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Neal P. Thao Saint Mary’s University. Agenda Introduction K-12 Superintendent Competencies Questions and Comments.

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1 Neal P. Thao Saint Mary’s University

2 Agenda Introduction K-12 Superintendent Competencies Questions and Comments

3 NOBLE ACADEMY Noble Academy, K-8 Charter School 4021 Thomas Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55412 Student population: 500 Students; 95% Hmong and 5% other Noble Academy Administrative Mentor: Randall Bergman, Assistant to CEO Saint Mary's University Advisor: Dr. Beverly Stofferahn

4 NOBLE ACADEMY (continues) Through my three months (January 9-March 27, 2013) internship experience with Noble, I completed the following: Resolved copier issue; Revised policies, staff handbook and family handbook; Signed vendors' contracts; Proposed salary increase and a onetime bonus for both licensed and non-licensed staff; Implemented procurement policy and invitation for bid for food services vendors; Explored sites for next board retreat; Wrote licensed and non-licensed evaluations; Researched and refined calendar 2013-2014 school year; Discussed lease options with Landlord; Reviewed IRS 1023 Form to acquire non-profit affiliation status for Noble Academy; Met with Pupil Dismissal Team and approved a summary document for Noble's Board of Directors; Reviewed general counsel's contract; Worked with Student Account Specialist to pay bills; Prepared for Special Education Audit and managed Noble's Special Education Audit with MDE; Acted as administrative representative at an IEP meeting; Visited a family whose house caught on fire; Reviewed staff attendance taking data and had accountability conversations with impacted individuals; Investigate racist complaint;

5 NOBLE ACADEMY (continues) Met with Noble Board Chair to go over board election process and procedure; Reviewed NWEA data Attended board meeting and met board of directors; Revised policies, reviewed contracts and conducted staff evaluations; Interviewed candidates and hired staff; Planed and prepared for school board meeting; Wrote improvement plans; Met with potential vendors to discuss Noble's technology options; Revised Noble's Truancy letter; Reviewed HR policies; Met with Noble's Title Grant specialist; Prepared and answered questions and phone calls

6 CROSSLAKE COMMUNITY SCHOOL Crosslake Community School, K-8 Charter School 36974 County Road 66 Crosslake, MN 56442 Student population: 150 Students; 97.8% White, 1.5% Black and 0.7% American Indian Crosslake Administrative Mentor: Tami Martin, Executive Director/K-8 Principal/Superintendent Saint Mary's University Advisor: Dr. Beverly Stofferahn

7 CROSSLAKE COMMUNITY SCHOOL (continues) Through my forty hours (February 22 through March 27, 2013) internship experience with Crosslake Community School, I completed the following: Skyped with Tami Martin to discuss my role and responsibilities; Interviewed MS, ESL teachers and Paraprofessional Assistant; Updated Noble's 501c3 Building company status to Board of Directors; Discussed role and responsibilities for both licensed and non-licensed staff with Dr. Chang; Prepared for Noble's board meeting. I spent time collecting and compiling information for the board meeting, I also spent time drafting Director's Report; Attended regular board meeting by sharing my personal; Interviewed K-8 candidates for2013-2014 school year; Met with Noble's Board of Director Chairperson, Attorney Ethan Yang, to discuss and plan for the next school year; Reviewed NWEA data to prepare for next staff meeting; Wrote E-Rate contracts for different providers; Wrote improvement plans for staff; Met and discussed options with a Board of Director whose seat will be expired in June 30; Met and have an accountability conversation with teacher who has been struggling to make improvement regardless of all the support we have been providing for him; Shared current student performance's data to all staff; Worked with Board of Director Chairperson to finalize the board vacancy application and draft a letter to all stakeholders

8 Superintendent Competencies  Policy and Law Prairie Seeds Academy board member Wrote Noble Academy bylaws, articles of incorporation and board policy manual Wrote Noble Academy Staff and Family handbook Attended law conferences made available through MACS, MSBA and Kennedy & Graven School Law Firm Created Anti-bullying, and harassment policies

9 Superintendent Competencies  Political Influence and Governance Hopes and dreams Inspired by Hmong leaders in State of Minnesota The late State Senator Mee Moua, State Representative Cy Thao and currently State Senator Foung Her Activities: School board member at Prairie Seeds Academy Community Cafe Met Barb Johnson, Chief of Police Tim Dolan, Victory Neighborhood Associations, local church leaders, Henry HS Principal, Loring Elementary Principal and other police men

10 Superintendent Competencies  Communication Family Orientation and family visits Annual Community Café Surveys three times a year Monthly director’s report to the board Monthly Newsletter Weekly Mission Matters with staff

11 Superintendent Competencies  Communication Work closely with Noble’s Board of Directors Monthly report based on progress toward annual goals Work with community partners Hmong Times, Hmong Pages, Camden Community News, Hmong Radio, Junior Achievement, Annex Teen Clinic, A Chance To Grow, Wells Fargo and US Bank, JB Realty Co, Victory Neighborhood, North Minneapolis Salvation Army, Vinai Market, St. Austin Church and Noble Academy PTO ABC

12 SELF ASSESSMENT Strengths and weaknesses Vision- the ability to focus on the big picture Relationships- the ability to build mutual respect and trust with staff, to show people genuine care, interest and support Communication- the ability to express self, listen well to others, use humor, be personable Character- the ability to make inward change in order to lead outward change, to be self aware, proactive, steady and stable Collaboration- the ability to work with others and to delegate, to lead rather than manage, use “we” instead of “I”

13 Neal P. Thao K-12 Superintendent Licensure Candidate Saint Mary’s University

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