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TM External Use 0 Freescale Semiconductor LLC, Moscow at a Glance Fast Facts Web Site and.

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1 TM External Use 0 Freescale Semiconductor LLC, Moscow at a Glance Fast Facts Web Site and LocationMoscow, Zelenograd General DirectorSergey Somov Established1995: as Moscow Research Laboratory of Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector # of Employees~100 (women=25%, PhD’s=20%) Business UnitsAnalog and Sensors  Analog Mixed-Signal & Power Design Center (~25 employees)  Automotive and Industrial markets R&D Manufacturing Operations  Technology Solutions Organization (~75 employees)  - Process Design Kit (PDK) - Digital Design Kit (DDK) - Input-Output Libraries (IO) - Flows & Methodologies (FAM) All Freescale markets

2 TM External Use 1 Moscow Freescale site synergy Foundry data Packaging data Vendor EDA tools GDS to Fab PDK DDK FAM IO AMPD Design Center

3 TM External Use 2 Moscow Freescale R&D: Process Design Kit Since 1999, 25 employees (biggest PDK team in Freescale) Mission: Enable and support IC design for successful project tape outs by high quality interoperable technology abstraction collaterals across all current and road-mapped process technologies Enabled IC designs in ~40 semiconductor process technologies − CMOS, SOI, BiCMOS, RF, NVM, High Voltage, High Power, MEMS, GaAs 2014-2015 major focus on: − Leading edge CMOS process: 16nm FinFET − High Vt. BiCMOS (110V) + High PowerFET (110A) co-design enablement − ASIC+MEMS co-design enablement PDK content: − Spice models − Technology files (incl. P&R specs and LPE) − Transistor level device library  Schematic symbols, Parameterized layouts, other CAD views − Physical verification rule decks − Tool setups and Design acceleration utilities

4 TM External Use 3 Moscow Freescale R&D: DDK and IO Since 1997, ~40 employees Development of standard cell libraries is done exclusively Mission: Provide on-time and high quality competitive libraries to SoC teams Technology nodes – from 180nm down to the latest 16nm Interface examples: DDR, LVDS, USB, SD-card, PCI, MMC-card Libraries content: − DDK: Logic and sequential elements − I/O: Input/output buffer cells ( h igh-speed transmitters and receivers, ESD circuits ) with CAD views for block/IO ring synthesis in modern digital design frameworks

5 TM External Use 4 Moscow Freescale R&D: Flows and Methodologies Since 1995, (1 st Motorola/Freescale R&D team in Russia) Mission: Shortest time-to-market for IP’s by layout synthesis automation Focus areas: − EDA tools for standard cell layout synthesis/optimization (new process technology, new Process-Voltage- Temperature (PVT) variation) − Design service: migration of ready IP to a new process technology Technology nodes: from 180nm down to the latest 16nm Challenging R&D tasks requiring expertise in programming, math, microelectronics and IC design flow  Outcome: 9 patents issued cell schematic synthesis cell layout source cell layout target cell layout target cell schematic migration & optimization source technology IP layout target technology IP layout migration & optimization

6 TM External Use 5 Analog Mixed-Signal & Power Design Center in Moscow Products we develop: High performance IC’s for automotive applications and for industrial power management Our products are used in: − Electric vehicles, airbags, antilock braking systems (ABS), body controllers, engine and powertrain control − All major vehicle manufacturers are Freescale AMPD customers  We sell millions IC’s per year  It’s very likely that your or your family car includes products we designed here in Zelenograd Close cooperation with AMPD centers in Tempe (Arizona), Detroit (Michigan) and Toulouse (France) AMPD IC design is based on unique Freescale internal High Vt. BiCMOS and High PowerFET process technologies  Alternator regulators  eXtreme Switches for lighting and motor control  CAN and LIN Transceivers  Engine control ASICs

7 TM External Use 6 Moscow AMPD product examples Alternator Regulator keeps output voltage stable with changing rotation speed and load eXtreme Switch to turn Lights ON/OFF − Challenge:same switch needs to work under all conditions in a bulb! Condition in bulbFilament Inrush current 60W bulb: Light is OFF100 A 60W bulb: Light is ON11 A LED bulb: Light is ON100 mA High Vt. ASIC control die 65V trench FET Dual 6 mΩ power die Thin gold bonding Thick aluminium bonding 2 brushes deliver current to rotor Brush Holder Alternator Regulator

8 TM External Use 7 Applicable for bachelors All Moscow Freescale departments involved Duration: 2 years Obligations for the program graduates: No Freescale’s intention (not a promise): Convert internship graduates to full time employees depending on performance and business needs Dedicated mentor assigned to each intern for the whole program We offer our interns: − Intensive training in IC design flow, analog/digital circuitry and layout − Hands on experience with leading edge technologies and EDA tools − Working experience in global organization with offices from Japan to USA − Unique and competitive Master's thesis − Innovation opportunities  This includes patents, internal and external publications, R&D conferences Usually the internship program graduate is qualified as junior engineer Freescale internship program: General information

9 TM External Use 8 Freescale internship program: Candidate expertise areas and skill sets The following educational background is a MUST!  Mathematical analysis, linear algebra, differential equations and algebra of complex numbers  Electrostatics, EM Fields  Circuit theory  Solid state physics, physics of semiconductors, physics of semiconductor devices  Semiconductor manufacturing process and IC design flow  Discrete mathematics  Programming  English with ability to write, read and understand live conversations Desired skills:  UNIX/Linux platform  Programming experience in UNIX shell, С/ С++, Perl, Tcl, Python or Cadence SKILL®  Electronic Design Automation tools (Cadence is preferred) and correspondent CAD views  Any experience in CAD view generation, IC design and design verification − These skill sets will be grown and/or accelerated during Freescale internship Freescale provides opportunities for its college hires to grow professionally! − Job search − High class of Moscow FSL technical level is confirmed by the leading hi-tech FSL clients who are using our solutions

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