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Justin Brown Jorge Castedo Josh Fradenburg Jeanne Rineer John Walker J J J J J.

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1 Justin Brown Jorge Castedo Josh Fradenburg Jeanne Rineer John Walker J J J J J

2 InternSource is a transparency-driven community that brings together the best interns and those companies who provide them with highest quality opportunities. “What we need is a solution that shows companies how incredibly talented our students are.” - Kelly Walsh Asst. Director Graduate Business Career Services Santa Clara University STUDENTS COMPANIES BETTER INTERNSHIPS


4 SAM IS GETTING FATTER TAM 10 million SAM 3.6 million Targeted SAM 1.78 million Growing 8.5%

5 Growing need for internships to secure job Need practical experience Paid internships increase likelihood for job offer by 63%! Increased competitiveness emphasizes need for best-in-class human capital Sorting and Interviewing is expensive INTERNSHIPS ARE CRITICAL! StudentsBusinesses

6 COBBLED SOLUTIONS Job Posting Sites Social Networking Career Services Company Websites Networking Career Fairs

7 COMPETITION What are they overlooking?

8 COMPETITION What are they overlooking?

9 INCUMBENTS GRADE: F Educational Transparency University Businesses learn about potential hires Students learn skills Student learn about potential employers LinkedIn Glassdoor Networking Help Students Bureaucracy

10 BADGING BRILLIANCE Benefits to Companies Identify Rising Star Interns Gauge Interests and Fit Students Differentiate Show Interests & Capabilities Attract Attention of Companies Benefits to Universities Site Provides Training Gate to Services

11 TAKE THIS JOB AND LOVE IT Overall Company Score Intern’s Rating of Company Company Feedback Analytics Improve Internship Programs Attract Rising Star Interns Student Feedback Insight into quality of opportunity Anonymity option allows honest feedback

12 BUILDING ON COMPETENCIES Core competencies Course Building Testing Systems Badging Algorithms Channel Mgmt University Channel Partner Program Filtering


14 BENEFIT-DRIVEN REVENUE Students Training/Badging Enterprise Ratings/feedback Apply to postings Enterprise Top of listDirect applyFeedback analyticsFilteringFit video interview Additional Cash Opps Resume booksAdvertising Job/careerForeign Expansion

15 FILLING THE FUNNEL DRIVERS University as Route-to- Market Student registrations Conversion rates Enterprise Direct Sales Revenue StudentsEnterpriseUniversities


17 THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN 3 Year runway Site launch Prove pathway to profitability USE OF PROCEEDS

18 Financials Market Positioning



21 Website Costs $225,000

22 TRANSPARENCY THROUGH COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION LearnDiscoveryOnboardingInternshipFeedback Learning Mechanisms  Efficient & Effective Discovery Improved Matching Better Internships Feedback Given enhances future community experiences

23 Soft-Skill and Tech-Skill Modules

24 COMPETITION What the competition is providing Standard postings solutions Resume uploads Information / Resume Writing, Interviewing, etc. What are they overlooking?


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