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Columbus State Community College Internship and Practicum Program.

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1 Columbus State Community College Internship and Practicum Program

2 Programs Business Programs Accounting Business Management Business Office Applications Entrepreneurship Finance Human Resources Public Administration Integrated Media & Technology Computer Information Technology Digital Design and Graphics Digital Photography Interactive Media Digital Audio and Video Logistics/Supply Chain Marketing

3 Benefits According to the 2008 NACE Experimental Education Survey, over half of interns last year were converted to full-time employees. Additionally, more than one-third of employers reported higher retention among those converted from intern to employee within the first year of hire, and nearly half said former interns had higher retention five years after hire. Develop relationships with the workforce Gauge competency to find future employees Get involved in the growth of the community Learn more about your own company through an alternative viewpoint Obtain temporary person power for your company

4 Students Students must have a declared major for the internship program they plan to enroll in. Students must have completed all program specific education requirements as defined by the program coordinator. Qualified students have completed a majority of the courses of their approved program with a minimum of 50 credit hours. Students must have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 to be eligible for undertaking an approved Academic Internship.

5 Process Companies develop opportunities with assistance from Program Coordinator Qualified students apply for available opportunities Company interviews candidates and selects intern Student works at company according to agreed upon schedule Mentors supervise intern and communicate with coordinator At the end of the quarter, the mentor completes evaluation and returns it to the coordinator Before the Quarter Begins During Quarter

6 Future Center within internship program that caters specifically to small business, start up companies and non-profit organizations. Abbreviated one credit hour internship requirements that provides flexibility for the student and company. Student accumulates internship credits in “stackable” process to satisfy degree requirement. Internships can utilize shorter hour requirements: 7 hours/ week @ 10 weeks 12 hours/ week @ 6 weeks for implementation projects 23 hours/ week @ 3 weeks for short intensive projects * Traditional internships require 20-25 hours for 10 weeks SBNP Stackable Internship Program

7 Resources Internship Program Coordinator Shane S. Kirby (614) 287-2095 Internship Website

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