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Bayer’s Production Technician Internship Program (PTIP)

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1 Bayer’s Production Technician Internship Program (PTIP)

2 PTIP/ Rod Herrick February 2011 Introduction Rod Herrick VP & Site Manager Bayer Baytown Industrial Park Page 2

3 Internship Program Objectives Recruit top talent enrolled in Process Technology Certification (PTEC) programs at local colleges. Target high school seniors to enroll in Process Technology Certification programs. Provide supervised hands-on work experience in a manufacturing environment to complement classroom curriculum for Process Technology Certification programs. Achieve more comprehensive assessment of skill levels and competencies, safety commitment, and work ethic of potential employees. Stimulate local economy through training and development for safe, secure, high-paying jobs. PTIP/ Rod Herrick February 2011Page 3

4 Case for Change Solution to shrinking pool of candidates Shift in workforce demographics 33% skilled workers retirement eligible Proactive approach to developing workforce Improved efficiency & flexibility in hiring and training process Accelerated learning for unit qualification Cost effective BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 4

5 Program Framework BMS BaytownPage 5 Bayer Human Resources, Training and Business Units Hiring Decision OUTPUT Applicants Program graduates or currently registered, active students with a 3.0 GPA in Process Technology certificate track classes offered by local 2 and 4 year colleges. The Program facilitates outreach to local high school students. INPUT Structure Ten weeks (400 hours) of supervised onsite activities including: modified site Basic Training structured assignments initial training towards a potential unit position. Sessions begin each January and June prior to college program census dates. PROCESS Talent Development

6 Benefits for Bayer Access to top quality prospects for consideration. Opportunity for “working interviews” to fill potential job openings Build relationships and Bayer brand recognition within community More comprehensive evaluation of Work ethic Safety behavior Initiative & innovation Ability to grasp operations concepts Collaboration in team environment BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 6

7 Benefits for Colleges Build stronger curriculum to fill workforce needs Provide meaningful education experience for students with added opportunity for hands-on experience and potential job placement Potential for increased enrollment through successful PTEC programs Multi-source feedback for continual program improvement BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 7

8 Benefits for Students The Bayer Baytown PTIP is designed to: Reinforce academic knowledge by allowing interns to apply knowledge (see, hear, and touch) in industrial environment. Allow interns to experience a rotating shift schedule. Orient interns to daily routine of a process technician. Enable interns to answer the question: “Is this what I want to do as a career?” Incentivize interns through college credit earned toward degree plans BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 8

9 Applicant Requirements Successful applicants must: Be enrolled in a PTEC certificate or associate program at an accredited 2 or 4 year college Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in PTEC certificate tract courses OR be a recent graduate meeting same qualifications Pass pre-employment aptitude testing and assessments Pass a panel interview Pass pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings, background check, physical and functional capacity evaluation, pre-placement verification of information and qualifications Work a rotating shift BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 9

10 Intern Duties Complete checklists Supervised hands-on learning Site observations Job shadowing Participate in group assignments Obtain working knowledge of: Operating & Safety Procedures Process Flow Diagrams Material Safety Data Sheets Training Manuals Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams Deliver a technical presentation to area management Finalize the formal evaluation process for future hiring consideration. BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 10

11 Internship Educational Experience Interns will: Complete 8-10 weeks of hand-on learning, site observations and job shadowing with professional technicians and trainers in an industrial environment. Experience the challenges and adjustments of a rotating shift schedule. Receive course credit for successful completion of Bayer internship. BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 11

12 Program Partners Lee College Baytown, Texas San Jacinto Community College Pasadena, Texas Alvin Community College Alvin, Texas Houston Community College Houston, Texas East Harris County Manufacturing Association BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 12

13 Program Statistics Since June 2011: 3 Internship cycles 24 interns 14 converted to FTE 5 active co-ops 1 withdrawal 4 released Next cycle: June 2012 BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 13

14 Long Term Education Strategy STEM curriculum starting in grade schools Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense Energy Venture Camp Liquid Science Program Wetlands Science and Education Programs and others … PTIP/ Rod Herrick February 2011Page 14

15 Discussion BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 15

16 Thank you February 10, 2012/ Rod Herrick/ Version 0 BMS 4:3 Template 2010 June 2011Page 16

17 Program Development The East Harris County Manufacturing Association (EHCMA) Training Committee in association with member colleges (Lee College, San Jacinto Community College) and member companies (including Bayer) developed the framework for a production technician internship program (PTIP) used by many member companies. This framework consists of: Checklist activities (procedures, observations, shadowing, supervised hands- on activities Tools (Member company forms) Member support Bayer took this information and customized it to meet our needs! PTIP/ Rod Herrick February 2011Page 17

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