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Moscow College of Hotel Business“Tsaritsyno” № 37.

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1 Moscow College of Hotel Business“Tsaritsyno” № 37


3 The technological faculty trains cooks-confectioners-production organizers. Students study in cozy lecture- halls, computer class-rooms, training bars and practice in laboratories fitted with modern equipment. Every teacher of our faculty, every member of administration is deeply committed to every student`s success.

4  The trainees undergo their production practice in the best hotels of Moscow, such as “Metropol”, “Savoy”, “Palace Hotel”, “Marriott” and “Baltschug”.

5 College provides an opportunity to obtain professional experience in other countries and the ability to participate in various competitions and events. Every year students take training course in famous Moscow hotels. Among college graduators there are many famous people who have achieved success in the field of technology of public catering such as Alexander Seleznev, Sergey Bortsaev.

6 English in students’ life…

7  The best students are sent on a competitive basis to the traineeship in the prestigious hotels of Italy, Germany, and Greece. This program helps to maximize your speaking abilities in formal and informal situations.

8  My name is Panin Egor. I’m a student of Moscow college of Hotel Business «Tsaritsyno» №37. I study at the faculty of technology of products in public catering.  I study English because, it is international language of communication and it is very useful in my career. English in students’ life:

9 2/20/14 Karl Damegger I took a training course in “Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora Hotel”. Our chef is from France. His name is Karl Damegger. He does not speak Russian, but he speaks English, so we can easily communicate. All papers for banquets are written in English, so my knowledge of English helps me to work with them.

10 2/20/14 Jean-Michel Atlan-Arduan This is my chef Jean-Michel Atlan- Arduan. I met him during my internship at the hotel "Ukraine“. Jean-Michel speaks English. He gives me a lot of useful advice and points out my mistakes. I am very glad to meet him. I would like to continue my career in his team.

11 English in our life (student`s answers)  My name is Kaplenko Vladislav. I’m twenty. I’m a student of Moscow college of Hotel Business «Tsaritsyno» №37. I study at the faculty of technology of products in public catering. English helps me to communicate with people.  I take a training course in the “Radisson Slavyanskaya” hotel. Our chef is from France. His name is Frederic Noyer. He doesn’t speak Russian, so I can speak English to communicate with him.

12 Listening is much more important then writing. So everybody can find a few interesting websites and Youtube channels, on which native English speakers explains some grammar rules etc. Here there are very useful Youtube channels and websites

13 Media industry is a really useful domain for learners. Watching movie or playing video game in original language can incredibly improve one’s skills to listen and understand. And It’s much more interesting that way as well!

14 And finally listening to the music! What can be better than learning the language by listening the favorite music? Here is very useful Youtube channel for ones who love music and English “Music is the soul of language” Max Heindel


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