foreign oil (prices ↑) Solutions Raise taxes and cut budget Raise interest rates Price, wage, rent controls OPEC Embargo = Recession

7 Domestic Agenda – New Conservatism Size of Federal Government Great Society- Too much fed responsibility Did increase Soc Sec, Medicare, and Medicaid! Welfare inefficient Solutions New Federalism- share certain responsibilities w/states Revenue Sharing Impoundment- Withheld fed $ for programs he didn’t like (unconstitutional) Family Assistance Plan- basic income, job training

8 Domestic Agenda – New Conservatism Domestic Upheaval Press Leaks Antiwar Protestors, Student Radicals, Counterculture Rising crime, growing drug use, racial violence/riots Liberal Ct and Brown II – speedy desegregation Solutions Justice Dept Wiretaps, FBI investigations, IRS audits, Enemies ListEnemies List VP Spiro Agnew- Vocal lashings of media and liberals Southern Strategy – opposed extending VRA, interfered w/desegregation Appt 4 conservative SC justices (Warren Burger)

9 A New Foreign Policy Henry Kissinger ▫ Realpolitik – evaluate nation’s power, not political ideals Détente ▫ Relaxing tension w/Communist nations

10 Ping Pong Diplomacy & China ’70 shouldn’t isolate China UN recognition ‘71 ‘71 end travel ban & trade embargo ’72 Visit (1 st Pres ever)

11 Détente with the Soviet Union ’72 Visit to Moscow Brezhnev Explore space Ease trade limits Weapons pact SALT I

12 Peace With Honor in Vietnam Vietnamization Gradual withdraw US troops Increased scope Paris Peace Accords Jan 1973

13 Nixon’s Downfall Suspicion and Deceit Not enough credit for accomplishments Fear of losing “Enemies List” “Plumbers” stop leaks w/wiretaps of staff and reporters, mail

14 CREEP Committee to Reelect the President John Mitchell Fund-raising G. Gordon Liddy Dirty Tricks Fake letters, gossip Hecklers Spies

15 Watergate DNC headquarters June 17, 1972 “Burglary” Tap phones Photograph strategies CAUGHT…with CREEP $!!!!!!

16 Activity: The Cover UpThe Cover Up Use the reading handout to complete the timeline of major Watergate events. Video:


18 Effects of Watergate Nixon resigns in light of impeachment 69 charged, 48 guilty 25 ppl in admin serve prison terms Lack public trust Angry Congress = Balance of powers Cynical media

19 Who was Deep Throat? 5-31-2005 FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt

20 Activity The Nixon Years

21 Closure What were Nixon’s major domestic goals? Reduce inflation New Federalism – decrease size & role fed govt Strengthen law & order Southern Strategy – slow civil rights, appt conservative justices

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