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Comenius 2.1 Project 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-Comenius-C21 1.

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1 Comenius 2.1 Project 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-Comenius-C21 1

2 Chancen für Mobilität angehender Lehrkräfte innerhalb Europas „ Lehrerausbildung in Europa – voneinander lernen, miteinander arbeiten“ 2

3 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Deutsche bleiben „Reise-Weltmeister“ „Mit 75,6 Millionen privaten und geschäftlichen Auslandsreisen ….“ „… im vergangenen Jahr insgesamt 79,5 Millionen Urlaubsreisen und 146 Millionen Geschäftsreisen …“ Düsseldorf / dpa-Meldung vom 29. April 2006 3

4 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Aims overall Strengthening mobility in EU countries of onbecoming teachers within the area of practical training by using a partnerorientated organisation scheme Recognition by institutes and universities qualifying onbecoming in EU countries ECTS certification (6 credits) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total: Encouraging EU citizenship 4

5 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Aims detailed Pairing up two trainees teaching the same subject Supervising by INCLUDEME supported mentors Developing guiding materials used during internship Focussing educational systems in Europe Incorporating aspects of European politics and culture to strengthen European citizenship e.g. as a part of practical training Improving language skills Pairing schools, mentors and pupils 5

6 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Estonia Tallinn University Ms. Prof. Dr. Mattisen, Ms. Mäemets Lithuania Pedagogical University Vilnius Ms. Doc. Dr. Račienė, Mr. Doc. Dr. Martinkėnas Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) Institute of Quality Development in Schools Schleswig-Holstein Mr. Mittelmann (Co-ordinator), Mr. Glindemann Partners in 6 countries – part 1 Estonia, Lithuania, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain 6

7 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Partners in 6 countries – part 2 The Netherlands Fontys University of Professional Education Mr. Drs. Slootweg, Mr. Gardeniers Belgium Catholic Institute of Higher Education South-West-Flanders Ms. Van den dries, Ms. Callens, Mr. Vanackere Spain Autonomous University of Madrid Ms. Prof. Dr. Martinez, Mr. Prof. Dr. Valle Estonia, Lithuania, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain 7

8 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Professional support Scientific accompaniment and evaluation University Bielefeld, Germany (Nordrhein-Westfahlen) Ms. Prof. Dr. Wild Graphic and photo design Perlbach Fotodesign, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) Ms. and Mr. Perlbach Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Schleswig-Holstein) 8

9 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 ICT area Estonia Mr. Laanpere, Tallinn University Mr. Savitski, Tallinn University Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) Mr. Kruse, Institute for Quality Development in Schools Schleswig-Holstein Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) Ms. and Mr. Perlbach, Perlbach Fotodesign Belgium Mr. Vanackere, Catholic Institute of Higher Education South-West-Flanders Estonia, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), Belgium 9

10 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Kindly supported by Department of Europe and Baltic Sea Affairs Ministry of Justice, Work and Europe Mr. Dr. Nonnenbroich Central Office for Political Education Schleswig-Holstein Mr. Prof. Dr. Kruber Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel Ms. and Mr. Schneider OPEL trader Kellinghusen, Schleswig-Holstein Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) HELLWIG+FÖLSTER 10

11 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Organisation scheme – basic principles „1 to 1“ principle means: pairs of trainees teaching the same subject Support by mentors in schools INCLUDEME contact persons in institutes or universities „Survival Kits“ for trainees Trainee 2 country 2 / school 2 subjects A Trainee 1 country 1 / school 1 subjects A 11

12 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 working teaching alone by assistance of mentors working teaching together working teaching together Time schedule - basic principles „one-two-one“ principle means: Period of exchange: February Trainee 1 abroad school 2 home school 1 abroad school 2 abroad school 2 Trainee 2 home school 2 abroad school 1 abroad school 1 abroad school 1 Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4 12

13 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Programme politics and culture – exchange 2004/05/06 Visiting host institutes or universities discussing instruction of trainee teachers in the host countries Visiting parliaments in the host countries discussion with members of parliament about EU Living in guest houses or in host families comparing way of living, education politics, culture etc. Visiting culture events concerts, theatre etc. Visiting important historical places in host countries All countries 13

