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2 The following photo presentation is of Anir Experience at work: Our volunteers and interns, our work locations and some of the organizations we partner with or make donations to…

3 What we do Our Goals Participating in the UN Millennium Goals to eradicate poverty by: § Supporting Healthy Lifestyle and HIV/AIDS Education § Help to build affordable housing for everyone § Assure basic education for everyone § Appreciating Diversity § Promoting Cultural Heritage Preservation § Valuing Our Environment Making Lunch – East London, South Africa

4 Our Mission Anir Experience endeavors to make it possible, for anyone who wants to contribute to the global fight against poverty to be able to do so personally. Our first choice is to create personal hands-on Experiences for each individual, but if that is not possible, our second choice is for the individual to consider a monetary donation to help someone else make the trip, and there-by giving the donor the chance to participate vicariously with equal importance. Our programs include but are not limited to: volunteering at orphan homes and foster care units, building homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International, community health programs and volunteer work projects focused on ecological issues and animal habitat

5 Programs We’ll start with our Habitat for Humanity International Global Village partnership program Then Our HIV/AIDS Awareness & Foster Care Volunteer & Internship programs

6 2002 Habitat Global Village Blitz build in Durban South Africa with President Jimmy Carter Our first partnership with HfH

7 Build Botswana 2006

8 Botswana



11 Zambia 2006

12 Build Madagascar 2007

13 Madagascar Build Madagascar

14 Madagascar Thatching for the roof - Madagascar

15 Madagascar

16 Akany Avoko Children’s Home Madagascar

17 Madagascar Akany Avoko Children’s Home Madagascar

18 Malagasy Nights

19 Cape Town Khayelitsha Township Cape Town South Africa

20 Mfuleni Build Mfuleni Township Cape Town 2008

21 Mfuleni South Africa

22 Blowing bubbles in Mfuleni Township

23 Community support – Mfuleni Township

24 Walking to school Mfuleni Township, Cape Town

25 Lesotho August 2008


27 Mixing daga in Lesotho

28 2007 2004 2006 2005 March 2008August 2008 Anir Experience HIV/AIDS Education class



31 Swaziland 2006 Gone Rural Women’s weaving coop

32 Safe Home for street boys East London South Africa

33 Khayelitsha Township Cape Town

34 Baphumelele Children’s Home, Khayelitsha

35 Mfuleni South Africa March 2008 Baphumelele Children’s Home, Khayelitsha

36 Cape Town Baphumelele Children’s Home, Khayelitsha



39 Mama Amelia’s Children’s Home Khayelitsha, Cape Town


41 Heaven’s Nest Children’s Home Cape Town

42 University of Technology Cape Town Opening day for HIV/AIDS community education

43 HIV/AIDS Class Interns attend HIV/AIDS workshop Cape Town

44 Robben Island Students at the entrance to Robben Island Prison Where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in prison…

45 ZULU Historic site Students visit Zulu Historic site

46 New Programs for 2009 Anir is always looking for new projects in addition to our other programs : Township Toys made by local persons who are unemployed due to HIV/AIDS related issues Toys made from recycled materials Project will start at Baphumelele adult training program, Khayelitsha, Cape Town

47 Raising Fountains Zambia Project 2009 Focused of Clean drinking water and malaria prevention

48 S A F A R I R&R: At the end of each Anir Experience there is a photo …

49 Safari Rachel Blue, Savannah, Adrienne Anir Experience Education Leaders

50 Safari Cayley & cub Lisa & Lisa (Ranger Shadrick stands watch) Volunteers

51 Safari




55 Madagascar Rain Forest

56 Trekking in the Madagascar Rain Forest

57 A Beautiful Wonderfully Paradoxical Experience


59 How You Can Participate  Create an Anir Experience for your school, civic club, community, family or friends  or become an Anir Intern or Volunteer  If you can’t volunteer become an Anir Experience Supporter  Donate to the Anir Foundation to help others participate  Donate directly to an Anir Experience Project or Program Donations are tax deductible  Be an Anir Exp. Fundraiser The Anir Foundation 120 W. Washington St. Lewisburg, WV 24901 818-983-7032 Adrienne B. Biesemeyer  or www.myspace/anirexperience  Click to close


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