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English – IPM 8 Mag. Regina Griesmayr. Today‘s Schedule Ice Breaker Course Organisation and Requirements Discussion in Class –3 years IPM –Needs Analysis.

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1 English – IPM 8 Mag. Regina Griesmayr

2 Today‘s Schedule Ice Breaker Course Organisation and Requirements Discussion in Class –3 years IPM –Needs Analysis –Industrial Placement Input 1: Professional Presentations

3 Course Content Special Focus on Oral Skills –Presentation of Thesis –Group Discussions –Debate in Class Written Skill –Internship report –Thesis Abstract

4 IPM SYLLABUS SEM 8 Full Presentation of INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT SEMESTER and YOUR THESIS Thesis abstracts Internship Report General topic articles for vocabulary building (Company, work, technology etc.) Films + discussion Discussion of Future Technology articles

5 Course Organisation 45 Lessons 15 Lessons of Distance-Learning (Internship Report and Articles for class) 30 Lessons in Wels (6 Blocks / 5 Le)

6 Course Requirements For the Distance Learning part 4-page Internship report (PC standardised front-size etc.) about Semester 7 and related diploma thesis E-mail: Deadline: 06/04/09

7 Course Requirements For the Lessons in Wels Attendance Active participation in discussion and debate sessions in class HW: articles for class discussions Presentation Written test

8 Course Requirements - Details Internship report 4 pages – and not more! (+ title page; Arial 11, 1,5 line spacing) Background (Company, Country etc.) – in short – just a few sentences! Project / Your Work (Aims, Procedures, Methods, Results, Conclusions) General Experience: benefits for your future career, personal benefits  VERY IMPORTANT

9 Course Requirements - Details Group discussion 4 articles for the second block -2 articles: IPM related -2 articles: anything of general interest to you Sources: Internet, Magazines, Newspapers Read text, summarize main points and personal reaction to content, your ideas  Group discussions

10 Course Requirements - Details Debates in class = “ Short prepared speeches arguing for and against a controversial proposition (‘the motion’), an opportunity for contributions from the audience, and then a vote.” Preparation of topic and motion in groups of three (Chairperson, Speaker for, Speaker against), Task of the speakers: –5 min speech either for or against motion  Handout (=Speech) –Supporting their opinion in class discussion Task of chairperson –HANDOUT: Motion and 2 (abridged) articles and Sources + Chairing the debate Audience –Contributing to the class discussion - every student at least twice!

11 Course Requirements - Details Debates – Last year’s topics People don’t need privacy anymore (Technology and the invasion of privacy Locally produced food is more eco-friendly than imported food Nuclear power is the future Hybrid cars are more eco-friendly and cost-efficient than conventional gas-powered cars The Olympic Games should take place despite the riots There should be more women in leading position in companies Smoking should be banned

12 Course Requirements - Details Written test 90 min (2 Le) End of the last block Essay writing based on discussions and debates in class

13 Course Requirements - Details Presentation Presentation 10 min Feedback Presentation of your company (organization, location, markets, products etc.) – keep it short!! AND Presentation of your thesis (motivation, research question, method, results and findings etc.) + RECOMMENDATION FOR YOUR COLLEAGUES what to consider for writing / possible source of problem etc. + see Input Professional Presentations

14 Agenda  DISCUSSION ABOUT INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT 1)Company and responsibilities 2)Was your internship valuable for your future career? 3)What were your personal benefits?  DISCUSSION ABOUT 3 YEARS IPM (  Needs analysis) 1)Did your study prepare you well for your real-life-working experience? 2)In general what have you learnt in the last 3 years IPM in English? What would you like to learn in this (short) course?  INPUT: Professional Presentations

15 Agenda  INPUT: Professional Presentations DISCUSSION 1)Have you ever given a presentation in your job(s)? 2)Who do you normally present to? 3)When was the last time you gave a presentation in English? Was it a success? If yes why? If not why not? 4)How do you feel about presenting in a foreign language? 5)Think of an excellent (or terrible) presentation that you have attended. What made it good /bad?

16 Professional Presentations - Input Presentation outline / structure THE BEGINNING –(Say hello and who you are) –Relate subject to the audience – capture interest –Give purpose of the presentation and main points –Handouts? Questions?

17 Professional Presentations - Input Presentation outline / structure THE MIDDLE –covers 3 or 4 main points (the audience will not remember more than four points) –80% of the time –Have signposts and summaries

18 Professional Presentations - Input Presentation outline / structure THE ENDING –Finish on time –Summarize main points –Don’t present new ideas at the very end –Relate conclusion to audience –Make ending interesting (a quotation, story, anecdote, call for action, etc.) –Give opportunity for asking questions

19 Preview – Next session English Lessons – General Structure: Warmer Teacher Input (Language and Business Skills, Film, Article,) + discussions Presentations + Feedback Discussion and Debates Summary, Quiz or any other final activity to round up lesson

20 Preview – Next session 2 nd Block : “Abstract Writing ” Warmer Student Presentations + Feedback Teacher Input 1: How to write abstracts Group Discussion (based on articles – HW) Plenum in groups for debates Quiz or any final activity

21 Preview General topics: 2nd block World of Work, Abstracts 3rd block: Corporations and Globalisation 4th block: Energy 5th block: Innovation and New Technologies 6th block: Finish off: Test, Final Presentations, Tips how to keep you English “alive”

22 DEADLINES In doc format to be sent to your teacher: Internship report (06/04/09) Presentation: Monday before Presentation Debates: Handout: Monday before Debate

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