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INTERNSHIP PRESENTATION Kendall Aragon w147198731.

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1 INTERNSHIP PRESENTATION Kendall Aragon w147198731

2 INTERNSHIP  Company:  Position: Public Relations Beauty Intern  Location: Kensal Rise(30 minute commute)  Opened: 2007  Clients SkinCeuticals Alterna Jamie Stevens

3 BACKGROUND  Location includes PR Office & Wakeman Road Business  Duties Include 1.Mounting Press Coverage, ppts. 2.Updating Media Contact Lists 3.Communicate with International Clients 4.Browse through Magazines 5.Go to post office 6.Organize inventory



6  What I have learned PR Knowledge Culture Adaption Take Initiative Unpaid still valuable experience Ask Questions, if necessary Form a relationship with colleagues, very important Encourage your colleagues Be Professional Love what you are doing, or move on SKILLS LEARNED

7 CONCLUSION  Pros Learned great transferable skills Gained a cultural perspective of the work force Always busy Included me in conversations Perks: Great location, free beauty products, great colleagues, funny boss Expenses paid for  Cons In first few weeks, colleagues not always clear about my responsibilities More diversity in work would be nice

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