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2 A Microventure is powered by the number of Ten's. You will start with a 1 hour business plan and move to a 10 hour project with hopes of it turning into a 100 hour project. So the power of 1/10/100 will be referred to quite a bit throughout this system. 2

3 There are a variety of ways to be introduced to the idea of a Microventure: *Leader Trainee - mandatory item to complete - sign up for 1-3 Microventures, schedule yourself to join a driver call with Steve and he will assign *Lifebushido Fellowship/Recruit Triangle Project - assigned by Steve or ishido approaches Steve and would like to pursue - initial idea presented and Steve will ok or decline *MBA/Intern who is doing Microventure as part of an Internship – Steve and the Intern Team decide who will run the Microventure 3

4 “ “Microventure Selection” The first steps by anyone whether assigned a Microventure, or pursuing/Creating on your own are: *Signing up for 1-3 Microventures (if required) *Visiting the Daily Driver Calls wiki and scheduling yourself on a driver call with SteveDaily Driver Calls *Sending the email as described the morning of your call *Attend call *After call have clarity on your next steps from Steve. 4

5 *You will leave the call with the Microventure topic approved (or you could be turned down) and you will then move on to write your One Page Business Plan. *Once you are approved with a 1 hour budget to do your One Page Business Plan - you may begin. Be sure you follow the steps and meet any and all deadlines.One Page Business Plan 5

6 *Once you’ve had your initial Driver Call with Steve, if approved, you will spend 1 hour writing your One Page Business Plan. *The Business Plan will lay out in detail what the goal of your Microventure will be, what needs to be accomplished to work towards the end result. *This is due the Friday of the week you receive approval to write 6

7 *Once you’ve submitted your One Page Business Plan, Steve will either approve or decline. *Once approved, you will be given your weekly hour budget and time frame and will start that following Monday. *We have a 10 day plan listing requirements and provide guidance on how to complete things. 7

8 Team Management will provide assistance through the entire process. Some additional items that Leaders will be responsible for are: *Hiring and Firing Team Members *Rating and managing team member performance *Maintaining and creating databases (provided) 8

9 Databases Used: *Schedule Database *Client Database *Teams Database *Spreadsheets 9

10 Helpful Systems: *The Microventure system has multiple helpful systems in place to make sure everything is clear and provides examples 10

11 How To Apply to Leader Training: Visit: t+-+Leader+SurveyQuestions: Email 11

12 Start your Microventure System Today! 12

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