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Information Session: Thursday October 23 11am Thurmond Room 210.

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1 Information Session: Thursday October 23 11am Thurmond Room 210

2  Work-based learning related to the student’s academic curriculum and/or career goals.  Based on a goal-oriented relationship among three internship partners: ◦ the College, the hiring organization, and the student

3  General Business (BADM 491)  Accounting (ACCT 491)  Finance (FINC 491)  Computer Science (CSCI 491)  Health Care Management (HCMT 491)  International Business (BADM 492)  Entrepreneurship (ENTR 491)  Management (MGMT 491)  Marketing (MKTG 491)  MBA Internship (BADM 694)

4  Registration packet including M.L.O. and job description – Instructor approval required  Minimum of 150 documented hours of work (200 hours for MBA students)  Submission of weekly learning journals via email  At least satisfactory employer final evaluation  Submit and orally present a final paper as outlined in the handbook.

5 Continental TireAgape Atotect USAPiedmont Medical Center State FarmResolute Forest Products FastenalBernie Ackerman, CPA City of Rock HillCedar Fair 3D Systems Inc.Family Trust FCU Coca Cola BottlingFounders FCU Bank of AmericaWells Fargo

6  Spann Enterprises  Red Ventures  Hartmann USA  Meritor  Movement Mortgage  GreerWalker LLP  Duke Energy  Maersk  Shaeffler Group

7  Xerox India Limited – Gurgaon, India  H. Kuntzler & CIA - Dois Irmãos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil  Deakin Management Center – Victoria, Australia  Banko BDI, SA – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  Promens – Holland, Germany  Tetra Pak – Modena, Italy  Federal Treasury of Russia – Ryazan, Russia  Hotel Le Spinaker – Le Grau du Roi, France  Agriculture Development Bank of China – Xiamen, China  Jonar Transport - Kjalarvogi, Iceland  Akermans Chartered Surveyors – Suffolk, England  Sierra Leone National Petroleum – Freetown, Sierra Leone

8  When can I do an internship for credit in my option? ◦ Typically at least junior status (may petition if close) ◦ Fall, Spring or Summer terms  What are the prerequisites for the internship? ◦ BADM 491: 2.0 GPA and must have completed six hours beyond the business core from CBA options. ◦ BADM 492: Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. Completion of MGMT 325 and one additional management option course. ◦ ENTR 491: Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. Completion of BADM 371 and one additional entrepreneurship option course. ◦ MKTG 491: Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. Completion of MKTG 381 and one additional marketing option course. ◦ MGMT 491: Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. Completion of MGMT 325 and one additional management option course. ◦ BADM 694: 3.0 GPA and permission of the internship coordinator/instructor.

9  Does the internship course require classroom attendance? ◦ The internship class will not typically meet in the classroom with the possible exception of the presentation of the final paper.  Can I get paid for my work as an intern? ◦ Yes you can get paid for your work but not all intern positions are paid.

10  Who is responsible for finding an internship? ◦ The student, but the CBA will be happy to assist. There are several companies that have a long history of internships with Winthrop students.  Can I do an internship in another country? ◦ Yes –In fact we have placed interns on every continent including Africa, Asia and Australia within the past ten years.

11  How do I get started? ◦ Complete the registration materials and submit to the internship instructor


13  Measurable Learning Objectives ◦ A set of statements which clearly and precisely describe two things which will occur during your internship.  The first, the “Activities Objectives” lists what you intend to accomplish for the internship organization during your work term ◦ i.e. the activities which will occur.  The second, “Growth Objectives” describes what you will add to your expertise, knowledge, skills and development in this area or how you will be changed by the experience.

14  Describe what you will learn or what competencies you will gain from the activities you are engaged in for your internship.  EXAMPLE: I will gain expertise in the development of job descriptions and increase my ability to effectively communicate with an organization’s employees.

15  An acceptable journal entry will be comprised of two sections: the Log and Reflection.  Log Section: ◦ A job log reports all of the activities that you have done for a specific work period. Logs help professionals evaluate how effectively they use their time.  Reflection Section: ◦ The primary purpose of the reflection section is to provide an opportunity for you to integrate your classroom training and practical experience. The reflection section should discuss the activities you did during the work period in terms of how your coursework informs your experience.

16  S/U Basis for Undergraduates  Internship Journal and Time Sheets 20%  Final Term Paper 40%  Employer/Instructor Evaluation 40%

17 How do you rate Excellent Above average Average Less than average Poor No Opportunity to Evaluate Your immediate supervisor Your co-workers Your opportunity to learn new skills Your opportunity to learn about the organization’s overall operations How well the internship experience made use of what you have learned in your business courses INTERN’S FINAL EVALUATION OF INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE An essential part of a successful internship program is providing students with high quality internship experiences. In order to maintain this quality it is imperative that we receive feedback from our student interns. Please complete this confidential form and return to the Internship Coordinator in the College of Business Administration. You will not receive credit for this course until this form is completed and returned. Intern_________________________ Date___________________ Employer______________________ Supervisor_______________________ 1. Please rate the internship experience on the following characteristics by checking the box which most represents your evaluation. 2. What were the greatest benefits you received from this internship? 3. What were the biggest problems you encountered in this internship?

18 Characteristics Excellent Above average Average Less than average Poor No Opportunity to Evaluate Maturity Dependability Attendance and punctuality Quality of work Ability to learn Resourcefulness Accepts responsibility A positive work attitude Professional behavior and Appearance Can work independently Can work with others Can work under pressure Has good speaking skills Has good writing skills Has good listening skills Understands good business Practice

19  Largest Employers in York County ◦ Wells Fargo ◦ Ross Distribution ◦ Duke Power ◦ Amisub of South Carolina Inc. ◦ County of York ◦ Citi Financial ◦ US Foodservice Inc.

20  Largest Employers in the Charlotte Metro Area ◦ Carolinas Health Care System ◦ Wells Fargo Company ◦ Bank of America ◦ Novent Health ◦ Walmart & Sam’s Club ◦ City of Charlotte ◦ Duke Energy Corp. ◦ Food Lion LLC ◦ Harris Teeter

21  Largest Employers in South Carolina ◦ Bartercard USA Inc. ◦ Medical University of South Carolina ◦ Greenville Health System ◦ BMW Manufacturing Co. ◦ Palmetto Health Richland ◦ McLeod Health ◦ Spartanburg Regional Medical Center ◦ Baldor Dodge Reliance ◦ Piggly Wiggly ◦ Ben Arnold Beverage Co.

22  York County top Industrial Employers ◦ Wells Fargo Home Mortgage ◦ Ross Distribution ◦ Duke Power-Catawba Nuclear Station ◦ Schaeffler Group USA, Inc. ◦ Citi Financial ◦ US Foodservice, Inc. ◦ Resolute Forrest Products ◦ Shutterfly ◦ Stacy’s, Inc. ◦ Domtar ◦ Daimler Trucks North America

23  What are the internship courses for each option? ◦ General Business (BADM 491) ◦ International Business (BADM 492) ◦ MBA Internship (BADM 694) ◦ Entrepreneurship (ENTR 491) ◦ Management (MGMT 491) ◦ Marketing (MKTG 491)  How many work hours are required for option course credit? ◦ 150 hours for undergraduate students ◦ 200 hours for MBA students

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