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Introduction to IMI activity etc. : Toward the Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry Masato Wakayama Institute of Mathematics for Industry,

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1 Introduction to IMI activity etc. : Toward the Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry Masato Wakayama Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University March 31, 2014 (CSIRO, ANU Canberra)

2 Institute of Mathematics for Industry (1 st of its kind in Japan) Ito Campus Kyushu University Location of IMI 2 6 Special zone in Japan Tokyo, Kansai (including Osaka, Kyoto), Fukuoka, Okinawa, Niigata

3 -Historical Background in Japan- Manyo Period (Nobles Era) Use of mathematical puns by the oldest Japanese poets (the Manyo-shuu anthology) 7-8 Centries 1603 →→→ 1868 Edo Period (Samurai Era) ・ close the country ・ peaceful (no-buttle) period Takakazu SEKI (1642-1708) ・ 1674 Discovery of ・ determinant (←resultant) < (Leibniz 1683) ・ Bernoulli number 〜 Jacobi Bernoulli almost the same time Discovery of ・ Derivative & Integral 〜 Newton, Leibniz (BUT, No discovery of Fundamental theorem of Calculus) ・ Mathematics votive tablets (San-gaku) featuring mathematical puzzles mainly Euclidean Geometry ・ Abacus (very popular) three five nights (= 十五夜 =15 nights) =full moon

4 →→1868 →→→ 1912 Meiji Period (Open the country) 1926 →→ 1989 →→→ Showa Period (2 nd World War 1939-1945) 1989 →→→ Heisei Period Social system, law etc.. ← Britain imported Science, Technology ← Germany imported Culture, Arts ← France imported Mathematics: Gottingen →→→ Pure Math. Technical Univ. s →→→ Applied Math. hard Applied Math. (but rather implicitly) Newly established University Engineering School at, e.g. Mechanical eng., Electronic eng., Precision machinery eng. →Japan’s period of advanced growth The source of development of High-Tech. in Japan ∵ Before getting High Performance Computer 〜 1990’s middle ∃ Many Strong Applied Mathematicians (But, was not regarded as a mathematician) After that ♯ {such strong applied mathematicians} decreases -Historical Background in Japan-

5 Policy Study No.12 in 2006 by the NISTEP of MEXT NISTEP NISTEP: National Institute of Science and Technology Policy “Japanese Mathematics is not so strong as we had believed/expected” ⇒ The report gave the mathematics community in Japan which has been strongly oriented by pure mathematics a “Shock”! Reason: Weakness/thinness of Applied Mathematics/Mathematicians The report said: From “Mathematics – Science now in Oblivion ” 1

6 Policy Study No.12 in 2006 by the NISTEP of MEXT NISTEP NISTEP : National Institute of Science and Technology Policy It is desirable to have the same percentage of workers in the private sector of research and development as the West, which is 65%. However, in Japan the percentage in the private sector is only 26%. This shortage and nearly 40% gap relative to the West must be overcome. (Need Supporting Fund. From Government, also) High demand for workers in basic research Report 2007 *Instit. for Math. Its Appl., Univ. of Minnesota (USA, 1982 - ) *Oxford Centre for Indust. Appl. Math. (OCIAM), (UK, 19889 - ), OCCAM (2008-) *Fraunhofer Instit. for Tech. and Indust. Math. (Germany, 2000- ) *European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI, 1986 - ), *OECD/Global Science Forum “Reports on Mathematics in Industry” (2008,2009), *MATHEON (Germany), *MITACS (→ MPRIM, Canada), ……………. World’s trend towards mathematics for industrial technologies From “Mathematics – Science now in Oblivion ” 2

