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Chief Resident Overview June 14, 2013. Welcome Interns!

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1 Chief Resident Overview June 14, 2013

2 Welcome Interns!

3 Your Chiefs

4 Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge, M.D. Hometown: Tiffin OH Undergrad: The Ohio State University Med School: Wright State University Boonshoft SOM Professional Interest: Primary Care Mommy of identical twin 8 month olds

5 Sumit Bose, M.D. Hometown: Pittsford NY Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University Med School: GWU Professional Interest: Allergy/Immunology Can do an amazing dance with a wheeled walker

6 Kamal Shemisa, M.D. Hometown: Westlake OH Undergrad: Kent State University Med School: NEOMED Professional Interest: Cardiology Lover of cats and cardiology

7 Claire Sullivan, M.D. Hometown: Rocky River OH Undergrad: John Carroll Med School: University of Cincinnati Professional Interest: Cardiology Obsessed with Cleveland

8 Navin Vij, M.D. (Med/Peds) Hometown: Bloomington, MN College: Rice University Med School: Baylor Professional Interest: Health Policy Former professional Bhangra dancer

9 Roles of the Chiefs Rotate every 3 months UH Chief - #31250 – Claire Sullivan Office in DOM 3 rd floor VA Chief - #31533 – Kamal Shemisa Office on VA 4 th Floor Ambulatory Chief - #31529 – Sumit Bose Office on VA 4 th Floor Patient Safety & Chief - #36644 – Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge Office in DOM 3 rd floor

10 Roles of the Chiefs We are your ADVOCATES Call us with any problem or issue that arises in a TIMELY and SPECIFIC manner We can’t help you if you don’t let us know the problem We are your MENTORS We embrace the opportunity to provide support for you - professionally, educationally and psychosocially We have been in your shoes! We remember well the struggles of intern year and are here to help you in any way we possibly can

11 Block Zero June 24 th -June 30 th No days off Many extra interns on teams to divide the work and admissions Constant senior supervision due to rotating extra senior helpers who will work with non-call teams from 5pm-10pm Ask questions!

12 UH Campus

13 UH teams Ward Teams 2 General Medicine 6 Sub-Specialty MICU CICU UH Nightfloat Team

14 Naff Gen Med Wearn Gen Med Carpenter ID Dworkin GI Weisman Heme/Onc Ratnoff Heme/Onc Eckel Nephrology Hellerstein Cardiology

15 ICU Rotations At UH MICU CICU

16 Other UH Rotations Geriatrics 2 week rotation Jeopardy Rotate on a consult service while on back-up call for any absence on UH or VA wards/clinics MUST have pager on 24/7 including weekends E Team Work 1:1 with hospitalist during winter months Back up Jeopardy

17 Team Caps UH ward teams cap at 10 patients per intern except for the Seidman teams which cap at 8 VA ward teams cap at 8 patients per intern No short call on weekends Intern + AI @ VA = 10; AI+AI paired together = 10 if one senior, 12 if two seniors Intern + AI @ UH = 12 when 2 seniors; 10 when 1 senior

18 Intern Call/Duty Hours Call Schedule: Long  Medium  Short  Happy Long Call admits 3 patients -Last patient no later than 7:00 pm -Interns should be done staffing patients and sign out to NF by 9:00 PM -Must be out by 11:00 PM

19 Intern Call/Duty Hours Medium call admits 2 patients -Last patient by 4:00 pm. -Holds the Team Pager until 7:00 pm -Signs out to NF at 7:00 pm.

20 Intern Call/Duty Hours Short call admits 2 patients -By 12:00 PM at UH and 1:00 at the VA -MICU and Night float patients ONLY at UH -Can be new patients at VA -No patients on clinic days or if intern has 8 patients -Signs out to Medium call intern as early as 4:00 pm

21 Call Sequence

22 UH MICU - 4 interns and 5 residents per rotation; Interns paired with resident for long call -Interns will get last admission by 7 pm, should leave by 9 pm, must leave by 11 pm -Patients admitted by the NF will be distributed by the MICU fellow in AM to keep teams even and optimize work flow in the MICU -The post call resident will present and leave, sign out to the post call intern -The helper resident will supervise the post call intern and will help until the intern has completed their work, usually around 5pm

23 The New CICU for Interns 2 interns scheduled in the CICU: -Day intern: works 7 AM-7 PM. May follow/admit one to two patients under supervision of senior resident. -Night intern: works 7 PM-7 AM. Helps with cross-cover, gains valuable night ICU experience including procedures, and possibly allows for on-call resident to take a nap. Interns will do one week of nights and one week of days during two week rotation Both interns have Sunday off (accommodate switch days and transition from nights to days)

