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Introduction Educational Counseling Program Credential and/or Masters: CED607 (Unit Ia) Harvey Hoyo, Ed.D. Course Custodian.

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1 Introduction Educational Counseling Program Credential and/or Masters: CED607 (Unit Ia) Harvey Hoyo, Ed.D. Course Custodian

2 Costa Mesa Campus Faculty Contact Regional Lead: See your course outline Educational Counseling Program Lead Dr. Harvey Hoyo – course custodian: CED607 714.429.5143

3 Objectives PPS Credential Program – course sequence Practicum Overview Starting your Internship District Sponsored Internships ETS – Praxis Portfolio Exit Process

4 Think, Pair, Share

5 Stick out your tongue and touch your nose!


7 Getting Started CED604 Orientation Course 1 st meeting with admission advisor 1 st meeting with credential advisor Meeting with Faculty Advisor Submit credential packet Take Write Placer – second class session

8 The Credential Process Credential advisor meeting At the end, credential advisor o.k. package to CCTC First Third Second: Internship

9 Program Prerequisites PSY 301 – Child/Adolescent Psychology MTH 210 – Intro. To Statistics

10 Secrets of Academic Success at the university APA Format Peer Reviewed Literature Power Essay Format What your topic is about Topic details Here is what I said

11 Course Sequence CED607 - Orientation CED600 – Advanced Child/ Adolescent Development CED602 – Societal Issues in the Schools CED606 – Development & Evaluation CED605 – Instructional Design for Counselors Check Point: Advancement to Candidacy

12 Course Sequence The Core Cources CED610 – Advanced Counseling Theories & Methods (CED600) CED603- Multicultural Counseling (CED610) CED611- Group Counseling (CED610) CED601 – Consultation in the Schools (CED610)

13 Course Sequence CED612 – Career & Academic Counseling CED613- Psycho-educational Assessment CED614 – Legal & Ethical Practices for School Counselors

14 Course Sequence- Research (except credential only candidates) ILD625 Research in Education CED637- Action Research

15 Course Sequence: Internship Meet with Internship Coordinator Due: 100 Practicum Hours; 10 classes completed including CORE classes CED616, 617, 618 (600 Hours Total) CED620- Internship Seminar Concurrent with Internships

16 If you are offered a school counseling position during your program, contact your Faculty Advisor. If you hold a School Social Work Credential, contact your Faculty Advisor We have a special program that can qualify you- see your handbook.

17 The Portfolio Start NOW Resume Recommendations & Internship Evaluations “Best Work” from each course Artifacts from Internship Copy of the portfolio on disc

18 Praxis Exam: Professional School Counselor (0421) During second internship 2 hours- multiple choice Passing Score: 156 Copy to academic advisor & credentials

19 Foundations Delivery of Services Management Accountability

20 Action Research What are you passionate about? How can you link your passion to your action research?

21 The Exit Process Successful completion of all course work, portfolio, practicum, internship, action research Passing of Praxis: (0421) – Professional School Counselor with 156 score Exit Interview Exit appointment with credentials for final clearance & credential documents Apply to Business Office for Masters Zero account balance

22 The Conceptual Framework Summary Each of us will model… S cholarship in knowledge, theory, and practice T eamwork with P-12 schools, other professionals, and the community A ctive Reflection for continuous improvement in order to meet the needs of all learners R esponsible Citizenship, ethical practice, understanding of and ability to work with diversity in its many forms S tandards of Exemplary Practice for professional educators National University, School of Education Assessment System and Conceptual Framework (CF) Ron Germaine, Jo Birdsell, Dee Fabry The System Our Assessment System is dynamic, ongoing, embedded in practice, and informs institution-wide decisions.

23 Note the Dispositions connections to STARS Nu Professional Dispositions

24 Pyramid of Services

25 The Beginning …. Welcome Aboard…….

26 Questions?

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