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DIETETIC CAREERS PROFESSIONAL PATHWAY WORKSHOPS Fiona Yeudall PhD RD DC Director School of Nutrition Adapted from presentation by Judy Paisley PhD RD.

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1 DIETETIC CAREERS PROFESSIONAL PATHWAY WORKSHOPS Fiona Yeudall PhD RD DC Director School of Nutrition Adapted from presentation by Judy Paisley PhD RD

2 Jan 2015

3 Goals This workshop will provide info on: 1) the varied settings in which dietitians work 2) workforce and job prospects 3) paths to become a dietitian Jan 2015

4 What is a registered dietitian? Uniquely educated & trained food & nutrition professional Translate scientific knowledge for use by Canadians Regulated health profession – education, training, practice governed by legislation Jan 2015

5 Where do dietitians work & what do they do? Jan 2015

6 Healthcare Provide nutritional support to individuals and families Hospitals Community Health Centres & Family Health Teams Long Term Care facilities See Video: Vanita Pais Jan 2015

7 Healthcare Public Health Units: Provide nutrition information to meet communities’ needs – Public Health Dietitians – Public Health Nutritionists (master’s degree required) Jan 2015

8 Davorka Monti: Healthy Start for Mom & Me program (Winnipeg PH) Read more: Monti.aspx Monti.aspx Healthcare Jillyan Jay: programs for school-aged kids & parents (Peace Country HU, Alberta) Read more: Jay.aspx Jay.aspx 6&archive=true 6&archive=true Jan 2015

9 Food Service Management Manage all aspects of large food service departments (hospitals, LTC, cafeterias…) E.g., – Aramark – Cara Foods – Compass Canada Jan 2015 /

10 Clara Ming Pi: Designed food service computer systems & “carbon neutral” kitchen ( works in Canada, Hong Kong, China) Read more: Ming-Pi.aspx Ming-Pi.aspx Claudia Prusak: Director of Quality & Customer Service, Vancouver Health Read more: Prusak.aspx Prusak.aspx Food Service Management Jan 2015

11 Health-related organizations Promote Canadians’ health – Heart & Stroke Foundation – Canadian Diabetes Association Samara Foisey (RU alumna working for Heart & Stroke Foundation) See video: Jan 2015

12 Food industry Product development & testing Food production Product marketing Product labeling (regulatory affairs) Provide information to consumers Loblaws, General Mills, Kraft, Univilever… Jan 2015

13 Commodity organizations Provide consumer information Ontario Pork, The Canadian Sugar Institute, Beef Information Centre… Isabelle Neiderer, Director of Nutrition, Dairy Farmers of Canada Read more: Jan 2015

14 Government Policy development and planning, research, knowledge translation E.g., Health Canada, EatRight Ontario Dietitian/Search-for-a-Dietitian.aspx Dietitian/Search-for-a-Dietitian.aspx Christine Cicco: Website Manager, EatRight Ontario Jan 2015

15 Research Product related: Food industry – E.g., Contract Testing Health related: Hospitals, universities, non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical companies Dr. Heather Keller: Conducts research related to nutrition and aging Read more: Jan 2015

16 Private Health Care Clinics Provide fee-for-service nutrition counseling and support – Health care clinics – Wellness centres Margeaux Maniatis: Supports clients before and after weight loss surgeries, Surgical Weight Loss Centre, Toronto Jan 2015

17 Home Care Agencies Provide in-home nutrition support for people living with disabilities, older adults http://www.homecareo members.cfm http://www.homecareo members.cfm Jan 2015

18 Pharmaceutical Industry Conduct nutrition research & develop product & nutrition information for consumers Nutritional product sales: vitamins, minerals, specialized nutrition products (enteral nutrition) E.g., – Bristol Meyers, Eli Lily… Bristol Meyers, Eli Lily… – – Michelle Latinsky: knowledge translation for Jamieson Vitamins (RU alumna) Jan 2015

19 Private practice Support clients interested in: – disease prevention – healthy body weights Fitness centres Sports nutrition Fran Berkoff: Author, columnist Read more: fran-berkoff fran-berkoff Jan 2015

20 Education Public health dietitians – school boards Universities & Colleges – teaching, research Jan 2015

21 Entrepreneurial Careers Liz Pearson: author, public speaker, CBC news regular, Chatelaine columnist, workshop leader, consultant Read more: Pearson.aspx Pearson.aspx Jennifer Gibson: Sports nutrition (Women’s Pro Tennis Tour, Cdn Women’s Soccer, Softball Canada…) Read more: Gibson.aspx Gibson.aspx Jan 2015