24 Intern Call/Duty Hours All teams will have double seniors until block 3-4 Orphan coverage: When you are on call and your team senior isn’t On Call interns will be covered by the assigned orphan resident Ask your seniors how to look this up Always page the senior as soon as you get an admission to speed up the process

25 Typical Day 6:45-7:00: Get sign out from NF on Tower 5 7:00-7:45: Pre-round on your patients Get patient assignments from NF seniors 7:45-8:00: Run overnight events with senior resident Address any major issues before rounds 8:00-10:30: Rounds with attending 10:30-11:30 : MR for residents (MWF) and interns (T/Th) 12:00-1:00: Noon Conference

26 10:30-12:00: Time to get C.O.L.D. C: Call your consults The later you call, the more angry the consultant will be Ask your senior for advice on how to call the best consult before your first one O: Order Entry Enter any orders that were not entered on rounds L: Labs Run your labs! D: Discharges Get them out! At UH, dictate your day of discharge note in your discharge summary At the VA, type the discharge summary on the day of discharge

27 Conferences - UH Intern Morning Reports – Residents hold the pagers!! Tuesday AM report from 10:30 – 11am! ** NEW ** Thursday 10:30am-11:30am Noon Conference Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 12-1pm (with food) Grand Rounds Tuesday 12-1pm Morbidity & Mortality (M&M) Friday 12-1pm Agre Society Occur monthly on Wednesdays

28 Typical Day Afternoon: Follow-up on studies, consults Sign out to co-intern/resident and attend clinic on clinic days Admit new patients and staff with team resident or on call resident On long call day sign out between 9-11pm On medium call day sign out at 7pm On short/happy day leave as early as 4pm

29 Sign Out Sign out is an exchange of information to ensure excellent patient care As an intern sign out What is important? FU CT PE  If positive, start heparin FU ECG and troponins  If troponin positive, treat for ACS FU I/O’s, goal 1L negative  If not at goal, give 80 IV Lasix FU H&H  If Hb <7, transfuse 2U PRBCs What is not important? Avoid having the NF do your work FU Nutrition recs FU CT A/P done for cancer staging FU ANA ANYTHING THAT WILL NOT CHANGE OVERNIGHT MGMT

30 Intern Expectations Interns have primary care responsibility for all patients assigned. These responsibilities include: performing a complete admission history and physical formulating a diagnostic and therapeutic plan with the resident and attending When surveyed, patients almost always identify the INTERN as their primary provider while they were hospitalized

31 Intern Expectations The admission history and physical must be on the patient’s chart within 24 hours of admission. The Intern is responsible for all day-to day management issues, which must be reflected in a daily Intern progress note (limit copy pasting)

32 Intern Expectations All patients assigned to the intern are to be examined by the Intern every day Interns have primary responsibility for discharge summaries, but this should also be shared with the resident depending on work load and workflow If the intern is off, the discharge summary must be done by the covering resident, or the attending

33 Intern Expectations Interns should report any significant change in status of patients under their care to the supervising resident These include significant change in vital signs change in mental status change in status requiring a rapid response team (=code white) Interns have 24/7 in house supervision by residents, fellows, or attendings

34 Intern Expectations Discharges are the primary responsibility of the intern, but residents frequently help, especially early on DAY OF DISCHARGE dictations – ask your seniors for help Do not hesitate to ask your senior especially early on

35 Intern Expectations ANESTHESIA INTERNS MUST LEAVE BY 9 PM IF ON CALL!!! ACGME rules for anesthesia are different from those for categorical and preliminary medicine interns

36 Resident On-Call Are responsible to staff their own teams if the patient is available prior to 4:00 pm. On call residents stay until at least 9:00 PM Weekend team covering resident staffs until at least 1:00 PM On call senior will staff “orphan” interns after 4:00 PM during the week and after 1:00 PM on weekends

37 Days OFF! Dworkin, Carpenter, Wearn, Naff, Ratnoff, Weisman, and VA Wards Short And/Or Happy Days on Saturday or Sunday In a 4 week block, 4 days off: 1 “Golden” – Sat AND Sun off 2 “Silvers” – Either Sat OR Sun off 1 “Black” – No weekend days off Eckel and Hellerstein Happy Day Friday through Monday 1 Day off per week

38 Days OFF! Night Floats UH: 3 interns are scheduled but only 2 are on each night; work out days off with each other! Email your days off schedule to ambulatory chief VA: Saturday night is off UH MICU Short call day off Friday through Monday

39 UH Team Pagers Each team (Eckel, Wearn…) has a team pager Held by medium call until 7 pm Pager signed out to NF Intern at 7 pm Long call intern signs out their patients at 9 pm Held by intern nightfloat 7pm-7am Team pagers are also code pagers – on-call interns should go to all codes (‘Code Blue’) Team pager numbers are listed on the pager card in your bags

40 Meet the DACR/NACR/Admissions Coordinators… DACR = Day Acting Chief Resident NACR = Night Acting Chief Resident PGY3 helps admit and triage new admissions, runs codes, manages medicine consults Admissions Coordinators = Toni, Lisa, Kathy Direct phone 67121 Pager 30512 Work Room 42508 Distribute admissions to you during the day Be nice to them!

