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Thomas Jefferson: Jeffersonian America The Presidential Years 1800-1808 (1801-1809)

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1 Thomas Jefferson: Jeffersonian America The Presidential Years 1800-1808 (1801-1809)

2 The Republicans’ Political Revolution The Jeffersonian Presidency Jefferson and the West Conflict with Britain and France

3 The Presidential Election of 1800

4 The “Revolution” of 1800 Jefferson - (Democratic- Republican) won John Adams - (Federalist) “We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists” Power in government transferred PEACEFULLY from one party to another Bloodless and revolutionary in International politics

5 Jefferson’s Early Policies FEDERALIST Maintained National Bank (a Federalist idea {Hamilton}) Maintained debt- repayment plan Carried on Neutrality policies of Washington and Adams REPUBLICAN Pursued limited central government –Reduced size of military –Eliminated federal jobs –Repealed excise taxes (whiskey) –All Republican cabinet

6 Jeffersonian Republicanism A republic (small ‘r’) of independent, virtuous, yeoman farmers Self- sufficient, hard- working, proud

7 Map 8.6 Defining the National Boundaries, to 1800-1820 (p. 240)

8 Map 8.4 U.S. Population Density in 1803 and the Louisiana Purchase (p. 234)

9 The Louisiana Purchase: 1803 Napoleon sold to US for 3¢ an acre ($15 million) TJ struggled with constitutionality of the purchase Saw territory as potential “Northwest Passage” to the Pacific Saw it as potential to be less tangled in European affairs Doubled Size of US

10 Louisiana Purchase

11 Lewis and Clark Left St. Louis in 1804 with 31 men Explored Louisiana Territory via the Missouri River Contact with Indian Nations Scientific knowledge greatly expanded Strengthened US claims to Oregon Maps and Geographic knowledge expanded

12 John Marshall and the Supreme Court Federalist appointed judge 34 years on Supreme Court Most decisions strengthened federal government Marbury v. Madison (1803) - judicial review

13 Marbury v. Madison Established principle of judicial review Judicial Review - Rights of the Courts to review laws based on their Constitutionality

14 Jefferson re-elected in 1804 2nd term troubles –Aaron Burr plot –Opposition within Republican party (Quids) –Napoleonic Wars in Europe

15 Burr conspiracy(s) and Duel Burr and New England radical Federalists to secede in 1804 - failed Challenged A. Hamilton to duel - killed him in 1804 Westward conspiracy - take Mexico to unite with Louisiana under his rule Burr conspiracy trial - acquitted of treason by a jury

16 Foreign problems Barbary pirates - US Navy fought 1801-1805 - to a draw British - challenged US Navy - impressment of US sailors into British navy Chesapeake-Leopard affair - British ship fired on US ship Embargo Act of 1807 - no US merchant ships into foreign ports

17 Embargo Act Cartoon

18 Embargo Act of 1807 Intended to punish the British and French Backfired and devastated the US economy Repealed in 1809

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