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GPC Online Business Club Debi Moon Georgia Perimeter College.

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1 GPC Online Business Club Debi Moon Georgia Perimeter College

2 " If I were sending my son or daughter to school today I would tell him to get a finance and accounting or a technology degree AND MAKE SURE TO GET A GOOD INTERNSHIP"

3 Value of Internships Internships are real-world work experiences in which students take on temporary roles in organizations in order to: apply academic knowledge to a work setting, solidify a career choice, develop professional contacts, and, gain experience in a field of interest to make you more marketable.

4 Completing an internship is the single best way to research and prepare for a career (and get a job upon graduation!)

5 Why an internship is priceless Nationwide, nearly 90% of employers end up offering full-time positions to students that intern with them and more than 85% of employers who hire a former intern find that these employees have a higher retention rate than other employees. (NACE: 2010)

6 Did you know 79% of employers currently offer internships?

7 Your Internship Plan 1. Develop your internship goals 2. Prepare a resume and learn to write cover letters 3. Start preparing now to interview well 4. Use multiple resources to identify internships 5. Apply for internships your junior year

8 Start Preparing NOW Your sophomore year is when you should have a completed cover letter, résumé, and have done practice interviews and talked with a fashion consultant.

9 What Are Your Internship Goals?

10 Where do you want to go? In what area do you see yourself working? Have you ever had a dream of where you want to be? Have you done any arch on the best companies to work for in America?

11 Start on Your “BRAND”: Résumé and Cover Letter

12 What Is a Cover Letter? A cover letter introduces you and your resume to potential employers or organizations you seek to join (non-profits, educational institutions, etc). It is the first document an employer sees, so it is often the first impression you will make. Take advantage of this important first impression and prepare the reader for your application, stating why you are writing, why you are a good match for the job and the organization, and when you will contact him or her.

13 Cover letters do more than introduce your resume, though. A cover letter's importance also includes its ability to: Explain your experiences in a story-like format that works with the information provided in your resume Allow you to go in-depth about important experiences/skills and relate them to job requirements Show the employer that you are individualizing (tailoring) this job application Provide a sample of your written communication skills

14 The Top 20 Skills Employers Seek in Candidates 1.Communication Skills - verbal and written 2. Honesty/Integrity 3. Interpersonal Skills - relates well to others 4. Strong work ethic 5. Teamwork Skills 6. Analytical Skills 7. Motivation/initiative 8. FlexibilityAdaptability 9. Computer Skills 10. Detail-Oriented 11. Leadership Skills 12. Organizational Skills 13. Self-Confidence 14. Friendly/Out-going Personality 15. Tactfulness 16. Well Mannered/Polite 17. GPA (3.0 or better) 18. Creativity 19. Entrepreneurial Skills/Risk- Taker 20. Sense of Humor (National Association of Colleges & Employers, 2007)

15 Getting The Résumé Ready Get professional help if needed! It summarizes whether you are want to hire you It must be perfect

16 Types of Résumés Chronological -Recommended Most common and easiest to prepare Lists employment history in chronological order starting with the most recent Demonstrates a steady employment record Functional Highlights skills and accomplishments vs. dates People who have had many jobs & those changing careers


18 Recommendation Letters Recommendation letters are the single most important part of your application package, except for the interview. Without great letters, you will never get a chance to move to the next step!

19 Get your Recommendation Letters Started Now! Co me up with a strategy for who would write one on your behalf – get 6 names and prioritize them in your own mind What makes a good letter writer? The person who writes it can speak in detail about you and your work The person thinks highly of you and your work The letter writer knows how to write a good letter

20 How to Help the Letter Writer Give them names, addresses where you want letters sent and give them sufficient lead time to do your letter justice Don’t assume they know all about you – prepare a one page list of your most significant accomplishments/strengths that they might use in their letter Sit down with your letter writers and talk to them about yourself. What are your goals? What kind of career do you want?

21 Preparing for Your Job Interview

22 Typical Interview Questions Tell me about yourself…. Why are you interested in this company? What are your short, medium and long term career goals? What are you going to bring to this group What are 3 words that best describe you? What is your biggest weakness and what are you doing about it? What achievement are you most proud of? What motivates you?

23 Assess Yourself Strengths/Weaknesses Accomplishments/Achievements Qualifications/Skills Academic Preparation Values Short/Long Term Goals

24 Interviewing Keys to Success Do your homework on the company Be positive; show interest in the company Sell yourself; be confident Ask questions Tell stories to demonstrate why you are a good fit for their company

25 Use those Research Skills The company and the position History Product lines and services Recent developments via news stories The competition The industry

26 Interviewing Don’ts Oversell yourself Be arrogant Dress down Be late

27 What to bring to the interview Extra copies of your resume References Copies of your transcript Pen and notepad

28 Key Points to Remember Always keep in mind the interviewer’s needs Show motivation to fit in, grow with the company and make a real contribution Ask yourself: “What can I do for them and how can I be of value”?

29 Resources for Finding an Internship

30 Where can I actually find internship opportunities? Online Print resources Networking Targeted outreach Your four year college

31 Internship Resource List s.shtml s.shtml ign=profile_summerjobs_apply_internships ign=profile_summerjobs_apply_internships ps&city_state=&Action=Search&country=US ps&city_state=&Action=Search&country=US

32 Targeted Research us/With-you-on-campus.aspx?&profile=&profileExcl= us/With-you-on-campus.aspx?&profile=&profileExcl http://www.coca- http://www.coca-

33 Get started tonight! You are the director of the movie of your life. Are you working toward success or just drifting? Define the area of your dreams… research companies… research their internships… on your cover letter and resume now….get your letters of recommendation ….apply for internships and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

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