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China Internship Program. Overview Why China? China Internship Program Curtin University Testimonials How to Apply Tips for your CV Chinese Business Culture.

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1 China Internship Program

2 Overview Why China? China Internship Program Curtin University Testimonials How to Apply Tips for your CV Chinese Business Culture Questions

3 Population of over 1.3 billion and the 2 nd largest GDP in the world Average of 10% GDP growth over the past five years Global focus on China – Beijing 2008 Olympics, 60 th Anniversary of the PRC, Shanghai Expo 2010, Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games China has the largest foreign currency reserves in the world In 2011 Chinese outbound investment was $59bn and is projected to grow by 20-30% Huge growth in Chinese venture capital and private equity funds China created more than 10 million new urban jobs in 2011. Why China? Australia’s number 1 trading partner – also Australia’s most valuable inbound tourism market. Demand for employees with China knowledge

4 Can you name these people?




8 About CRCC Asia 2006 CRCC Asia was founded by two Oxbridge graduates who met on a masters course at SOAS. They offered strategic assistance to SMEs looking to enter the Chinese market and provided internship opportunities and intensive courses in China. 2007 20082010 20092011 The company expanded operations by opening an office in Beijing CRCC Asia was incorporated in the United States and an office was established in Pennsylvania New offices opened in Shanghai and San Francisco. Courses and Mandarin offered 250 interns 500 interns 1000 interns CRCC Asia established in London 2012 1500 interns


10 北京 - Beijing The Great Wall of China Tiananmen Square Forbidden City Summer Palace Hou Hai 798 Art District


12 上海 - Shanghai Xintiandi Pudong District The Bund French Concession Nanjing Road

13 China Internship Program | Sector and Roles Sectors include: Business Engineering Finance Green Tech, Energy & Environmental Consultancy Hospitality Information Technology Legal Logistics Marketing, PR & Advertising NGOs, Charities & Not for Profit Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Tourism & Travel

14 CRCC Asia Partner Companies

15 China Internship Program | What’s Included Guaranteed Internship English Speaking Supervisor Business Visa Support Pre-departure Assistance Airport Pickup on Arrival International Hotel Accommodation Induction Course & Cultural Training Formal Welcome Banquet Welcome Pack + SIM Card + City Guide Weekly Mandarin Lessons 24-hour Support and Guidance Social Events & Business Seminar Volunteer Charity Day-Trip Networking Opportunities Membership of Alumni Network CRCC Asia Certificate – 1 Month: $2,6952 Month: $3,5953 Month: $4,495

16 China Internship Program | Airport Pickup

17 China Internship Program | Accommodation

18 China Internship Program |Induction Day

19 China Internship Program | Company Drop-off Day

20 China Internship Program | Mandarin Classes

21 China Internship Program | KTV Night

22 Volunteer Day| Migrant Children School

23 China Internship Program | China Business Seminar

24 Cultural Event | Dumpling Making

25 CRCC Asia Programs Will Enable Participants To: Witness first hand how China is shaping the business world Showcase to future employers their commitment to understanding the international business environment Gain key transferable and industry specific skills that will enrich your CV Prove their determination and ability to work in a new and demanding environment Demonstrate their adaptability and initiative Exhibit their analytical skills

26 Curtin University Testimonials Robert Willmott, Curtin University Master of Logistics, Business Intern July 2012 The opportunity for professional growth through networking events and the placement are endless and I have made invaluable contacts from around the world. I would certainly recommend the program to any person wishing to step out of their comfort zone and be inspired by the magnitude of such a metropolis. Bonnie Roche, Curtin University Accounting Graduate, Finance Intern Dec 2011 The internship with China Performance Group in Beijing and the experience I had in China with CRCC Asia is something that is an amazing asset to my resume and my experience in the global world of business. I would highly recommend the program and encourage anyone to go!

27 CRCC Asia In The Media ‘I’ve been told repeatedly that my work in China looks great on my resume’ ‘China is the choice for high flyers’ ‘Graduates going to great lengths to get ahead’ ‘For foreign graduates… China offers a great opportunity to get a long term career’ ‘It is so important that the rest of the world starts to understand China’ ‘Gap-year students learn to give ‘face’ in chase for the China dream’ ‘A lot of people are fascinated by the fact I went to China and it’ s been a main topic of discussion at a lot of the interviews I’ve had.’ ‘Exposure to a part of the world that is increasingly driving global growth is an invaluable asset for up and coming professionals everywhere.’

28 CRCC Asia & Curtin Careers Competition 1 Submit Online Application & CV 2 Curtin Careers selects finalists 3 CRCC Asia interviews finalists 4 CRCC Asia selects 1 winner CRCC Asia is offering a FREE 1 Month Internship experience in your choice of Shanghai or Beijing this summer. Curtin Careers is sponsoring the roundtrip flight from Perth to China. Apply today for your China Adventure!

29 CV Tips for China Internships – DO’s No more than 1-2 pages in length Include any awards & achievements Include all language abilities – including English For example – Native English, Fluent French, Basic Chinese Mandarin Include computer skills Be detailed about your education Explain in brief, yet detailed sentences your job responsibilities at previous employers Use bullet points Have a consistent, neat and clear format Always review, spell check and have someone else look it over

30 CV Tips for China Internships – DON’Ts ХInclude outdated information ХInclude detailed addresses from previous employers ХWrite a very specific and detailed objective ХWrite very long sentences ХUse many fonts and colors

31 Chinese Business Culture – Guanxi 关系 What is Guanxi? “To do business, we must first be friends” How does it differ from the Western concept of “It’s not what you know, it is who you know”

32 Chinese Business Culture – Mianzi 面子 What is Mianzi? Lose Face = Diu Mian Zi 丢面子 Save Face = Liu Mian Zi 留面子 Give Face = Gei Mian Zi 给面子


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