7 “ Investigation and estimation of promotion of cooperation of mathematics and mathematical science with other fields ― Toward a proposal for the 4th governmental science & technology master plan ” Implementing Organization: Kyushu University (Main), University of Tokyo, Mathematical Society of Japan, Nippon Steel Company. Representative: Masato Wakayama (Kyushu University) We investigate and estimate the activities of mathematics and mathematical science, and those of their cooperation with the other fields that have been implemented in Japan, and thereby gain ideas for making a proposal to the Japanese government for promoting mathematics and for strengthening cooperation with various fields surrounding mathematics. October 2009-March 2010 Investigation Project commissioned by MEXT 2009

8 1. “The 4th governmental science & technology master plan” of the Prime Minister’s Council of Science and Technology Policy (CSTP), has specifically mentioned that “Mathematical Sciences” is important and should be promoted (the first time). 2011 2. Mathematics Innovation Unit in MEXT was established (2011) 3. The committee of Innovation by -and for- Mathematics has been established under the Committee for Science and Technology in the government (2011) 4. 2011 (2012) : MEXT-joint organizations for 22 (36) workshop in Mathematics (Math. Science & Math-for-Industry) + Another Funds, 2012, 2013 5. Coop with Math Program

9 History of IMI April 1911 Kyushu University one of 7 imperial universities originally founded in Japan June 1939 Department of Mathematics, founded in the Faculty of Science June 1994 Graduate School of Mathematics & Faculty of Mathematics April 2007 Mathematical Research Center for Industrial Technology (MRIT), inaugurated as part of the 21 st Century COE Program: “Development of Dynamic Mathematics with High Functionality” (FY2003-2007) sponsored by MEXT, Japan April 2008 Global COE Program “Education & Research Hub for Mathematics-for-Industry” (FY2008-2012) sponsored by MEXT, April 2011 Institute of Mathematics for Industry April 2013 IMI : Recognition by MEXT as -Advanced and Basic Research Joint Use Hub for Mathematics for Industry – Nov. 2013 Center of Innovation Program (MEXT/JST) IMI promotes Industrial Mathematics -2021 MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

10 What is Math-for-Industry Finance IT Manufacturing Energy Environmental Pharmaceutical Medical R&D

11 Organization ◆ Division of Advanced Mathematics Technology Dedicated to promoting collaborative research with industry and other scientific disciplines with the aim to develop advanced technologies leveraged by mathematics and statistics. ◆ Division of Applied Mathematics Comprised of pure and applied mathematicians pursuing theoretical research works for applications in industry as well as in other scientific disciplines. ◆ Division of Fundamental Mathematics Consisting of pure mathematicians challenging to pioneer new mathematical tools so as to deal with those problems well-defined per se but yet to be solved. ◆ Laboratory of Advanced Software in Mathematics (LASM) Staffed with experts in various areas of mathematics and statistics to implement advanced theories built in IMI in the form of open-source software. February 2012- ◆ Australia Branch September 2014- ◆ Fujitsu Joint Research Section September 2014-

12 Center of Innovation, MEXT 2013 - 2021 Industrial Mathematics Unit Joint Project with HONDA, NTT, OLM Digital Ito Campus February, 2015

13 ANU CSIRO SUT, Sydney Univ. Massey Univ., New Zealand La Trobe, Melbourne, RMIT Univ. + IMI Branch at La Trobe UTM, Malaysia King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Thailand Vietnami Fudan Univ., China KAIST, South Korea Univ. Tokyo, Japan IMI, Kyushu Univ. Japan QUT Europe Canada U.S. APCMI UBD, Brunei BIT, Indonesia NUS, Singapore CMM, Chile Univ. of Hawaii APCMI: the Asia-Pacific Consortium of Mathematics-for-Industry ECMI

14 Accepted enterprises Fields Algebraic Geometry, Operator Algebra, Number Theory, Differential Geometry, Representaion Theory 17 Statistics, Number Theory, Mathematical Physics, Combinatorics8 Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics3 Fluid Dynamics, Operator Algebra2 Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis2 Numerical Analysis, PDE3 Topology 1 Representation Theory1 Probability1 Computer Science4 Topology, Statistics3 ( IT ) Statistics 1 (Insurance) Game Theory1 Statistics1 Cryptographic Theory1 Fluid Dynamics1 Intern period: 3 months or longer More career path options Valuable industry R&D experiences Unique PhD course: Functional Math Internships (2006 – 2013)

