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The D.E. King Equine Program Our Mission Statement Safety of staff, students, and our guests comes first. We are committed to recruiting high quality.

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2 The D.E. King Equine Program

3 Our Mission Statement Safety of staff, students, and our guests comes first. We are committed to recruiting high quality students for the Department of Animal Science. Through educational programs, tours, events, and classes, we strive to educate our students and constituents in current horse management and training techniques. Our goal for the breeding herd is to produce versatile athletes with good dispositions. We promote & teach only non-abusive training and handling techniques. We strive to provide the most current and scientific information available, we are committed to continuing education for all of our instructors, staff, and students. We will conduct all business with absolute honesty and integrity.

4 View Our Facilities We operate almost entirely out of the Dorothy E. King Equine Pavilion, our "barn." Right next door is the Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Arena. Inside, beautiful wood beams frame the indoor arena, which also houses three joinable classrooms.

5 Our Horses Currently, our program is home to approximately 30 horses. All our horses are donated to us, except for the foals of course, which were born on the grounds (after hours and hours of foal watching). Students Marci and Wendy with Alsa and her foal, Ace.

6 Fall Classes Offered FALL CLASSES Equine Behavior and Training Students study equine social behavior and apply behavioral concepts while training their own project horses throughout the semester. Horse & Livestock Merchandising Students plan merchandising and promotional programs for various livestock enterprises, and advertise, manage, and conduct an auction of registered and unregistered livestock. Topics in Equine Law A course of study of equine businesses, laws, liabilities, contracts, insurance and other related topics. Students bathing a young horse Students acquire various skills from foal imprinting, ground work, to working from the saddle.

7 SPRING CLASSES Introduction to the Equine Industry Students develop knowledge about various breeds, types, and colors of horses. Lecture topics include natural behavior, selection, anatomy and unsoundness of feet and legs, types of tack and equipment, nutrition, health care, and costs and responsibilities of ownership. Horse Production A Junior/Senior class geared toward management and ground handling of horses. Students will handle broodmares and their foals, and may handle other horses. Breeding Barn Internship (Spring) Students work extensively with broodmares throughout the foaling season. Spring Classes Offered Sale Barn Management Internship (Fall) Experience in facilities operation, animal care, management responsibilities.

8 Events University of Arkansas Horse Festival and Silent Auction (Spring) Our biggest event of the year! Nationally prominent trainers and clinicians are featured, as well as many local celebrities. A Silent Auction, run by students, raises funds to help support the Equine Program. Students in Introduction to The Equine Industry class produce this event. Entertainment and education all in one big event! Students manage and coordinate a Silent Auction Students handle all aspects of event concessions. The Horse Festival is a great experience!

9 The auction develops many useful tools helpful in the future careers of our students. Razorback Roundup Livestock Auction (Fall) The Razorback Roundup is a student- managed horse and livestock auction. It is designed, promoted, and operated by students in Horse and Livestock Merchandising AND Equine Behavior and Training. All profits support the teaching programs in the Department of Animal Science. Farm and Field Day This event is designed for livestock and horse owners to learn the latest information related to forage production and livestock management. Students are deeply involved in the training and preparation of their project horse for the sale. Students incorporate training techniques designed to produce safe horses ready to be handled by their new owners.

10 World Famous Lipizzan Stallions (Winter) The Lipizzan Stallions show is an exciting display of the skills learned at the "School of Airs Above the Ground" which were originated in battle. Students assist in the management and production of this fund raising event which supports the Equine Program. Reproduction Seminar This semi-annual short course is offered for horse breeders who want to be knowledgeable about the latest research and reproduction techniques. Veterinarians and professional breeding farm managers share their incites in a relaxed informal setting. Small groups insure maximum personalized attention. Pre-Vet President working concessions. The famous Lipizzan Stallions.Block & Bridle and Pre-Vet Club Members selling popcorn. Student Marci Jennings.

11 Faculty and Staff Kathi Jogan (Assistant Instructor), Dr. Nancy Jack (Program Director) and Tamara Hazlett (Events Coordinator) Marci Jennings, Barn Manager and Student Susan Sullivan, Barn Manager and Student Danny Belcher Manager of the P.W. Arena

12 Dr. Keith Lusby Head of the Department of Animal Science Email: Phone: 409-575-3745 Dr. Nancy Jack D.E. King Equine Program Director Email: Phone: 409-575-4380

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