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PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR CAREER. IN YOUR ZONE Who we are 2 IT services company 1000+ IT professionals.

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2 IN YOUR ZONE Who we are 2 IT services company IT professionals

3 IN YOUR ZONE Endava global 3

4 IN YOUR ZONE 4 London Headquarters Old stock exchange tower

5 IN YOUR ZONE 5 Iasi - Palas

6 IN YOUR ZONE 6 Cluj- Iulius Business Center

7 IN YOUR ZONE 7 Bucharest – AFI Palace Business Park

8 IN YOUR ZONE 8 Chisinau Endava Towers

9 IN YOUR ZONE Our office 9

10 IN YOUR ZONE 10 Endava Iasi – premium customers 10 Customers Financial services Digital media Telecom 3 of the largest 10 financial institutions Projects 20+ projects Mix of agile and iterative delivery

11 IN YOUR ZONE Our Technologies 11

12 IN YOUR ZONE Our Tools 12

13 IN YOUR ZONE 13 Analysis & Architecture Development Testing Project management Managed Services Endava Disciplines

14 IN YOUR ZONE Endava Grading System 14

15 IN YOUR ZONE Graduate programme 15 Length: full-time job, 2 months training, then continue to work in projects/ started in March Roles: Software Development / Software Testing Employees: 9 people How to apply?

16 IN YOUR ZONE Internship programme 16 Length: 2 months / July-August Roles: Software Development / Software Testing Openings: 15 people How to apply? or Deadline for applications: May 10 th

17 IN YOUR ZONE Endava University Training Programmes 17 Induction & Awareness Soft Skills / Management Training Technical Training Mentoring Programme Endava University

18 IN YOUR ZONE Endava University 18

19 IN YOUR ZONE You will have 19 Induction Programme Buddy allocated for internship and graduates Technical Training Programme Soft skills / Management Training Programme Business knowledge Training Programme Specialised Training Programme Mentoring Programme

20 IN YOUR ZONE Building Loyalty 20 Sports & Championships: Ping Pong, Endava Open Tennis, football, cycling, running marathons, foosball, karting etc Charity Campaigns Voluntary Work: Let’s do it Romania! Summer Party Special Fridays Lady’s Day Christmas Party Ski Week/ Ice Rink Days Board Games Team of the Year

21 IN YOUR ZONE 21 “Being an intern in Endava has proven to be a great experience, as expected. We got to see how work in a company is done. In the first half of the program we were exposed to technologies that are used by the company, and this involved a fair amount of self-study and book-reading, but this part wasn’t the most fun! Theoretical knowledge is important, but so are the soft skills required by working in teams. For the second half of the program, we were split in small teams of 3 and tasked to work on separate projects in an agile manner and in an environment that closely resembled the real-world one - tight deadlines, requirements changing, etc. All this time, we had a group of mentors that were there to help us anytime we had problems or questions to ask.”- Andrei Mustata A former Intern at Endava


23 IN YOUR ZONE 23 Thank you!

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