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Master of Information Management.  Review the Internship Description  internships

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1 Master of Information Management

2  Review the Internship Description  internships internships  Read the Frequently Asked Questions (at the bottom of the Internship Description)

3  The goal of a MIM internship is to expand your knowledge, skills, and experience related to information management.  Ideally, MIM internship will involve working full-time in or with a new organization or organizational unit.  All MIM Internships should involve completion of tasks and/or projects that are (a) related to information management, (b) substantial additions to your experience, and (c) representative of the types of activities that would be performed by an information management professional working in a domain that is related to your professional goals.

4  Full-Time Internship  Part-Time Internship  “In place” internships (i.e. internship projects) All MIM internships should involve:  Substantial IM/IS/IT work  A new experience/organization/role  At least 120 hours of effort  An “external” sponsor

5  Make arrangements with an internship sponsor/site  Complete Internship Form   Register for INFM 736  Complete the internship and INFM 736

6  Under the course registration, enter the Course: INFM736, Section: 0101, Credits: 3 and the most important change is the Grading Method: "S/F" instead of "Reg" and hit enter.  Once enter is hit, a message comes up that says "You are adding/dropping a Non-Standard Course INFM736 0101(06/02/14 - 08/22/14)". Once that message comes up, hit enter again. This registers you for the course.

7  Register for In the semester closest to time when you are completing the internship  For Summer 2014 -- You must register by the first week of classes (the first week of June)  ted_billing_worksheet.pdf ted_billing_worksheet.pdf  aid/payment-information aid/payment-information

8  Find a faculty advisor  Take INST 701 (Research Methods) or a comparable course  Register for and complete a 2 semester thesis project (INFM 799 x 2)  For more information about the thesis option: curriculum curriculum

9 

10  The purpose of INFM 736 is to develop your ability to:  Describe your professional goals and plans  Identify and evaluate opportunities and resources with respect to your goals  Make the most of your internship experience

11  You will prepare:  Professional development plan  Professional resource review  Internship deliverables ▪ Internship plan ▪ Internship status update ▪ Internship wrap-up  You will participate in:  Internship kick-off discussion  Internship update sessions  Wrap-up sessions  Online discussion of professional development plans and resources

12  Keep looking – summer is 2 months away.  Look for a position during the Fall or Spring (and register for INFM 736 then)  Find MIM-relevant part-time position  Find a MIM-related volunteer position  For more resources related to these option see:

13  Please enter your questions in the session chat.  If we cannot answer your question immediately, we will get additional information and distribute it.

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