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AIDC 100 Reception and Dinner for Nearly 70!. This must have been early. All is so serious!

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1 AIDC 100 Reception and Dinner for Nearly 70!

2 This must have been early. All is so serious!


4 Now things are starting to loosen up!

5 A lot of Auto ID years in this picture! The first and only father-son members in the AIDC 100


7 Dan, let’s have another drink!

8 Dinner time!

9 Watch out for that Jenny. She’s a charmer!

10 Guillaume has Ian’s attention! This is the way it is!

11 Karen is really in to what Don is saying. Everyone else is hungry!

12 We also worked hard at our annual meeting on October 28 th ! P.S. Peter and George said they were not prepared!!!!


14 Peter brought a bit of history to donate to the AIDC 100 library The Stony Brook staff were fantastic hosts!

15 Leadership Council (and guests) dinner-meeting on October 26 th Front row: Dave Allais, Rick Bushnell, Chuck Biss, Chuck Furedy Back row: Jenny Hicks, Sprague Ackley, Bruce Philpot, Teddy Goldberg, Tina Barkan, Peter Hicks, Dick Meyers

16 Stony Brook Adding Auto-ID Curriculum In concert with the Stony Brook campus of the State University of New York, AIDC 100 has announced the creation of a new automatic identification technology curriculum at the college. AIDC 100 is a not-for-profit, professional organization that promotes the expansion of automatic- identification and data collection technologies, including RFID. The announcement was made during AIDC 100's annual meeting, held at SUNY Stony Brook on Oct. 27. The program is being developed with a $100,000 endowment in the form of a gift annuity. Intermec Technologies, Zebra Technologies, Hand Held Products, Metrologic and Lowry Computer Products are contributing to the program by donating hardware and scholarship funding. The donated hardware will be used in a working laboratory at the university, and students will be offered internship positions at automatic-ID companies. Students participating in the program will be eligible for an engineering degree with a minor in automatic identification, according to the university.

17 Members at Annual Meeting Sprague Ackley David Allais Tina Barkan Francis Beck Rick Bushnell Joe Dunlap Jim Fales Rick Fox Chuck Furedy Teddy Goldberg Craig Harmon Peter Hicks John Hill Chris Hook Jack Householder Jack Kindsvater Robert LaMoreaux Chuck Mara Jud Miner Dick Meyers Theo Pavlidis Bruce Philpot John Robertson Dick Sawyer Ted Schultze Frank Sharkey Rich Vossel Mike Weaver George Wright IV George Wright Sr.

18 AIDC 100 Project Chairman Bruce Philpot Agenda Craig Harmon Registration Bruce Philpot Chuck Biss Bob LaMoreaux Larry Roberts Paul Bergé Promotion/Publicity Rick Bushnell Rick Morgan Gabriele Edgell Jack Householder Flyer Production/Distribution Rick Bushnell Gabriele Edgell Paul Bergé Educational Program Bob Rylander Logistics Stony Brook University - Jason Torre - Kristen Nyitray - Chris Filstrup - Berri Brine - Lois Mazer Meal & Reception Planning Teddy Goldberg Dick Meyers Conference Materials Paul Bergé Bruce Philpot Minutes LC Meeting = Bruce Philpot Forum (Notes) = John Hill Annual Meeting = Bruce Philpot Sponsors Paul Bergé The Team That Made It Happen! Mementos Bonnie Shuman Paul Bergé Photography Teddy Goldberg Robbi Goldberg Dick Meyers Mike Weaver PPT Album Dick Meyers Bus Organization David Allais Rick Fox Sponsors Paul Bergé Website Dick Meyers Larry Roberts Treasury Sprague Ackley

19 Special thanks to Gabrielle for the FLYER and to Bonney For the MEMENTOS (not shown – but they were nice) Gabrielle Bonney

20 Plus a TON of kudus to Teddy for all of the food arrangements at the reception, dinner and Stony Brook. abulous otographers … and we can’t forget the special efforts of our Teddy Mike Dick Robbi

21 AIDC 100 Jason Torre University Archivist Special Collections Department & University Archives Frank Melville, Jr. Memorial Library Stony Brook University For an outstanding job, a special

22 AIDC 100 Truth in Technologies 2006 and Members Annual Meeting Put October 5-6, 2006 on your calendar! Charles Wang Center

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