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Accounting Career Paths Workshop Mike Paolini, Sr. Associate Director Career Resource Center (CRC), 308 Alfiero Student Center.

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1 Accounting Career Paths Workshop Mike Paolini, Sr. Associate Director Career Resource Center (CRC), 308 Alfiero Student Center

2 Common Industry Areas u PUBLIC ACCOUNTING: Big 4 & Regional Firms u CORPORATE (PRIVATE): Banks, Companies, etc. u GOVERNMENT: Federal & State Agencies and Military - IRS, FDIC, NYS Controller, NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance, Defense Contract Audit Agency, etc. u Big 4 Public Accounting Firms are: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (E&Y), Deloitte & Touché (D&T) and KPMG u Major Corporate Firms are: M&T Bank, HSBC Bank, Sodexho Marriott, IBM and National Fuel, etc.

3 Most Common Accounting Service/Practice Areas u Audit: also referred to as External Audit and/or Assurance u Internal Audit: sometimes also referred to using word “Risk” or within “Advisory” “Risk” practices in Big 4 pub. acct. firms u IT Audit: Information Assurance u Tax u Fraud Examination (emerging)

4 Description of Audit (External) Service/Practice in Public Accounting u Services many publicly traded client firms. u Provides outside (external) perspective (opinion) on financial reporting practices of client firms. u Opinions center upon level of compliance and consistency with financial reporting standards. u Standards defined by SEC, GAAP, FASB, IFRS etc. u Provides trusted assurance to client firms and operates in public trust regarding veracity of financial information reported by client firms

5 Description of Internal Audit & IT Audit Services/Practices in Pub. Acct. u Services many major Fortune 500 client firms. u Provides in-depth assistance to existing internal audit/accounting staff, or functions as outsourced internal auditors, for client firms. u Examines financial implications of operational efficiencies or inefficiencies within each client firm (internal) u Recommends operational control mechanisms and other improvements designed to enhance efficiency and minimize financial or other types of risk u Advises management on implementation strategies to optimize business practices/operations for best results u IT Audit does all of the above with particular focus on the use of technology within client firms

6 Common Entry Job Titles by Service/Practice in Public Acctg. u Audit: Audit Staff, Assurance Assoc., Staff Audit, Staff Accountant, Audit Intern, Assurance Intern, etc. u Internal Audit: Enterprise Risk Assoc., Business Risk Assoc., Internal Audit Staff; Internal Auditor, ERS Intern, BRS Intern, Internal Audit Intern, etc. u IT Audit: Information Risk Assoc., Technology Risk Services Staff; IT Audit Staff, Info. Risk Intern, IRM Intern, etc. u Tax: Tax Staff, Staff Accountant, Tax Intern, etc.

7 Some Common Entry Job Titles in Corporate, Govt. Acctg. & General Mgt. u Internal Auditor, Auditor, Staff Audit, Accountant, Staff Accountant u Accounting Intern, Summer Intern, Accounting Co-op, etc. u Fraud Examiner, Bank Examiner (Govt.) u Accounting Financial Analyst (M&T) u Financial Accounting Analyst (HSBC) u Corporate Auditor, Internal Consultant, Corp. Audit Staff u Tax Auditor, Tax Auditor Trainee u Business Analyst, Financial Analyst u Budget Analyst, Loan Analyst, Credit Analyst u Mgt. Development Trainee, Officer Development Trainee u And More!

8 Key Desired Skills/Attributes by Accounting Recruiters u Leadership: Student Clubs, Part Time Jobs, Activities u Team: Class Project Teams, Athletics, etc. u Communication : Writing on Resume, Interview, Help Desk & Sales Support Jobs u Problem Solving: Resume Statements & Interview Answers focused on solutions u Customer/Client Service: Service Jobs

9 Key Desired Skills/Attributes by Accounting Recruiters, continued… u Well Rounded/Involved: Volunteer & Extra-Curricular u Time Management/Organizational: Ability to juggle activities on your resume u Analytical Accounting Skills: GPA, Academic Honors and Achievements u Focus/Interest in Accounting: Objective on resume framed around internship in public accounting, internal audit or other

10 Get Ready Now for Early Recruiting Opportunities at Big 4 Public Accounting Firms!

11 Summer Internship Opportunities at CRC! u Sch. of Mgt., Career Resource Center (CRC), Recruiting Hub at 308 Alfiero u Mike Paolini, CRC Senior Associate Director, Accounting Career Advisor u Some Big 4 Public Accounting Opportunities Recruited for in Sophomore Year u Some Big 4 Public Accounting Firms, Recruit Juniors in Fall (1 st Semester of Junior Year) u Resumes Collected Online Through CRC Website

12 What to do? Call to Action! u Don’t delay; prepare a resume now or enhance your existing resume to make it more effective u Use CRC Online Resume Guide & CRC Resume Templates, see link below u Consult CRC Resume Tips page for help at ondence/resume ondence/resume u Submit resumes via CRC Job Opportunities Site at u Consult CRC Interviewing page at ewing ewing

13 What To Include on RÉSUMÉ u Contact Information u An Objective focused on internship in public accounting u Education (college level only) u GPA of 3.0+ u Experience (part time jobs, internships etc.) u Computer Skills u Activities, Honors and/or Affiliations, Clubs u Volunteer work

14 What Not To Include on RÉSUMÉ u A title such as “résumé” u Salary requirements u A date u Personal information u The words “ I ”, “ Me ” or “My” or other personal pronouns u False information u Reasons for changing jobs

15 TOP RÉSUMÉ ERRORS u Spelling and grammatical errors u Typos (MUST be error free in every way) u Sloppy disorganized format u Poor use of print attributes u Too much/not enough white space u Lack of action verbs u Inconsistent verb tense

16 TOP RÉSUMÉ ERRORS Continued… u Failure to expand on community/student activities u Poor objective, does not define industry or functional area of interest u Failure to focus on transferable skills u Failure to focus on accomplishments u Inappropriate e-mail address

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