41 UH Miscellaneous GME Housestaff Lounge Located on Lakeside 6 th floor, next to GME office ID Badge required for entry Has coffee, bathrooms, T.V., foosball table, computers THE P.I.T. Fitness Center Basement of Lakeside Free card entry, TV's, towel service, open 24/7!

42 UH Resources Your Senior Resident The DACR/NACR Other Residents The Night Floats The Chief Resident

43 Louis Stokes Veterans Administration Medical Center

44 VA teams 4 General Medicine Teams VA Orange VA White VA Blue VA Green VA MICU VA Nightfloat Team

45 VA Wards 1 resident + 2 interns per team – may have acting interns/medical students Ward 4A: Orange/White (sister teams) Ward 4B: Blue/Green (sister teams) PCU: telemetry 2 nd floor

46 VA Lounge Located on the 2 nd floor Fridge: frozen dinners, ice cream, sorbet, string cheese, muffins, fruit, yogurt, milk, PBJ uncrustables Coffee machine Cabinets: Trail mix, gold fish, peanut butter crackers, pretzels!

47 VA Conferences Monday: Noon conference Tuesday: Grand Rounds televised from UH at noon Wednesday: M&M at noon Thursday: Intern Morning Report @ 10am-11am! Your resident will take your pager Be on time!! Friday: Noon conference

48 VA Miscellaneous Garage parking is free! Just need to get a parking sticker from VA police dept VPN access for home CPRS access Codes at VA are called ‘Dr. Heart’

49 VA MICU 3 interns and 2 residents per rotation Interns are q3 call. Day senior 8a-8p Night senior: 8p-8a Interns will get last admission by 7 pm, should leave by 9 pm, must leave by 11 pm Sign out to night senior Patients admitted by the night senior go to the intern on call the next morning

50 Nightfloat Rotations

51 The UH NIGHTFLOAT TEAM NACR Nightfloat Resident Nightfloat Intern NIGHTFLOAT TEAM Nightfloat Intern Rotating MSIII

52 UH Nightfloat Intern Works from 7 pm-7 am Meets the NACR and NF Residents in the KACR Gets sign out from teams (mediums at 7:00 PM and Longs at 9:00 PM) and manages cross cover issues Work with the NF resident to help answer questions/manage ill patients

53 UH Nightfloat Intern PGY3 NACR and 2 PGY2 NF Residents are always available if you need help - questions regarding your admissions, extra set of eyes to see a sick patient You may be asked to admit 1-2 patients on busy nights and staff with NF resident. NF interns must go to Code Whites on patients you’re covering Senior residents must go in the first 6 months Alert them immediately

54 VA Nightfloat Team One Nightfloat Intern who manages cross-cover 7pm-7am Day off Saturday One Nightfloat Resident who does overnight admissions

55 Intern Saturday Coverage One or 2 Saturday Nights when on ambulatory, UCC, COE or elective, you will be asked to cover from Saturday 7pm to Sunday 8am for the VA intern nightfloat to get a night off

56 Ambulatory Medicine Continuity Clinic Urgent Care Center Primary Care Block (PCB) / Ambulatory Block Clinical Skills Block (CSB)

57 Continuity Clinic One afternoon per week at either the VA or the Douglas Moore Center at UH During ambulatory or elective, up to 2 clinics per week Always the same day each week and with the same attending preceptors You will develop a set of patients that you follow over 3 years Clinic cannot be canceled by anyone except the Ambulatory Chief Resident

58 Continuity Clinic Rules No clinic when Medium call or on long call days Vacation Holidays ICU’s Night Float You DO have clinic when on Elective!!! Cannot switch clinics amongst yourselves; all schedule changes need to be approved by ambulatory chief resident

59 Urgent Care Center (UCC) The VA “Emergency Room” Staffed by at least 2 seniors plus variable number of interns One or two attending physicians Hours are 9-6 with “on-call” resident to arrive at 0800 Fast track: sees low acuity issues, med refills…. Great learning opportunity in seeing the “undifferentiated” patient

60 PCB / Ambulatory Introduction to Outpatient Primary Care Introduction to DMC and the Firm Continuity Clinics Morning Clinical Conferences: 8am daily 8:45-12:00: Subspecialty VA Clinics Some Full UCC Days Subspecialty or continuity clinics in the afternoon

61 Clinical Skills Block 2-week outpatient rotation in the Spring Hands on activities Simulation models at the simulation skill center Humanities in Medicine End of life care Cultural Competencies Learn presentation skills Mock Codes Learn procedural skills Back up Jeopardy

62 Code Blues

63 Code Whites (UH) ** 1 ST six months – an upper level must go to all Code Whites with an intern** Sick or decompensating patients on the floor Initial response from ICU nurse, intern, and PGY DACR/NACR for level 2 code white If you want to transfer to MICU, call MICU fellow Always write a Clinical Event Note!