22 Emerging areas Mental health & addictions Knowledge Translation (see Linda Gilmour-Kessler: Works with communities and allied health professionals to support the nutritional health of people living with mental health conditions and addictions, Saskatchewan Read more: Stories/Linda-Gilmour-Kessler.aspx Stories/Linda-Gilmour-Kessler.aspx Jan 2015

23 What are grads doing? Join the Ryerson School of Nutrition Professional Networking group m/groups?gid=4128756 &trk=hb_side_g m/groups?gid=4128756 &trk=hb_side_g Jan 2015

24 Dietitian or Nutritionist? Dietitian: regulated health profession, standards for education, training, practice Nutritionist: unregulated Jan 2015

25 Workforce Statistics (2011) ≐ 6000 dietitians in Canada National workforce analysis, N= 3749 45% work in clinical settings (across Canada) Most work full time (69% on ON) 49% were satisfied with advancement opportunities (ON) Ont has the lowest # of dietitians per capita (21 per 100,000 residents) Read more: Only/Workforce-Meta-Analysis-Report-English.aspx Only/Workforce-Meta-Analysis-Report-English.aspx Jan 2015

26 Workforce Statistics (2011) Earnings (Ontario): – $35-450006% – $45-5500015% – $55-6500028% – $65-7500028% – $75000 +23% 35% were satisfied with earnings (ON) Read more: Content/Members-Only/Workforce-Meta-Analysis-Report-English.aspx Content/Members-Only/Workforce-Meta-Analysis-Report-English.aspx Jan 2015

27 Are there jobs for dietitians? 2009 survey of new internship graduates (n=112) 1 year after graduation: – 43% found a job before graduating – 53% of remainder found job within 5 months – Most worked in clinical (61%) & community (24%) settings – 1 year post-graduation, 89% were employed – Of those not employed, 25% were pursuing higher education Jan 2015

28 2009 survey: – 62% of new graduates did not have to relocate to find a job – Average hourly starting rate was $30/hr ($58,500/year) – Read more: Content/Public/2009-Employment-Profile-for- New-Graduate-Dietitian.aspx Content/Public/2009-Employment-Profile-for- New-Graduate-Dietitian.aspx Are there jobs for dietitians? Jan 2015

29 2011 Workforce Analysis: – 50% of existing workforce plans to retire within 10 years – Existing unfilled dietitian vacancies across Canada – Predicts increased demand for dietitians due to: Population growth Increasing numbers of older Canadians Ongoing developments in food industry Are there jobs for dietitians? Jan 2015

30 Where can dietitians work? Across Canada: fulfill registration requirements of provincial regulatory bodies (colleges) Internationally: Dietitians of Canada has reciprocity agreements with some countries Jan 2015

31 Is this the right career for you? Do your research: – Talk, ask, join, network, connect on LinkedIn – Dietitians of Canada & College of Dietitians of Ontario websites Identify your interests: – Scientific literature – Non-fiction books, articles about food & nutrition issues – Course assignments Explore your interests: – Volunteer Jan 2015

32 What is Dietitians of Canada? DC National professional organization: – Supports members’ continuing education – Provides nutrition info to public – Sets and assesses standards for dietitians’ education & training Membership is voluntary Jan 2015

33 What is the College of Dietitians of Ontario? CDO Regulatory body governing dietitians working in Ontario Ensures that dietitians practice according to the laws Must belong to CDO to practice as a dietitian in Ontario Jan 2015

34 All Paths Involve: Education Training (internship or graduate practicum) Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam 3 Paths to Becoming a Dietitian Jan 2015

35 3 Paths to Becoming a Dietitian Read more: Jan 2015

36 Path A: Fully integrated undergraduate program e.g., UBC -Enter 1 st year -Apply for entry to integrated program (50% acceptance rate) -Accept ~30 students - 5 years to complete Jan 2015

37 Path B: Partially integrated undergraduate program e.g., St Francis Xavier: -Accept ~30 students -Apply for ~ 10 integrated internship positions - 5 years to complete, if integrated -Otherwise apply for external internship or accredited masters after 4 year degree Jan 2015

38 Path C: Non-integrated undergraduate program e.g., Ryerson, U of Guelph: -Accept 100-120 students -Complete degree -Apply for internship or DC accredited master’s Jan 2015

39 Path C: Undergraduate degree DC Accredited Undergraduate Program Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam Internship DC accredited graduate program Jan 2015

40 More information: School of Nutrition's DC Bb org – Available to all current students – Others: From your Ryerson email, send request to be enrolled to FAQ document (REVISED 2011) Workshops DC program Director – Jan 2015

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