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Gateway Community College Jaime French Kaitlyn Kos

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1 Gateway Community College Jaime French Kaitlyn Kos
Step Forward Program Gateway Community College Jaime French Kaitlyn Kos

2 Step Forward 1 Program A 10-month transition program for young adults (18-21) with mild cognitive disabilities.  This non-credit program focuses on interpersonal communication skills, career exploration and workplace readiness. In addition to classroom instruction, students are placed in a community or campus-based work experience. Topics covered in the Step Forward I program may include vocational exploration & career planning, job search essentials, personal finances, interpersonal & workplace communications, self-advocacy & disability awareness, and nutrition & fitness.

3 Step Forward 2 Program A 10-month transition program designed for students who have successfully completed Step Forward I.  Students in year II will focus on the career objectives they have identified through their first year by engaging in related college coursework and internships. Students are required to attend non-credit seminars to enhance their study, time management and organizational skills.   Each student receives individualized academic and disability-related advising as well as case management. Students are required to do an intensive internship within their field of interest. Topics covered in the Step Forward II program may include time management, effective study skills, understanding college expectations, interpersonal communication, and goal setting.

4 High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Program
This program is designed for students on the autism spectrum who are academically qualified to enroll in classes at Gateway Community College. The program offers an additional level of support and case management, beyond the federally mandated ADA (disability) services. Services include academic and disability-related counseling, referrals to appropriate college and community-based resources, and assistance with college procedures including admissions, financial aid, academic advising, registration, and disability services.

5 Internship Experience
Students complete an internship for the whole academic year, where they take what they learn in class and apply it to a work setting. They receive employer evaluations and feedback on their progress. Internships address issues of… Getting to work on time Dealing with conflict Time management Consistency Communication Responsibility

6 Topics Covered…. What skills do you need for the job of your dreams…
What do you need to major in to get the job you want… How to be a good employee… How to keep the job… How and when to disclose your disability… Specific Career Interests Career Goal & Preparation Resumes Cover Letters Job Searching Application Process Interviewing Writing thank you letters

7 Enhancing Soft Skills Critical Thinking Communicating Effectively
Flexibility Handling Criticism Integrity Leadership Marketing oneself Networking Positive Attitude Problem Solving Professionalism Self-Confidence Teamwork Working Under Pressure Work Ethic

8 Social Skills Community Involvement Gateway & New Haven
Introduction to visiting guests Helps prepare for work place Public Speaking *Comfortable with public speaking *Current events helps to make small talk

9 Career Exploration with Focus 2
Personal Assessments Investigate a Major Explore Careers

10 Personal Assessments for Focus 2
Work interest Assessment Personality Assessment Skills Assessment Value Assessment Leisure Interest Assessment Career and Educational Goals Academic Strengths Work Experience & Accomplishments Career Planning Status Personal Development Needs

11 Explore…. Occupations Major Study Areas What can I do with a major in?
What does my school have to offer?

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