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Saturday February 22nd Mercer County Community College 9:30am - 9:15pm State Leadership Conference.

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1 Saturday February 22nd Mercer County Community College 9:30am - 9:15pm State Leadership Conference

2 Tuesday February 4th Rutgers Student Center MPR (College Ave) 7:30pm Support Malvika! Mr. & Ms. RBS

3 Help raise funds through a competition! Compete and win! Sabotage your friends (or enemies)! Penny Wars

4 Mastering the Internship Application Process: CareerKnight and Other Sources PBL General Meeting 1/28/14

5 Peak season for summer recruitment Career fairs, online applications Be prepared! Resume, Cover Letter, Business attire It is a process of preperation Start when you’re a freshman! Gearing up to find an Internship

6 “We all know we want an internship when we get to college, but why is it so important? And how do we get one?”

7 There are many sources at Rutgers and elsewhere to help you land an internship - but it takes effort!

8 ●All freshmen should have an account! ●Not only for jobs or internships ○ Career Advice ○ Event Information ○ Workshop Dates What is CareerKnight? As a freshman, I don’t have to worry about this yet, do I?

9 It’s Simple! Go to the CareerKnight Website (https://rutgers- to either Create an Account or Loginhttps://rutgers- Username and Password are not the same as your Rutgers NetID and Password – you must create a new account Go directly to the Profile tab to add your personal information Use the Documents tab to upload important files like your resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcripts – you will need your resume to RSVP to career fairs and other events. Browse the Jobs and Events tabs to find internships, jobs, career fairs, and other events that you can attend on campus! Consider linking your CareerKnight account to Linkedin How do I make and use a CareerKnight account?

10 Yes! CareerKnight is for all Rutgers Students Use the System to: -Schedule career counseling appointments -Register for upcoming workshops and events -Develop resumes and cover letters -View and apply for internship and job listings -Participate in the On-Campus Interviewing Program I’m not in RBS. Can I still use CareerKnight?

11 -Employment agency -Networking -Twitter -LinkedIn -Company websites What sources can I use besides CareerKnight when looking for an open position?

12 Company Websites Ask Manasa, our Community Service Chair! How would I apply for an internship with a non-profit organization?

13 ➔ ➔ There’s a career services office on each campus! ➔ They are EXTREMELY helpful: ◆ Workshops/events ◆ Resume critique ◆ Career counseling Where is Career Services located? Are the really that helpful? ◆ Mock interviews ◆ Job search assistance

14 -It is a “fake interview” -Great practice to get over your nerves! -Make an appointment at any Career Services office What is a mock interview and how could this help me? Where can I participate in one?

15 -Interviewing Skills Feb. 4th @12pm (College Ave) -How to find an Internship Feb.4th @4pm (College Ave) -60-Minute Job Search Boot Camp Feb.5th @5pm (Busch) -Career Fair Success Strategies Feb.5th @6pm (College Ave) What kind of workshops are available to help me find a job or internship? Are they really worth my time? **Be sure to RSVP to all events on CareerKnight prior to attendance to reserve your spot.**

16 -Yes! -Gives you an extra edge -“General” cover letter -Paragraph 1: “This is my goal” -Paragraph 2: “Here is a little about what I have done to get there” -Paragraph 3: “How I plan to reach my goal” Are cover letters really that important? Is there any way to have a general cover letter?

17 -Start as a freshman! -Networking -Learning -Ask E-Board: -Finding an internship isn’t easy! -Applications are lengthy -Hard work pays off How active should I be in this process? Is it really that hard to find an internship?

18 -Not always. Don’t seem desperate, and don’t do anything you truly aren’t interested in -Know what you want and stick to it -Avoid scams – positions with limited information -Vector, College Works, Amway Global, Vemma -Facebook message scams -Paid vs Unpaid -What do you want in an internship? -Experience? Money? Should I just apply to anything and everything I see?

19 Questions? Ask our E-Board!!!

20 Raffle Time! Who will be the 2 lucky winners???

21 Stick around for SLC Sign-Ups if you are interested in this great opportunity!

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