14 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Results – exchange statistics Year200420052006 Number of trainees323730+1 Observed lessons18,121,926,6 Given lessons10,81310,9 Pairs - same subject91412 Pairs - different subjects632 Triples - same subject110 Single trainees135 14

15 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Results – exchange statistics 15

16 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Results – exchange statistics All participants/countries, February 2004 observed lessonsgiven lessons 16

17 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Results – exchange statistics All participants/countries, February 2005 observed lessonsgiven lessons 17

18 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Results – exchange statistics All participants/countries, February 2006 observed lessonsgiven lessons 18

19 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Evaluation – exchange 2004/2005/2006 Evaluating coordinators (04), trainees (05) and mentors (06) by Ms. Prof. Dr. Wild / University Bielefeld Trainees write their reports and class schedules - till end of March Evaluation meetings with trainees in their home countries Contacts of INCLUDEME contact persons to headmasters and mentors of host schools Discussing results in the stearing group in the following INCLUDEME meeting All countries 19

20 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Difficulties & problems – exchange 04/05/06 Pairing trainees special wishes, special subjects saying „NO“ some days before starting anxiety, illness, failing an examination etc. Language barrier in host families, schools etc. Involving mentors in the project process … and for example Finding host families – DE, ES Mentors have not enough time for preparing, observing lessons – DE Trainees live far away from each other – DE, ES Carneval – BE, NL 20

21 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Positive effects – exchange 20004/05/06 Trainees get insights in a different education and school system in Europe, get fortification of their own (teacher) personality, learn about different political systems and culture in Europe get new friendships abroad, enlarge their language skills. Schools, mentors, classes and pupils have the chance to include an European trainee teacher, enlarge partnerships to schools, mentors, classes or pupils in another European country 21

22 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Positive effects – Schleswig-Holstein/Germany Trainees from Schleswig-Holstein in Comenius 2.2.a 2003/04: 6 participants (26 in Germany = 23%) 2004/05: 7 participants (17 in Germany = 41%) 2005/06: 7 participants (37 in Germany = 19%) 2005/06: one successful EU adaption from an Estonian teacher (subjects: German and English) Cooperation with „Europaschulen“ or schools with Comenius 1 projects INCLUDEME is a well-known project in National Socrates Agencies and in Brussels 22

23 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Outlook 2006 Completion INCLUDEME website Completion INCLUDEME handbook Testing materials in the trainee teacher exchange 2006 optimized conditions Looking for interested new INCLUDEME partners Writing the final report INCLUDEME WILL INCLUDE YOU! TAKE THE CHANCE! 23

24 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Outlook 2007 and later based on informations by members of EU Commission of Education and Culture and EAC EA Brussels. Planning of databased pairing of teacher trainees in more than 10 countries more partner universities in the southern part of the EU Planning a COMENIUS 3 network central network or/and seperate networks 24

25 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Preparing schools – exchange 2004/05/06 Trainees inform heads of schools – till mid of December Telephone calls to headmasters Visiting host schools: informing headmasters, mentors Contacts between trainees and headmasters, mentors Sending of official documents to schools Detailed information during official „Welcome event“ of guest teachers Visiting guest trainee teacher – mid of February Example: Germany

26 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Preparing trainees – exchange 2004/05/06 Information meeting – end of October Trainees write detailed applications – till mid of November Several contacts with the applicants Preparation meeting – beginning of January Trainees get „Survival Kits“ from host countries Own contacts to INCLUDEME contact persons abroad Own contacts to partner trainee teacher Own preparations for staying abroad All countries

27 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Guiding materials – exchange 2004/05/06 Detailed application form Fixed schedule of political and culture programme Fixed regular standards of numbers of observed and teached lessons in the host schools „Survival Kit“ for trainees of each participating country Trainee feedback form for mentors Concept for recognition of credits (ECTS) Flyer All countries

28 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21 Guiding materials aborning INCLUDEME website aborning because of a new structure and management by Tallinn University Handbook All countries

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