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Blake Singer Michael Andrews. What is the Skunk Works?

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1 Blake Singer Michael Andrews


3 What is the Skunk Works?

4 Blake’s Internship Mike’s Internship

5 U-2 Dragon Lady  Designed by Kelly Johnson 1953-1955  Cruises at 70,000+ feet  Bicycle Landing Gear  Still in Operation Taiwan UAE Global Hawk Competitor  Gary Powers Incident in 1960  U-2S Revision Currently

6 Blake’s Summer Assignment: Structural Design 1-L Panel Speed Brake

7 Panel Fastener Investigation  Investigated Issue with Damaged Panel Fasteners on Aircraft in the Field  Designed Test Panel to Analyze Fastener Damage  Contacted Customer and Vendor for Possible Solutions

8 Speed Brake Retainer  Speed Brakes Opening Unintentionally When Hydraulics are Disconnected During Maintenance  Designed Component to Keep Speed Brakes Shut During Maintenance Procedures  Created Drawing for Manufacturing and Installation

9 Mike’s Summer Assignment: Operations Analysis Conceptual Design Operations Analysis Production  Created to Assess Mission Effectiveness of Conceptual Designs  Provide Data to Decision Makers  Various Levels of Simulation Fidelity  System  1 vs 1  Many vs Many  Campaign  Cost Parameter Integration

10 Hybrid Concepts  Hybrid Aircraft Address “Middle Market”  80% Aerostatic Lift, 20% Aerodynamic Lift  Cataloging All HAV Concepts  Commercial  Military  Enterprise  Repair Robot Testing

11 How Did Blake Get His Internship? Rocket Team Involvement Applied Online (February) Ft. Worth (TX) F-16 Interview (March) Referred to Palmdale for Interview (April) Job Offer (April 27 th ) Physical and Clearance Forms (May) Report to Work (June 6 th )

12 How Did Mike Get His Internship? 2 Previous MFC Internships AIAA National Conference (January 2010) AIAA HAV Paper (April 2010) MFC Orlando Offer (January 2011) Palmdale Networking (February) ADP Interview (March) Declined MFC Offer (March) ADP Offer (May 7 th ) Physical and Clearance Forms (May 25 th ) Report to Work (June 13 th )


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