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Scaling Craftsmanship Through Apprenticeship CHRIS MCKENZIE.

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1 Scaling Craftsmanship Through Apprenticeship CHRIS MCKENZIE

2 Personal History  Started Programming at 25 w/ virtually no prior experience or education  Had a great mentor  Worked hard to learn  Became an advocate for TDD / Clean Code

3 Rat City Roller Girls  More than meets the black eye

4 Junior Derby League  Coached by current and former skaters  First graduates entering the adult league  Elevating the game for everybody

5 Growth in the Industry  Demand for programmers doubling every 5 years  Half of all programmers have < 6 yrs experience  Years experience != Skill  "It means that most software organizations will have to endlessly relearn the lessons they learned the five years before. It means that the industry as a whole will remain dominated by novices, and exist in a state of perpetual immaturity. …[A] leader can help to instill the value of refactoring and clean code, as a counterweight to the youthful thrill of getting it to work. “ --Uncle Bob "My Lawn"

6 Growth in our Company  Historically hired only senior engineers  Started hiring less-experienced devs  Started an internship program to teach new developers to work like seniors

7 Program Philosophy  Learn, then do.  Intern is paired with a dedicated mentor (usually me).  Intern is assigned a coach.

8 Intern  Should be a senior in college  They should at least understand data structures  Should want a career in Software Development

9 Mentor  The Mentor’s job is to guide the intern’s learning.  Teach principles before tools & technologies.  Keep the learning transferrable.  Focus on tools & technologies used in the project  Teach the project

10 Coach  Pair with the intern a couple of times a week  1-on-1 with the intern each week  Assess the progress of the Intern and Mentor  Second set of eyes to identify and correct potential issues

11 Curriculum  Boot Camp  Reading, Pluralsight  Tools & Technologies  Principles  Trello  Project Work  Held to the same standards as senior developers  All work is code-reviewed

12 Notes for Mentors  Patience  Practice  Pairing  Source Control  Use their homework assignments for teaching opportunities

13 Hiring  If we have a position open  And we are highly impressed with the Intern

14 Success Stories  First intern was hired  Career Changes  Lost a hiring battle for one of our interns

15 Questions?   @ISuperGeek

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