15 Results of long-term internship ( 2006 ) Accepted companyStudent’s Field of Specialization Research themeSpecial mention HITACHStatisticsFace recognition HITACHNumerical analysisAnalysis of electromagnetic fields Patent and joint paper NTT (NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION) Algebraic geometryInformation processing of visually movements Joint paper NTTAlgebraic geometryCryptographyDiscovery of a new visual effects Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. TopologyFluid analysis TOSHIBAStatisticsInformation processing Ube Industries, Ltd.Fluid dynamicsFluid analysis in the chemical device Job offer DIC Corp.Numerical Anal.Liquid crystal simulationPhD course (still) IBM JapanProbability theoryTree structure data anal. 15

16 Results of long-term internship ( 2007 ) Accepted companyStudent’s Field of Specialization Research themeSpecial mention FUJITSUComputer AlgebraOptimization Invited a researcher as a professor Ube Industries, Ltd.Numerical analysisFluid analysisJob offer PANASONICNumerical analysisElectronics system modeling Job offer Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance Co.,Ltd. Game theoryRisk managementJoint research project Zetta Technology Inc.StatisticsData analysis MAZDA MOTOR Corp.Representation theory & Number theory Time series AnalysisPatent, Joint research projects Job offer TOSHIBANumber theoryCryptography TOSHIBAMathematical physicsProcessor analysis NTTOperator theoryData compressionJoint paper 16

17 Results of long-term internship ( 2008 ) 17 Accepted companyStudent’s Field of Specialization Research themeSpecial mention ING InsuranceStatisticsRisk management Worked in Tokyo, but did in English. TOSHIBACombinatoricsCryptography NTT Differential geometry Image compression NTTOperator theoryVideo encoding DIC Corp.Operator theory Ink particle (Liquid Crystal Display) NIPPON STEEL Corp.StatisticsData processing Solved the assignment by a month, patent

18 Results of long-term internship ( 2009 ) 18 Accepted companyStudent’s Field of Specialization Research themeSpecial mention TOSHIBAStatisticsData analysis NTTNumber theory Cryptography Presented at a congress; Joint research PANASONIC Nonlinear analysis (PDE) Power device modeling

19 Results of long-term internship ( 2010 ) Accepted companyStudent’s Field of SpecializationResearch theme TOSHIBAAlgebraic GeometryCodes research by using chaos TOSHIBATheoretical ComputationVisual effects NTTStatisticsData analysis and learning NTTRepresentation Theory Information Geometry Cryptography Nessan Heat Corp.Number Theory3-dim simulation for heating control Nat. Inst. Comm. Tech.Number TheoryCryptography FUJITSUOptimization TheoryOptimization NTTInformation GeometryIndependence control method for presence display using individual attribution NTTInformation SecurityPairing-Based Cryptography NTTNumber TheoryDistant sound collecting technology 19

20 20 Accepted companyStudent’s Field of Specialization Research theme Environmental Technology Service Co., Ltd. CombinatoricsReuse of lithium-ion batteries FUJITSUCryptography Decipherment experimentation for discrete logarithmic problems NTTOperator Algebra Illusions for the sense of touch and applications to interfaces CATALER CORPORATION Hypergeometric Function Quality control of catalyst for automobiles, etc. PANASONIC Mathematical Analysis, PDE Technology of Optical character recognition Results of long-term internship ( 2011 )

21 Results of long-term internship ( 2012 ) Accepted companyStudent’s Field of Specialization Research theme National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Cryptography グレブナ基底を利用した離散対 数問題の安全性解析 FUJITSUMathematic Statistics 国債取引データをもとにした イールドカーブの推定に関する 研究 NTTTopology テキストからのユーザー情報抽 出 / 推定に関する研究 NTTCryptographyInformation Security, Cryptography NTTComputer Science 機械学習手法による単一静止画 像からの奥行推定 Nippon Steel &Sumitomo Metal Differential Geometry 材料解析のための図形の数学表 現に関する研究

