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Presented By: Connie Munsters April 2013 Wolters Kluwer Health Medical Research.

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1 Presented By: Connie Munsters April 2013 Wolters Kluwer Health Medical Research

2 2 Agenda WKH-MR capabilities and offerings Partnership Objectives Partnership Structure Conversation and Questions

3 3 Wolters Kluwer Health | Ovid / LWW Wolters Kluwer: –Leading global information services and publishing company –Approximately 19,000 employees –Markets: Health, Corporate Services, Finance, Tax, Accounting, Law and Regulation Wolters Kluwer Health consists of 3 business units –Clinical Solutions i.e. UptoDate –Professional and Education i.e. LWW textbooks –Medical Research: Ovid and Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins (LWW)

4 4 Medical Research: Ovid and LWW Ovid helps researchers, librarians, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals find important medical information so that they can make critical decisions to improve patient care, enhance ongoing research, and fuel new discoveries. We offer a market-leading medical research platform of premium aggregated content and productivity tools that make it easy to quickly search information and make informed decisions on patient care, quality, and clinical outcomes

5 5 Ovid serves 4 key global markets representing institutions across a wide range of industries

6 6 Ovid, LWW, Medknow Unparalleled Global Reach  Customers in 186 countries across Ovid and LWW  Local – Global coverage with a network of 22 field offices and distributor channels  60 member customer support team  Headquartered in New York, NY

7 7 Global reach Ovid Customers in 118 countries Ovid’s global customer base includes: –Approx. 12,500 institutions (including all children of consortia) –2,576 medical institutions –2,408 academic institutions –606 corporate institutions 21 of the 30 leading global pharmaceutical companies 15 of the top 20 biotechnology firms –368 government institutions

8 8 Ovid is used by doctors, nurses, teachers, students, social workers, researchers, librarians, and other information specialists to help inform their work

9 9 Partnerships with more than 150 international medical, scientific and academic content producers Aggregate and offer content breadth & depth in medical, nursing, clinical, and biosciences subjects –~100 bibliographic databases –~4,250 ebooks –~2,200 journals –Current content, no embargoes (only Science – 3 month embargo) Many top ranked Journals –NEJMJAMABMJACP –LWWNatureACCPWiley –Complete list on Ovid – Medical Research Solution Content Depth and Breadth

10 10 Ovid – Medical Research Solution Bringing research to the point-of-use  OvidSP, world-class precision search platform  Supports 741 full text downloads every minute, globally  Rich features and customization  Local language interfaces  Globally, more than 12,500 institutions use Ovid  99.9% overall system availability supported by two global data centers  Multiple local language search portals (Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic )

11 11 Objectives of AJPP/Ovid Partnership Increase the visibility and distribution of AJPP journals Deliver content via top global medical research platform alongside thousands of top ranked journals Positive publicity and PR, adding credibility to the already strong sponsorship from Thomson Reuters and SPi Global Anticipating increased citation resulting from increased visibility via the OvidSP platform

12 12 Partnership Structure African journals deliver content to Ovid concurrently with delivery to NLM in NLM-XML format (ideally with PDF included but not necessary) Ovid creates package of AJPP journals which may be added to our customer’s entitlements free of charge –TBD whether customers will “opt in” or “opt out” for access to this package of titles Ovid bears all costs of loading and converting content to native Ovid DTD (Ovidbase SGML) Potential opportunities to package African journals with respective partner journals – to be explored further

13 13 Thank you!

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