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1 ASAS KEUSAHAWANAN MGM3180 Dr Mass Hareeza Ali
Department of Marketing & Management Faculty of Economics & Management Universiti Putra Malaysia

2 Main Text Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Publisher: Oxford Fajar 2013 Editors: Sodri Ariffin Ismail Ab Wahab Zarida Hambali Price: Less than RM40

3 Evaluation Assignment – 70%
Mid term – 10% (chapter 1 & 2: Theory of entrepreneurs & Types of Entrepreneurship) Final Exam – 20% (chapter : 5, 6 & 7)

4 Assignment Internship
Attached to one particular small/medium organisation (4 weeks) Written activities (report) as entrepreneur (base on internship) – 35% (Due: week 8) Business proposal – 35% (Due: 2 weeks before final exam)

5 Internship (35%) Search and attached yourself to one particular small/medium size organisation Most important things – their willingness to participate and cooperate with you in completing the view of four weeks (in and out) Come out report on the activities and at the end with some suggestion for improvements Use your creativities – photo, map, questionnaire design, etc minimum 6 Hours/Week or equivalent 24 Hours attachment

6 Business Proposal Think about any kind of business you wish to develop if its happened you will become entrepreneur one day Prepare the business proposal (can be in group – max 6 person/can be done individually also)

7 Business Proposal (35%) -Title page -Half title page
Preliminary part -Title page -Half title page -Letter of transmittal -Letter of authorization -Table of content -List of figures -Executive summary -Appendix

8 Buss Proposal Introduction – comp. background, vision & mission
Organisational chart Who’s who? * strategy 4 p’s Financial plan Gantt chart Limitation

9 Introduction Text –Buss. Proposal Marketing Marketing analysis
Promotion Price Location Financial Gantt Chart

10 Important Dateline for submission Test and exam Kelas maya
All the best

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