22 Progressing now; long-term internship ( 2013 ) Accepted companyStudent’s Field of Specialization Research theme TOSHIBANumber Theory 計算困難性評価のための新パラ メータの導入とその考察 NTTSoftware Science デプスマップからの 3-D/ メッシュ 復元 HITACHIFluid dynamicsDevelopment of Engine Model JFE SteelFluid dynamicsOptimization of Fluid Analysis

23 Study Group at IMI Participating companies share their problems with the audience consisting of industry engineers, math grad students & professors. Each problem is worked out in a group of interested participants in a separate room for a few days. Each study group reports its results to the overall meeting at the end of the week-long workshop. ☛ Partial/full solutions ☛ Leads to solutions ☛ Opportunities for gaining new perspectives ☛ Opportunities for career path & recruiting Wednesday ⇒ Friday (IMI, Kyushu Univ.) Saturday & Sunday : Programing & Trip to Tokyo Monday & Tuesday (Univ. Tokyo)

24 Institute for Infocomm ResearchHow to Crack Windows Password by Equation Solving SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATIONA study of verification and validation of risk management models Mitsubishi Electric CorporationGenerating Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves (in Cryptography) Hitachi,LtdAnalysis of Social Media Data Yamaha CorporationMathematical Issues in Sound Engineering NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION Mathematical models for traffic flow: Mathematical consideration regarding the relationship Kao CorporationNew Approch with Mathmatics for Real Kao Marketing The 4 th SG: July 31-August 2 & 5-6, 2013 Kyushu University & University of Tokyo Study Group Workshop 2010-2013

25 HITACHIFUJISTU Research TOSHIBAFUJITSU C. Pandu Rangan (Indian Institute of Technology) NEC OLM DigitalNTT J.P. Lewis (Weta Digital Ltd./Victoria Univ.) NipponSteel & Sumitomo Metal Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal OLM Digital Bob Anderssen (CSIRO)Mitsubishi Chemical Kao Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Study Group Workshop 2010,2011 25 Entry Numbers 120 Kyushu University & The University of Tokyo Entry Num. over 100 (Graduate Stu.56, PhD14, Professors 30 over)

26 Railway Technical Research Institute(JR) Institute for Infocomm Research FUJITSUMistui Sumitomo Bank OLM DigitalMITSUBISHI KaoHITACHI NTTYAMAHA Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal RikenKao Study Group Workshop 2012, 2013 26 Entry Numbers 76 Kyushu University & The University of Tokyo Entry Numbers 98

27 Forum “Math-for-Industry” FMI2009 FMI2010FMI2011FMI2012FMI2013 TokyoFukuoka HonoluluFukuoka Sep. 19-17Nov. 9-13Oct. 21-23Oct. 24-28Oct. 22-26Nov. 4-8 The 1st Forum:Consortium Math For Industry Casimir Force, Casimir Operators and the Riemann Hypothesis Information Security, Visualization, and Inverse Problems, on the basis of Optimization Techniques TSUNAMI - Mathematical Modelling- Using Mathematics for Natural Disaster Prediction, Recovery and Provision for the Future - Information Recovery and Discovery The Impact of Applications on Mathematics

28 F Plants Insects Animal Applied Mathematics Industrial Mathematics Pure Mathematics alimentation eat implicit/explicit demand from society advance of research Nature Science Technology Photosynthesis Intellectual curiosity I A P I A P 28 alimentation from ground eat Feeding PAI

29 Benefits Complementary Research Area & Industrial situation “Mathematics” is not easy to recognized by nations; International collaboration makes Mathematics more visible Not so big time difference, in principle Pure mathematics can be involved easily in this area Students exchange can became easy: (From Japan) English speaking country (Outside of Japan) Japan has many high-tech companies which can accept students in English


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