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GDC Internship Program

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1 GDC Internship Program
17 Sept 2013 Ana Shereen Md Mustaffa Recruitment Consultant

2 Internship Program Company Overview:
Quintiq’s revolutionary supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) platform enables enterprises to improve efficiency at every stage of the supply chain journey. It powers end-to-end planning and optimization of personnel, resources, and processes in a single planning environment, across all planning horizons. Many of the world’s largest and most successful enterprises rely on Quintiq to achieve their business goals, strengthen their competitive advantage, and create new revenue streams. Established in 1997 and growing rapidly, Quintiq has a global presence with dual headquarters in the Netherlands and the USA, a global development center in Malaysia, and offices around the world. Quintiq’s software is in use in 80 countries worldwide. For more information, visit or follow Quintiq on Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

3 Internship Program Responsibilities:
6 months Internship commitment working with the Technology Group as part of the Technical Automation Project based at GDC Quintiq Office. Selected Interns will report in to be trained on Supply Chain Management, Processes and Advance Planning Software throughout the Internship period. Technical automation will be provided before start of project work. Upon the successful completion of the Internship, present findings and learning to the Project Head.

4 Internship Program Requirements:
6 Final Year Students (Undergraduate) studying in Computer Science, Information Technology or relevant fields with good grade in programming subject. Strong communication skills and have passion for technical matters CGPA of 3.4 and above Students who have graduated (Degree) and want to apply for added Industry exposure are also welcome to apply via their respective University.

5 Internship Program Benefit Entitlement for Interns :
Base Allowance = RM3,000 per month throughout Internship Period Basic Medical Coverage is provided Leave Entitlement = 8 days for the 6 months Sick Leave = 7 days max

6 Internship Program Why Apply? :
Provide the students with live experience working in a world class company Opportunity to learn and work with some of the most updated technology today. Get paid with one of the most lucrative Internship Allowance in the market while gaining on the job training/coaching for 6 months. At the end of the Internship Program, interns that perform up to expectation will receive a Quintiq reference Recommendation Letter.

7 Internship Program Application Process:
Submit all completed Resume to Resume must include recent picture, full course name, year graduating and CGPA. Visit to go through the Online “ComBustion” Puzzle Challenge. Applicants must pass the 85% score to proceed to next stage. Applicants are given 7 days duration from date of submission, to complete the passing score. Puzzle Winners from 1st stage will proceed to Objective Test, conducted at GDC Office. This Objective Test consist of 20 Questions to be completed in 1 hour. It will also be included with a Quintiq Intro and 1st (HR) Interview. Applicants who passes Objective Test will proceed to 2nd Interview, also conducted at GDC Office. This 1 hour, face to face interview will be with the Project Head. Successful completion of the 2nd Interview will grant an Internship award.

8 Internship Program Application Process Quintiq Intro
Applicants 2nd Interview Online “ComBustion” Puzzle >85% Visit Located at the Puzzle Tab Must pass 85% Passing Score To complete within 7 Days from application date Quintiq Intro Objective Test 1st (HR) Interview 60% & above Successful award of Internship Face to Face Interview with Project Head Will involve Technical Assessment Approx 1 Hour Long 20 Objective Questions 1 Hour Long Quintiq Intro & 1st Interview Approx 45 mins Pass

9 Internship Program Find out more through our Consultant Ana Shereen at We’ll definitely share the details with you. Meanwhile, for a look at our company, visit and

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