64 Code Blues Check your own pulse first! “Too many chefs spoil the soup” One person leads the code Make sure you get involved – Line up for CPR! Maintain a calm quiet atmosphere Run labs for the resident Keep the ACLS cards in your pocket until you are comfortable with the protocols Usually not expected to run codes until PGY2 year, but you may be the first responder! Make sure your BLS and ACLS are up to date Code leader writes a CODE BLUE NOTE and someone must notify family

65 Professionalism: Attire Men Shirts and ties Women Professional Keep white coats clean No denim Do not show up to Morning Report looking sloppy

66 Professionalism: Absences Referral to RECC If you have to call in sick > 1 day, you will need a doctor’s note from the Bolwell Family Practice clinic You will be able to get a same-day appointment If you are sick for > 2 days and do not have a doctor’s note, you will be assigned extra weekend coverage and/or weekend jeopardy Call-offs: You must PAGE 31529 the Ambulatory Chief DO NOT EMAIL DO NOT TEXT PAGE DO NOT CALL THE CELL PHONE OF THE CHIEF YOU KNOW

67 Professionalism: Electives While on elective, you are expected to attend all Grand Rounds and M&M’s Please note that when you are on elective, you are back up jeopardy!! You are expected to have your pager turned-on throughout your elective rotation If you are going out of town for the weekend, please notify the ambulatory chief prior to leaving Elective should not be treated as vacation Please email Barb 2 weeks prior to starting your electives

68 Professionalism: Conference Attendance Be on time! Noon conference: UH: Mon-Wed-Thurs VA: Mon-Thurs-Fri Grand Rounds on Tuesday: UH & VA M&M Fridays @UH, Wednesdays @VA

69 : Discharge Professionalism: Discharge Summaries Do them the day of discharge Do them for your intern Do them for your friends Do them for your patients Weekend coverage is responsible for discharge summary

70 Coverage and Schedule Switches All coverage arrangements and schedule switches must be approved by the Ambulatory chief Switches must be arranged before 1 week of rotation starting Weekend Coverage switches before 48 hours of day

71 Finally Friday Weekly newsletter containing must read info! Sent out Thursday evening Announcements Upcoming events Weekend coverage assignments Board Review

72 Other Resources Department of Medicine Website “Like” us on Facebook! Facebook search “CWRU Department of Medicine”

73 Annual Events Intern Welcome Dinner (next Monday!) Intern Mini retreat (Oct) Bronson Day (May) Holiday Party (Dec) Spring Dinner (May) Intern Retreat (June) End of the year picnic (June) End of Internship (last week of June, vacation!)

74 Intern Welcome Dinner

75 Intern Retreat

76 Bronson’s Day

77 Spring Dinner

78 We’re a family

79 We have fun! These will be your cool senior residents Scott, Caroline, Vivek and Angel

80 Pie Eating contest But sometimes when you’re not looking….. Yep Let’s get him

81 Pie Eating Champion! You might end up like Yogesh

82 Friendly Advice Catch up on your sleep when you have a chance Talk to a chief or program director before personal problems get out of hand – we are here for you! SUPPORT EACH OTHER! Maintain personal and family relationships outside of the hospital; make new friends while you’re here Take care of yourself; it’s the only way you will be able to provide good care to your patients

83 Things to do in Cleveland Indians Cavs Browns Lake Erie Monsters East 4th West 6 th West Side Market Little Italy Art Museum Bodies Exhibit Edgewater Park Metroparks Zoo Goodtime 3 Wineries Great Lakes Brewery Larchmere Shaker Square Chagrin Falls Lakeview Cemetery Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland Orchestra Blossom Music Festival Lola Winking Lizard Panini's Cain Park Luna Bakery Playhouse Square Aurora Outlets Cedar Park Kalahari Water Park Put n Bay Kelley’s Island Air show Rib Festival Etc Etc

84 Final Thoughts SCHEDULES!

85 Naff Gen Med Wearn Gen Med Carpenter ID Dworkin GI Weisman Heme/Onc Ratnoff Heme/Onc Eckel Nephrology Hellerstein Cardiology

86 Questions? We are looking forward to a great year together!!! -VBLSS

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