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MAT ADVISING Fall 2013 MAT LISTSERV Go to Fill in your.

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1 MAT ADVISING Fall 2013

2 MAT LISTSERV Go to Fill in your information (your preferred email) in the Subscribing to MAT section Hit “Submit” When you get your confirmation email, please hit “reply” and “send”. You don’t have to enter anything. Just open a reply box and hit send

3 Check the MAT Website You are responsible for the program requirements posted on the website. Your attendance at this meeting indicates that you understand this requirement. Notice MAT Important Information Contract  Maintain 3.0 or better GPA  All classes finished before internship  And more …

4 UCA Email Check your UCA email!


6 Course Selection Spring and Summer 2014 schedules available on-line at Check for “special notes” before enrolling in courses



9 MAT 5310 and 5320  Prerequisites to all other courses. MAT 6310 (Diversity)  Take MAT 6338/MAT 6302 and MAT 6311 first.  Enroll in semester before internship. MAT 6312  Child Development  Take ASTL 6380 first. MAT 6311  Assessment  Take ASTL 6380 first. Course Selection

10 On-Line Classes Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Check Blackboard BEFORE the first day of classes. You may have an assignment due on the first day of classes. Some on-line classes have chat sessions and on-campus meetings – Check the schedule.

11 Spring 2014 ITEC 6368 - Business Technology MAT 6307 – Mathematics WLAN 5330 (for MAT 6311) – Foreign Languages Summer 2014 ART 5360 & 5361 – Art ITEC 6368 – Business Technology WLAN 5325 – Foreign Languages Content Elective Courses (7-12 Licenses)

12 Spring MAT 5390: Practicum  REQUIRED orientation meeting Jan 7 OR Jan 8, 6:00pm - Mashburn 103 MAT 6699: Internship  REQUIRED orientation meeting Jan 9, 6:00 - Mashburn 103  Check UCA e-mail for assignment Summer MAT 5390: Practicum For MAT students who have provisional licenses or who are teaching at a private or charter school only and who have been the teacher of record in the classroom for the last semester. Field Experiences

13 Important Dates for Internship Placement Wednesday, October 30 at 6 PM in Mashburn 103 -- For those needing Spring '14 placement  Meeting with those who might need placement for Spring 2014 internship.  If uncertain whether placement is needed, come to the meeting. Thursday, Nov 7, 4:30pm  Placement forms due! [See MAT website.]  If you’re not sure, submit the forms and withdraw if hired.

14 Wiki

15 Background Check Student Connect - Cost is $10. Forms available Submit payment AFTER you receive an e- mail from Student Connect. Be sure to check SPAM folder These MUST be completed before ANY field.

16 Program Changes Ability to test up/down one grade band MAT no longer admits P-4 candidates Significant Praxis test changes

17 Required Tests/Forms  GRE/Praxis I  Passed before the end of the 1 st semester  Petition For Candidacy  Completed after 9 hours in program  Praxis II Content Test(s)  Passed before application for provisional license or application to internship  Praxis II PLT  Passed at beginning of internship

18 Praxis Changes – Praxis I Old Test New TestNew Test #Qualifying Score 5710Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading 5712156 5720Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing 5722162 5730Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics 5732150 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test (5751) Must be submitted by the end of your first semester of enrollment.

19 “Old” tests (5710, 5720, and 5730), honored until September 2016 (if the test was taken prior to Sept 1, 2013). You may continue to take the PPST for admission. There will be no time limit for retaking and using the PPST in this case. Any student who has taken the PPST (and passed) in September or October 2013 may use the test for admission. If you did take/pass only SOME the "old" PPST test in Sept or October, those tests will be honored, but any new tests you take must be the "Core" required Praxis tests. Praxis Changes – Praxis I

20 Old TestNew Test New Test # Score 5141 (5142) English5047164 5141 (5143) Math5169165 5141 (5144) Social Studies 0439146 5141 (5145) Science5089149 If you took and passed the “old” test (5141), those scores will be honored until September 2016 (if the test was taken prior to Sept 1, 2013). If you took and passed only one or more of the subtests for test 5141 (prior to Sept 1, 2013), you may continue to take the subtests for the non-passed areas until September 1, 2014. Praxis Changes Praxis II – Middle School

21 Effective Sept. 1, the State Board of Education has approved the use of the Principles of Learning and Teaching exam in place of the subject specific pedagogy exams for all secondary content areas except for World Languages. Praxis Changes Praxis II – Pedagogy

22 Register ASAP! Register on the first day that you are allowed. Some classes will fill up quickly! Q-Z Monday, Oct 28 A-H Tuesday, Oct 29 I-P Wednesday, Oct 30 If a class is full and you REALLY need it, call or email Laura Kendrick and ask to be put on the WAIT-LIST

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