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Purdue University. Hands On Construction Engineering is….

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1 Purdue University


3 Hands On Construction Engineering is….

4 Innovative Construction Engineering is….

5 Teamwork Construction Engineering is….

6 Everywhere! Construction Engineering is….

7 Produce a meaningful final product Daily interaction with large group of people Every day is different Spend time outside away from desks Many opportunities for travel Large amount of career options Why Construction Engineering?

8 General Contractors Bridges, Roads, Buildings, Healthcare, Data Centers, Sports Facilities Owner Representatives Mechanical/Electrical Contractors Renewable Energies Consulting/Design Firms Oil and Gas Industry Aircraft Manufacturers Law Firms* Historical Restoration* *additional schooling may be necessary Who Hires Construction Engineers?


10 Graduation Year: 1994 Company/Position: Vice President, General Manager for Mortenson Construction “Looking back, it is pretty amazing how valuable your intern experiences are to your development as a construction professional. I have used those experiences and the relationships developed during the internships to help me guide my career. Choosing Purdue's Construction Engineering & Management program was one of the best decisions I have ever made” CEM Graduates: Mark Donahue

11 Graduation Year: 2014 Company/Position: Project Engineer for Walsh Global currently positioned in Oslo, Norway *Final internship was also in Oslo, Norway "CEM has allowed me to travel the world while finishing my degree. It has now lead me to a full time position in Norway. I would not trade my experience with CEM for anything - I always miss my family there!" CEM Graduates: Allie Sexton

12 Graduation Year: 1986 Current Company/Position: Planning Construction Lead for Federal Reserve Bank Past Company/Positions: Project Manager to Sr. Director for McDonald’s Corporation "My Construction Engineering degree has enabled me to pursue a non traditional career path in a very traditional setting." CEM Graduates: Peggy Newquist

13 Number of Students: 75 Number of Faculty: 7 1 Point of Contact (Brandon Fulk) Over 30 Sponsor Companies 4 Student Organizations 36 Week Required Internship Experience (3 Summers) 100% Job Placement Purdue CEM by the Numbers

14 3 progressive paid summer internships 1 st internship after your freshman year Same company each summer CEM facilitates partnerships with industry leaders National opportunities Internship Program Hawaii India China Turkey

15 Family Atmosphere 2012 Incoming Class Induction Ceremony (Annual Event) Small class sizes allow for a family atmosphere and many events to meet students/staff. There are also several student organizations to participate in and gain leadership experience. Beta Tau – Fall Cookout

16 Event Spotlight-Ecuador Project CEM has many unique opportunities for its students. One such project is through the Global Engineering Program. Several CEM students have made trips to Ecuador to foster relationships, help build structures to better a community, and gain real international work experience Work in multidisciplinary groups while understanding that the cultural differences and available supplies must always be taken into consideration.

17 Career Outlook Historical – nearly 100% graduate placement May 2011 – May 2013 49 Students 43 full-time positions (only 4 post-graduation – avg. 36 days) 6 Masters or Volunteer Organization $54,100 average salary Demand Hard worker with professional skills Problem Solver Diverse career opportunities

18 Interested? Process for Joining CEM Applications Due Sept Jan April Lets Get it Going Placement

19 Interested in learning more about CEM and talking to current students, alumni, and faculty? Come to the 2 nd Annual CEM Tailgate on November 8 th before the Wisconsin game. If interested come up to the front after class and grab a flyer and sign up! CEM 2 nd Annual Tailgate

20 Contact: Brandon Fulk HAMP 1219 (765) 479-7439 Interested to Learn More?

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