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SIM LV Internship Project Bob Hillier Sheena DeleonGuerrero August 21, 2014.

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1 SIM LV Internship Project Bob Hillier Sheena DeleonGuerrero August 21, 2014

2 SIM LV’s Mission Statement As IT executives, leaders, selected consultants and IT decision makers, we come together to: Foster the development of information systems for the improvement of management performance and executive policy which align with the technology community. Assist in identifying the education needs of the community and working with our academic institutions and universities to implement programs to meet those needs. Encouraging a positive technically competent business environment and assisting in influencing industry to locate in Southern Nevada. Being available as a reputable expert resource to our governing officials in shaping legislative policy at the state and local government on matters involving information technologies.

3 Objectives Establish SIM as THE partner with education and industry in creating internship opportunities in Southern Nevada Create internship opportunities for students to gain real world experience Assist students with career and professional development Build an abundant, diverse pool of local talent in the IT workforce

4 Target Markets College Student-Level Academic InstitutionsJob Industries Community Partnerships FreshmanUNLVTechnology Workforce Enhancement Group SophomoreCSNHospitality JuniorGaming SeniorEntertainment Health Government Financial

5 Internship Framework Four Major Elements: o Goal-setting – provides a valuable internship experience; helps supervisor plan assignments o Mentorship – motivate and empower interns to identify their own development issues and goals; offer guidance through mentor’s experiences o Training – expand the intern’s technical skills and abilities o Professional Development – produces competent, driven, and skilled new hires for businesses

6 Timeline

7 Next Steps Develop Governance Plan o Define Roles and Responsibilities o Policy Compliance o Quality Assurance o Communication Plan Develop Marketing Plan o Establish brand: name, logo, slogan, vision & mission statements o Define promotional techniques Conceptual Web Design o Determine layout structure, functionality, and style o Web features o Accessibility controls o Backend design

8 Questions?

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